10 Best Aquarium Apps For Android & iOS

10 Best Aquarium Apps For Android & iOS

The world of fish is the most colorful world on earth and contains so many beautiful creatures. We can’t provide that world in our rooms or on our screens, but we can have an aquarium to see incredible life. There are applications available that allow us to maintain a fish tank and care for it in the right way. Some applications are only for our entertainment, which allows us to install fish tank wallpapers on our smartphone screens. They are live wallpapers and consist of amazing features; Several apps help to print the tank properly, tell us the difference between saltwater fish and freshwater fish, so we don’t harm the lovely creatures. This application has a constructive design and allows users to interact in a friendly way. The game-like structure of the application also helps us understand marine life and how we can care for our aquarium and what equipment we need. The following is a list of the best aquarium applications that one way or another brings us close to marine life, which is soothing and beautiful and not tiring to watch.

1. Aquarimate


Aquarimate is a cross platform application which allows users to manage and care for aquariums. It is available for both Android and iOS users. This tool provides detailed rules and instructions on how to maintain a freshwater and saltwater fish aquarium. This application is not only equipped with a lot of information but also has information about the types of fish and provides comprehensive and important knowledge on the topic. Aquarimate is full of features like providing info on tank parameters, and tracking livestock. The application interface supports multiple languages, logs parameter results, schedules your tasks, handles more than one aquarium, stores tank equipment, creates photo galleries and much more. It’s self-explanatory and has a straightforward interface. Aquarimate is not free and costs around $ 10.

2. aquaPlanner Pro


aquaPlanner Pro is an aquarium management tool that only runs on iOS devices and provides settings and tools to organize your aquarium ions in the most amazing ways and animal care tasks. This app has a soft touch when it comes to maintenance; It checks every little aspect and parameter of the aquarium. aquaPlanner Pro can manage multiple tasks at once and is capable of providing detailed reports of each tank. It checks livestock, maintains water pressure, lighting, food intake, hygiene, oxygen parameters, and many more focused aspects. The aquaPlanner Pro interface is up-to-date and provides a comprehensive list of tools that build task lists and provide you with information about all aquariums. The interface is simple, self-explanatory, has a sly theme, and monitors parameter changes on the chart. aquaPlanner Pro is not free and costs around $ 5.

3. Apex Fusion


Apex Fusion is an aquarium handling app that supports Android and iOS devices; The form contains detailed features and tools to maintain a nice looking aquarium. It has limited means, but all are completely set up for user convenience and provide valid and straightforward information. Its application alone is not sufficient for remote fish tank management; the Apex system requires an internet connection. This app has everything an aquarist needs to maintain more than one aquarium. This feature offers to manage the aquarium, schedule tasks, create detailed reports, get time related health reports, create to-do lists, test, provide notifications, monitor water parameters, and so on. The interface includes beautiful themes, and image management features join the interface. Easy to use and contains a constructive GUI structure. Apex Fusion is free to use, but the pro version has a lot of features.

4. Aquarium Note


Aquarium Note is a tool that manages your aquarium and provides you with information on all aspects of tank parameters. This application is only available on android devices and contains many features and functions. It is programmed to provide information on more than one fish tank and consists of elements such as equipment, volume, input data such as water level, oxygen level, livestock management, and more. The app is a flexible and powerful tool for managing aquariums. The Aquarium Notes interface consists of features like keeping track of all changes, making calculations, providing a calendar, with reminders, etc. It has beautiful themes and can make complex calculations in real-time. Aquarium Note is user-friendly, free to use, but offers an in-app purchase module to remove ads and provide access to more features.

5. Fishdom


Fishdom is an android application that consists of the entire world of fish and presents a game-like structure where users can find out how to maintain a fish tank. You can buy fish, decorate the aquarium, earn points, set different levels and do a lot more. Fishdom consists of unique games (interface like a puzzle), playing hundreds of matches, competing with other players to develop an aquarium faster, exploring the interesting aquatic world with funny talk. It also liven up the fish tank with amazing underwater decorations, no Wi-Fi or internet connection needed. Fishdom teaches us about how to care for our fish tank and gives us basic knowledge on how to maintain a tank. The application interface is easy to navigate and has a simple and user-friendly GUI structure. Fishdom is free to use, ad-supported, and offers an in-app purchase module to unlock more features.

6. Fish Live


Fish Live is an aquarium maintenance application which works on calculated data entered by the user. This application is available on android devices and consists of many interesting features. This app comes as a game, which teaches you how to maintain a tank. Game features include, dozens of adorable fish, 3D animation, easy-to-use interface, beautiful and detailed graphics, lots of decoration settings, allowing you to interact with the Fish Live community and share your game progress. Fish details have multiple scoreboards and live check-in. Easy to use and provides quick settings. Fish Live is free, ad-supported, and offers a purchase module to access even more options.

7. Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium


Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium is a multi-platform application that allows the user to experience a game-like structure that combines a strategy mix with economic features and a magnificent aquarium with exotic inhabitants telling us how to maintain a fish tank. It also tells us which are saltwater fish and which are freshwater fish and how they react in different environments. The game has a smart and constructive layout which provides a nice view and easy navigation. The core features of this game-like app consist of 400+ unique and unusual fish, unlocking many useful improvements. It also renovates your shop and reveals unique surprises, nurtures and heals your fish using magical zen plants and marine life, decorate your tank, and much more. Fish Tycoon 2 Virtual Aquarium’s interface is easy to navigate and has a simple structure, is ad-supported, and includes a purchase module.

8. The Real Aquarium HD


The Real Aquarium HD is an android application whose function is to provide tools for managing an aquarium. The app includes settings that help you understand the structure of your fish’s life and how you can clean the aquarium and care for your livestock. This app is, in fact, a soft version of the wallpaper that lets you control the fish displayed on the screen. You can decorate the screen and add fish to your liking; The interface is easy to configure and self-explanatory. This application is a set of free live wallpapers with Caribbean fish. Real Aquarium HD is free to use and contains no ads or purchases.

9. Aquarium 3D Live Wallpaper


Aquarium 3D Live Wallpaper is an android application that allows users to set live aquarium wallpapers. Fish moving around the phone interact with each other, bubbles on the screen all these features give you a real life experience on the mobile screen. This app is easy to set up and contains many types of fish, and sometimes it features bigger fish like sharks. Aquarium 3D Live Wallpaper is limited in functionality, but all graphical representations tell us otherwise. The feed appears on top and all the fish rush to the food. If you touch a fish, it slides out from under your finger. It’s free to use and doesn’t offer any advertisements or purchases.

10. aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper


aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper is an aquarium application that only supports android devices, the main function of this application is to set live fish wallpapers. It not only displays fish but offers interactive features. It is full of various settings which let you set the whole phase of the wallpaper from the background to the fish of your choice. The main functions of aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper consist of 20 fish categories, 180 fish species, up to 20 fish in the tank, capable of raising fish, spawning adult fish, landscape mode, and many more. The theme is interesting and provides many interactive tools. aniPet Aquarium LiveWallpaper is easy to set up and does not offer any purchases or advertisements.



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