11 Best Call Confirmation Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Call Confirmation Apps For Android & iOS

We’ve made the mistake of only dialing a ton of numbers when we take out the phone in our pocket or when we accidentally sit on it. This eats up our data plan, and sometimes it is unethical to call an unknown number and say nothing. The call compliance app allows you to double-check your decision if you want to make a call, or were only contacted by accident or by mistake. There is an application software that supports Android and IOS devices, which allows you to confirm calls. They have additional features like assisting calls with secure connections, making international calls, sending caller ID. The app also provides a dedicated dialer that only lets you call contacts stored on your phone and sync with other phones to reach them, so no malware gets to your phone via the contact data transfer. This app has amazing and varied features and includes lots of interesting themes, so that users don’t get bored with plain backgrounds. We have a list of the best call confirmation apps that automatically divert attendance and disconnect requests according to your settings or while driving. Below is a list of applications that will guide you in activating your smartphone in the call confirmation device.

1. SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer


SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer is a call confirmation application used to confirm a request before connecting to a line. It shows a box that re-checks the outgoing calls you have made or if you have incoming calls. SELECT DIALER – Premium Dialer is an android application, and has a sophisticated interface. This app has many features that let you choose any dialer except for the default dialer like LINE Out; it records the number. The core functions include selecting the dialer according to the type or number of calls, making direct dial shortcuts, dialing using share, available to select dialers, and much more. The interface is the best part of the application; easy to use and provides a constructive GUI structure, which is easy to navigate. It is free to use and does not display any ads or contains a purchase module.

2. TeleMe – easy calls & messages


TeleMe – easy calls & messages is a call confirmation app only available for iOS devices. The purpose of this application is to provide you with the details of outgoing and incoming calls. It also gives you the option to confirm all in both scenarios. The application is easy to use and has a wide interface which allows the user to navigate the application and configure it according to its requirements and settings. Some of TeleMe’s core features – easy calls & messages offer an ad-free application, no pin and username requirements, no need to enter or exit, configurable settings, smart layout and multiple language support, call recording and much more. The application’s messaging features are easy to use and provide a secure connection. TeleMe – easy calls & messages are free but contains a purchase module that unlocks additional features.

3. True Phone Dialer & Contacts


True Phone Dialer & Contacts is an easy-to-use call customizing application and allows users to have a set of tools to manipulate incoming and outgoing calls on the phone. Call track and app confirm user to call someone, this is double check, so you don’t accidentally call anyone. True Phone Dialer & Contacts is full of features and capable of working according to your configuration. Quick T9 search in your recent call logs, current smart call groups, multiple language support, clean and convenient navigation, theme support, modern customizable design, extended dual sin support and so on. The interface provides a user-friendly atmosphere and allows us to easily create new contacts and navigate the application without facing any issues. True Phone Dialer & Contacts is free to use, ad-supported and offers in-app purchases to access more features.

4. WeTalk Pro


WeTalk Pro provides a secure connection and allows the user to confirm calls in both scenarios such as incoming and outgoing calls. It is only available on iOS devices and supports multiple languages. The interface has a beautiful design, so users don’t get bored of managing the app or using it every day. This app contains many unique features such as getting a trial phone call with reward credits for starting something new, no connection fees, no hidden fees, automatic network switching, no roaming fees, can use the callback module, etc. Your data is safe from local line users, and you can easily buy apps using Apple ID within the app. The best part is 24/7 customer support. WeTalk Pro is fun to use, contains ads and offers different purchase values ​​for international calls such as US $ 0.01 / minute, Chinese $ 0.018 / minute, etc.

5. Ringo: Low-cost, local and international calls


Ringo is a call confirmation app whose features are not only limited to a local call confirmation module but outnumber other interesting features. It supports Android and iOS platforms and works smoothly and efficiently on both devices. Ringo is an intuitive application and contains many interesting features such as low-cost international calls, no internet required, high quality calls without drips or choppy sound. It also doesn’t need the recipient to download the app, no monthly subscriptions, pay as you go. The interface is easy to understand and provides a GUI structure, which is designed to guide the user through the configuration and use of the application. Ringo can easily sync with other gadgets and offers an advertising and purchase module.

