10 Best Apps To Remove Photo Blur For Android & iOS

10 Best Apps To Remove Photo Blur For Android & iOS

Incidentally, you took a great photo, but it looked fuzzy and blurry. Unfortunately, it happens a lot. Your last resort is image deletion, which is sure to mark spirits. But now it’s all over.

Now everything can be fixed, even the photos are blurry. Special applications for mobile phones will help you in this matter. They are considered the most suitable tools for enhancing the quality of photos.

The freeappsforme team has selected and reviewed the best apps to remove photo blur. Trusted by many users, they are able to share your images and avoid deleting them. Read this post, select a few apps and find them on the App Store or Google Play.

1. Enhance Photo Quality


One of the best top rated apps for removing photo blur is this one. Here you can do it by increasing the sharpness of the edited photo. Apart from that, another feature of this app will make your pictures look clearer. These can be dozens of photo effects, contrast, hue, saturation, photo focus, etc.

Apart from that, you will get other features of this great app. About 50 overlays, frames, sketch features will be at your fingertips. So, if you want to get an all-in-one app and remove blur from images at the same time, install Enhance Photo Quality and enjoy.

2. Photo Focus Photo Editor


This application will also be suitable for enhancing image quality. Use one tap auto boost or do it manually. Photo cleaning is very effective here. Take a few seconds and create a well-defined image.

By the way, there are many other features available to you: photo effects, frames, photo filters, temperature control, auto focus, cropping, rotating… The capabilities of Photo Focus Photo Editor are unlimited. This application will not only tamper with images but also edit them.

3. Remove blur from Picture-Enhance Image


If you are only focused on removing blurring from your photos, install this app to your device now. This is a very powerful tool in this regard (just look at the photo below). Use and improve your photos. Now you can see every little detail.

When finished work, share the image to social networks directly from the application. Remove blur from Picture-Enhance Image is a sleek and cruel application, it’s just deblurring.

4. Blur Image Background Editor (Blur Photo Editor)


This app feature is only connected with blurring. Here it is possible not to blur the image, select any photo from the gallery of your phone or take a shot with the help of the application.

It should be mentioned that you can also apply a blurry effect to your photos. Why do you need it? To emphasize certain parts of the photo by blurring other parts. Choose any opacity blur you like and save your masterpiece. Undoubtedly, this will make your photos much more unusual and interesting.

5. Blur Photo- Portrait Mode Blur


Do you have good, blurry photos? Download this application and improve the quality. We guarantee, Blur Photo- Portrait Mode Blur is a very effective application in this regard.

By the way, it also has the ability to blur photos. This is an excellent feature that will make your photos look like they were created with a professional camera.

This application has a very convenient tool – a brush or an eraser. Using it, you can adjust the depth selection without difficulty. The user interface is very simple, which will greatly simplify your work process.

6. Photo Blur Background Editor’


This app is highly appreciated by many iOS device owners. Improve the quality of blurry photos at once. You just need to install Photo Blur Background Editor ‘and set the Sharpen intensity.

By doing this, you can not only delete the photo but also blur it. This feature is very popular among app users. You can blur the background of your photo and the image will look like a professional quality.

What about the convenience of the app, it supports undo and redo. Apart from that, you can share images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram directly from the app. That makes perfect sense.

7. Blur Image – DSLR focus effect



Is your friend always taking pictures of you with trembling hands? You don’t need to delete these images anymore. Download Blurry Photo Editor and forget about the trouble. The smart app will sharpen all blurred photos by enhancing the image quality. Keep selecting the photo from the gallery, select Sharpen degrees and keep the image sharp.

You can also blur photos with the help of this app. Just blur or erase the areas you want to focus on. Then save the image to your phone gallery or share to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

Also, you can read this post and learn some new social media networks.

8. Image Noise Remover


Have you ever taken a photo of an object in motion? We think the image must be blurry. But here is the solution to your problem. It is also one of the best apps that has been created only for deleting photos. Install it and make sure how powerful the app is.

The sequence of actions is very simple. Select a blurry photo, load it into this app, then select Remove Noise (High, Medium, Low) or do it manually. After that, you will definitely see the difference. Use Image Noise Remover which will effectively reduce noise and improve the quality of your photos.

9. Snapseed


We think everyone knows about this brilliant application. Have you ever thought that it can also remove photo blur? Well, let’s discuss this Snapseed feature.

Here you can improve the quality of your photos by selecting Sharpen degree or using auto enhancement. This app is developed by professionals, so make sure of its capabilities and trust me. This app will do its best to remove noise from your photos.

By the way, there are many other tools in this app, which can make your photos sharper. For example, this could be a “Brush” which will allow you to selectively correct exposure, saturation, brightness or warmth. Also, you can use the “Details” option and bring out the surface structure of the image. This and many other indirect features will not blur the photo either.

10. Photo Editor-


This is yet another multifunctional app that is capable of removing photo blur in a professional manner. Photo Editor- will let you sharpen your blurred image by selecting degrees or using auto enhancement. You can adjust brightness, saturation, contrast to make your photo sharper too.

Also, you can blur the background of your photos, which is perfect for portraits or selfies. Or simply blur any other part of the photo that you want to de-focus. When you’re done editing, you’ll be able to export your high-resolution images to all your favorite social media platforms.

Moreover, with the help of this app, it will be very easy for photographers to not only remove blur but also edit their photos. Hundreds of photo effects, dozens of stickers, a variety of sketch tools, frames and collages will allow you to create truly unique photos.

There are many abilities that are unlimited and you can only learn them while using. But we are interested in removing photo blur, and yes, the app can solve this problem too.

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