11 Best Cam Dash Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Cam Dash Apps For Android & iOS

Sometimes we need to travel but we don’t have a video recorder. What do we need to do? We have found a solution for this situation. Develop thousands of dashcam applications.

We have selected 11 of the best applications that will help you record all your trips on video. If an accident occurs, you will be calm because you recorded your trip on video. You will always have proof that you are innocent.

You don’t need to buy a special device to record your trip. Simply install any application from our list and enjoy your trip.

1. Smart Dash Cam


This application will allow you to turn your smartphone into a great video recorder. You don’t need to buy additional devices and equipment. You can adjust the quality of videos recorded. Choose a resolution of 480 or 720.

This application will automatically record every car trip. You can record video with or without sound. Video without sound requires less memory on your smartphone. You can display speed and time on video, as well as maps.

You can also turn off the monitor while traveling. This application will allow you to listen to music while recording video. This will automatically re-record videos that don’t have important information for you.

You can set a loop timer to save more memory on your smartphone.

Select video storage and memory usage mode. You can delete one or several files at a time. Open a folder in the gallery with the video recorded by the video recorder and select it.

You can also upload videos to the cloud so you have proof that you are innocent in the accident. Share videos using social networks. This application supports several languages. It has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times.

2. Dash Cam Travel – car camera


This application with a user friendly interface will be your witness while on the go. This will record all your trips. This application has 3 recording modes such as circular recording, background recording, and standard trip recording.

You can choose the video resolution as well as the time interval in the application settings. This application has an auto focus camera during the trip. Don’t be afraid of poor video quality. It can also take photos when traveling.

Enable geotagging to analyze your route. This application will show your speed and location on the map. Turn on the automatic loop to avoid wasting too much memory on your smartphone. This application will delete the recorded trip after 60 minutes and will start recording again.

This application does not consume much of your smartphone battery. It can work in the background. You can also record video without sound.

This application will show your route on Google maps. You can disable this feature. This application does not record your personal information and does not send it to the Internet. It has been installed more than 50 thousand times.

3. Nexar – AI Dash Cam


This ap is not a typical dashcam. Automatically starts recording when you start your trip. This will also automatically end video recording when you arrive at your destination.

This application works in direct mode, so all accidents are immediately saved. It detects all dangerous events. This application sends all videos to the cloud. You will always have instant access to them.

Download this application and join the large community of drivers. You will have plain evidence of innocence in an accident.

The application stores detailed information about the video. You will know the right time and place. You can share your videos using social networks.

This application has technical support that works day and night. Ask questions and you will get quick answers. Don’t forget to keep your cellphone charged so it doesn’t miss a recording of important moments.

You can also buy the full version of the application to get more features. This application has an intuitive and simple design that makes all your trips comfortable.

4. Drive Recorder: A free dashcam app


This great application functions like dashcam. Automatically turns on and off during a trip. This will give you an extra pair of eyes. You will always be sure that you are right if you have an accident.

This can work in the background so it doesn’t consume a lot of battery. This application supports recording again. The recording will start as soon as you open the application. You can choose various video resolution settings.

It all depends on the free space on your smartphone. Connect the application to your cloud and it will save all the videos there.

You can also edit videos directly in the application. Cut out the important points and show them to your friends. This application has an intuitive design that helps you quickly adapt to the interface.

You can also use the front or back camera. Turn off voice recording to save space on your smartphone. This application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

5. Vidometer


Do you want to have a video recorder but don’t want to spend money? This application is what you need. This will allow you to record your trip. You can be in the car, on a bicycle and even on a boat.

You can record videos on all types of transportation. It turns your smartphone into an action camera and dashcam. You can enable map display, time and speed on the video. Choose video resolution to save more memory on your cell phone.

This application can save your videos to the cloud to save your memory. Thanks to this application you can be sure of your trip. This application will record all accidents.

It can also automatically delete unwanted videos to free memory. This application does not affect the operation of your smartphone. This is a great assistant when traveling.