6. onoff App – Call, SMS, Numbers


Onoff application – Call, SMS, Number is a call confirmation application which supports Android devices. The purpose of this app is to check the call and get a user confirmation notification form to proceed the request. This app allows the user to rethink the call and let him decide what to do next. Onoff application – Call, SMS, Number has smart interface and supports many languages, and includes many other features. It can change your mobile number, more than thirty nationalities, credit and calling packages, log in from anywhere without a smartphone or computer, work with a SIM card, switch various calls, voicemail modules, switch networks for better results and many features other. . The simple interface is user friendly and has an attractive theme. Onoff app – Call, SMS, Number is free to use, contains no ads but offers in-app purchases.

7. Talkatone: WiFi Text & Calls


Talkatone confirms calls from users, so users think twice about attending or making calls. It prevents users from mistakenly dialing unknown numbers and secures the phone from unwanted and unfamiliar numbers. Talkatone is a powerful application and extends its features. This app includes features like save a mobile number, get a free US / Canada phone number of your choice, calls are made for free, free internet access lets you call anyone even if you don’t have cellular data. This also includes changing your number according to your choice, such as a burner phone. Incoming free, distinct, low-cost internet calls to many cities and many other features. Talkatone is easy to use and has a constructive layout with a smart, user-friendly interface. Talkatone is free to use, contains ads, and includes a purchase module.

8. BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO


BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO is a pretty call confirmation requester that has a unique built-in feature that allows the user to check and then attend to the request. It also collects data and works on improvised functionality, attends calls automatically on behalf of users, and lets you record your messages. The interface is full of features and many options are built and designed to give you more ease in the navigation process. BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO includes a smart interface, supports multiple languages, a call confirmation module, with a simple and easy to read interface, the application is not afraid of making mistakes. The BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO theme is easy to view and allows users to share info on other devices. BIG Launcher Easy Phone DEMO is ad-free, but the purchase module is always open.

9. Automatic call recorder


Automatic call recorder as the name suggests, this app is a voice recording and call recording app. It is a tool used to record calls and confirm calls before receiving and making. This is a simple application, and the de = sign is also simple and allows the user to maintain an active profile on the phone. There are three core features in automatic call recorder, record calls, record individual calls such as calls from predefined contacts, record calls from unknown numbers that are stored in the app, but don’t appear in the contact list. An app called confirmation feature prevents users from making wrong calls to any number. The interface is self-explanatory and navigates itself; The GUI structure has an ugly but attractive theme, which is a contributing factor to this application. Automatic call recorder does not offer any purchase mode but offers advertisements.

10. CallApp: Caller ID, Blocker & Phone Call Recorder


CallApp is a powerful application that only supports android devices; This is a pretty app that consists of a call confirmation module for incoming and outgoing calls. This application is not limited to calls and goes beyond too many interesting features, which makes the application more usable and contains many elements. Some of CallApp’s notable features include displaying caller ID, blocking unknown numbers and spam numbers, easy to use smart interface layout. It records your calls, searches for people and places, free dialer can make international calls and allows you to use cellular data and internet. This app has a paid version that doesn’t include ads, stores items like themes and different skins. The interface is easy to navigate, and the themes that the free version have are quite interesting.

11. CallWatch – Boost/Virgin/Sprint Prepaid


CallWatch is an excellent call confirmation application that does not limit itself to one function and many setting tools and features for user convenience and entertainment. The best part of this app is its attractive and user-friendly interface that guides every step of the setup. The core features of this app include identifying numbers, stopping scammers when they call, installing call confirmation options on screen, ordering entire categories of calls, making international calls. It also uses user encryption, answers calls you want to answer, reports aggressive callers, blocks calls you don’t want, and many other interesting features. This app is designed to work only with android devices and is not available for android users. CallWatch offers only a seven-day free trial period and offers a $ 2 discount on monthly subscriptions.



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