10 Best Printing Apps For Android & iOS

10 Best Printing Apps For Android & iOS

Printing has become a time consuming activity, and printing multiple documents is grueling. There are times when it is difficult to print an image, or you have to change a certain file format to make it compatible with the printer. Now we can easily print multiple documents with just a click of a button. We can print many different Microsoft Office file formats, web pages, different image formats and many other things. Smartphones have made this easier, now we can edit, scan and print from our cell phones. Some applications allow users to print documents from their cell phone, and users can print documents stored on cloud storage and send print commands directly to the printer via USB, WiFi, or Bluetooth connection. Here is a list of some smartphone applications that will give you convenience in various ways of printing.

1. Hammer Print


Hammer Print is a printing application that allows users to print anything from their smartphone such as pictures, documents, logs and more. It provides a connection from a cloud application to print directly from there, then download and then print from there. Hammer Print can be connected with the help of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and offers a limited range. To print, you must first configure the device for a printer. Printer management, printer sharing, SMS printing, letter printing, web page printing, clipboard printing are some of the features of this app. The interface is easy to navigate, and the GUI helps with the layout that draws users to this app.

2. Brother iPrint&Scan


Brother iPrint & Scan is an Android application for printing documents and images. It can print more than just materials and images, and the app allows printing of web pages, GIF images, maps, clipboards, notes, scanned documents, and more. It connects by Bluetooth, WiFi, data network, or USB. These applications can connect to almost any device, and some require compatible settings. It comes with a sophisticated interface which is easy to understand, and the GUI structure has an intuitive layout for user ease. The core features of Brother iPrint & Scan include scanning, NFC support, remote print functionality, auto search and more. Additional features of this application are available upon purchase and include features such as viewing machine status, copy preview function, editing preview images, and a few more.

3. Samsung Mobile Print


Samsung Mobile Print is a printing application that prints all types of documents and media. This application limitation only works with certain printers. It comes with an easy-to-use interface with an intuitive GUI and supports automatic discovery of devices around you. User can save multiple formats from scanning from network multifunction devices. Cloud storage printing is easy in this app as well as sharing documents between devices. The main features of Samsung Mobile Print are a bar-style interface, select multiple images, print or fax documents, customizable image sizes, and much more. NFC connection is used for direct contact between the device and printer.

4. Printicular Print Photos


Printicular Print Photos is a free printing application known for its photo printing features. This application has many features for printing images. It can edit, resize, apply filters, and do a lot more before printing. It can select photos from online and import from mobile library, meddle in quality and do more tricks. This application works with Walgreen, which is equipped with features in the application. It allows users to send images to Walgreen stores, send them to customers via Walgreen, etc. The printer interface is colorful and fun to use. It prints all types of documents and files.

5. HP All-in-one Printer Remote


The HP All-in-one Printer Remote is a portable printer and is used in large companies. This app can print anything that is connected to the internet and has an advanced HP printer. This application has many features such as scanning, taking pictures, and printing immediately. It comes with in-app purchases, but all important functions of this app are available in the free version. JPG, a high-quality PDF file printed directly from the cloud application makes this application easy to use. This application automatically sets up the printer configuration when it is in range, views the status, and alerts you of any changes if they need to be made. In the settings, there is an option that allows you to turn off the features you don’t want to use.

6. PrinterOn


PrinterOn is an Android application to print documents directly from your phone, and users don’t need to connect to a computer and swap papers and print from it. PrinterOn is best suited for business travelers and holiday lovers. They can print important documents on the go. This application allows your phone to find local printers that enable PrinterOn through the use of your built-in GPS. It guides the user in finding the printer and bringing it there using the map app on your phone. It can print any document or image and can send a fax anywhere in the world. This is the best application to use in an emergency, with an intuitive interface and easy interaction layout.

7. Print Share


Print Share is an application that allows users to print documents and images efficiently. It prints images, SMS, call logs, web pages, email attachments. It can save the file and its format in the app, and then it works accordingly and doesn’t ask to save the file again. In the main interface, there are six options displayed, and the application will generate a print preview of the selected file and at the same time will give the opportunity to change the default settings. The selected image can be edited, and the size can be adjusted. Print Share is connected with the help of WiFi, USB, or Bluetooth.

8. PrintAway


PrintAway is a smartphone application that is used to print documents using a USB connection, WiFi, or Bluetooth. This application is useful for printing documents such as PDFs, Microsoft Office files, images, directly from cloud storage, and many other sources and formats. It can only be connected to a printer, which is connected to the internet and configured with the application. The interface of the application is intuitive, and in interactions, the application has a GUI that guides the user. The main features of PrintAway involve printer management, printer sharing, SMS printing, contact printing, printing from websites or social applications, printing letters, print job management, web page printing, built-in file browser, and many other features.

9. Mobile Print


Mobile Print is an application that allows users to print any document from an existing device with the help of Wifi or Bluetooth. It can easily print images, call logs, photos (PNG, GIF, JPG), emails, attachments in any format such as PDF, DOC, etc. Users can also access cloud storage such as Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox, and other applications. using the Share action. There are two versions of this application, the free version has limited wireless connections for short distances and supports USB OGT for connection, printing 20 pages, and more. The paid version of this application features unlimited direct printing without a computer, unlimited remote printing, and much more. This application supports most printers that include legacy networks. The Mobile Print interface provides simple interactions that are easy to navigate.

10. Epson iPrint


Epson iPrint is an application for printing via data, WiFi, or a USB connection with a printer. This printer uses iPrint technology, which allows it to connect to devices using location services, which means printing is easy and convenient, whether the printer is in another room or around the world. It prints almost all kinds of documents like Microsoft Office documents, Google Drive by accessing cloud storage. Some of the features of Epson iPrint are direct scanning from applications and printing, printing images of all formats, copying documents, checking printer status, sharing files, and many more that make your work easier. More features are revealed by purchasing the paid version of the app. Some of these include high-quality printing images, email attachments, borderless printing, switching between color or monochrome printing, and many other features. This app stands out with an interactive interface and easy navigation which offers a nice layout for user convenience.



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