6. auto body Dash Cam – BlackBox


Dashcam is very important on the road. This application will continue to record videos of your trip. This works in the background. The application will record video when the battery is charged. You can also choose video recording quality.

File size depends on resolution. This application supports various screen modes. You can change the interface language. This application supports 12 languages. Select the internal or external memory where the video will be stored.

Easy to place the application in the background. You must touch the special button on the screen.

This application can adjust your camera. You can zoom in and out, turn on or turn off auto focus or the flash. The application automatically deletes files after a certain amount of time. You can adjust the removal interval.

You can record videos and take photos simultaneously. The application will record information about the video. You will always know the time, date and location. This is very popular throughout the world. This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times.

7. YI Dash Cam


This simple application functions like dashcam. You can record your trip. This application can run in the background. Use the video from the dashboard camera as proof during an accident. This application has a new interface.

The navigation of this application is very simple. You can only download important parts of your trip. Open the video and select a section. The application will save the video clip to the gallery. It has an internal gallery with all photos and videos. You can quickly find the video you need by searching by date and time.

Open application settings and personalize. Choose video and photo resolution. This application has been downloaded more than 500 thousand times. Does not take up much space. This application only weighs 50MB. This is an invaluable assistant on every trip.

8. AutoGuard Dash Cam – Blackbox


This application supports two-way recording when traveling. You can see in the video what happens on the road and in the car. This application can also be used as a navigator. This will tell you how to get to your destination faster and safer.

You will receive complete information about your location. This application will also save travel information on video. You can find out the exact date, time and place. You can take photos while recording video. This application supports even 1080p. You can send information recorded using social networks.

Set the video mode to delete automatically after a certain time. So you can save space on your smartphone.

Your mobile will turn into a real dashcam. This application has been downloaded more than 1 million times. This helps drivers from various countries. Install this application and you will receive a free witness during your trip.

9. DailyRoads Voyager


This application helps record driver rides since 2009. It works like a car black box and dashcam. This application automatically records all important events and accidents. You can use this video in the future as proof.

You can configure the interval to delete videos as well as their length. This application has protection against accidental deletion of files. You can ensure the security of your information.

This application is also protected from sudden surprises. This saves all information to the cloud. You can activate background mode. So this application will spend less battery than your smartphone.

This application also automatically starts and ends the photo shoot. It has intelligent motion recognition technology. You can see your location on the map during the trip. This will help you navigate in an unknown place.

You can adjust the brightness of the application. The lower the brightness, the lower the battery consumption. This application has a default file manager. All videos and photos of your trip will be controlled. This application has been installed more than 1 million times.

10. Speedometer Dash Cam: Car Video Recording App


Download this application and you don’t need to use or buy dashcam anymore. This will record your entire trip. You will be sure that if an accident occurs, you will have proof. You can choose quality videos in settings.

This application saves videos to the cloud, so you will always have access to previous trips. Don’t be afraid to accidentally stop videos while on the go. This application has protection against accidentally touching the screen.

You can send videos via email. Set the maximum video duration per file. This application can also delete videos that are not informative.

This application has a user friendly interface. This application will free you from the problem of buying an expensive camera. This is free.

This application can run in the background. It also has overheating protection. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. Developers are constantly updating applications to add new features to drivers.

11. Speedometer Dash Cam: Speed Limit & Car Video App


If you have a situation when a traffic accident occurs but you don’t have a video recording with you, then you need to download this application. This is a great dashcam. It has all the expensive DVR functions.

This application will record all the moments of your trip. All videos are stored in the cloud. You will always have instant access to them. Activate automatic mode and the application will automatically record photos and videos during the trip.

When the memory is full, the application deletes old videos. Select the file storage location. You can save videos to internal or external memory.

This application also displays maps and speed on the screen. If you forget the details of a previous trip, you can open an old video and see all the information. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. Weighing less than 7MB.

This application has been installed more than 1 million times. It helps people from all over the world record travel videos. Join a large community of drivers with this application.

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