11 Best Car Rental Apps (Android & iOS)

11 Best Car Rental Apps (Android & iOS)

Cars are everywhere today. They help people to move easily at great distances. Even simple city trips are much more comfortable with a car. Heading there 10 minutes before work, going to the mall on the weekends, buying groceries from the supermarket, and taking him home safely – all this became a reality.

But buying a car is rather expensive. Some cars can be compared in value with apartments and houses, and sometimes even more expensive to use. And not everyone is ready to accept the most budget options.

Or you don’t have an urgent need to buy it – for example, you work from home or all the necessary places are within walking distance from your apartment. Then you only need an occasional car or for a long trip.

In this case, you might need a rental car to help you. Unlike ridesharing, if you rent a car, you use it yourself, without additional people. You can rent it yourself and take the train alone.

Car rental is very common now. In big cities, car rental points are almost everywhere, even at car dealers. Cars can be found for every taste, wallet and special requirements. Whether it’s a convertible, a limousine or an old Peugeot, you can even find it if you want.

As always, smartphones come to your rescue. In today’s world we don’t go anywhere without a telephone and landlords understand this. Therefore, we have developed a special application to search for car rentals. IOS and Android smartphone owners can now choose the nicest option from our top app for car rental in 2020.

1. Getaround – Instant Car Rental


Getaround is an application that allows you to easily find the car of the desired brand and model. At Getaround you can not only book and rent a car, but also provide a car for rent.

How does it work? If you are a driver, then you must have thought about how much money is needed for a vehicle. Gas and fuel costs, maintenance, scheduled inspections – and so on.

Constant car wash, oil change, etc. Very useful for the owner. You can recover at least a few costs if you rent a car. The Getaround service compensates the owner of 1,000 dollars for the use of their car. In this way, your costs will be lower and the car will only be used at certain times.

Tenants can also find a car nearby. If you want you can place filters on the brand – search, desired model, operating time. For only 3 dollars per hour you get a good choice for holidays, trips to the store or out of town.

Use Getaround and you will be included in the insurance price on the road and an easy way to travel long distances. You only need to download the application to your smartphone and that’s it – no subscription required or additional fees.

2. Zipcar


Free car rental applications are available in almost 500 cities in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, United Kingdom and other countries. Besides being in the city, this service can also be used in villages and small towns. Zipcar’s geographical range is truly amazing.

Although the installation of this application is free, the membership itself requires a monthly fee. The size ranges from $ 6 a month for the simplest package.

Hourly car payments range from $ 8 to $ 10 per hour depending on the car itself. You can rent a car daily or daily with fuel, gas and insurance.

With Zipcar you can easily find and order cars nearby, such as Sedans, hybrids, vans or minibuses, depending on your needs. Just prepare your search filter and take a trip right away!

With the help of an alarm system you can easily find your rental car, as well as extend the rental for the time you need. You can order online and also place it. Practical application fully meets user requirements.

If you have a problem, Zipcar support will always try to resolve your problem. Quality assurance is also that the application is a development of one of the leading car rental companies.

3. Turo – Better Than Car Rental


Turo is directly a car rental market. Tenants and landlords meet directly here. Turo allows you to deal directly with vehicle owners in the country with the greatest power in the world. Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States are already connected with this program. Users can choose more than 850 models and types of vehicles.

If you want to find a car to help you move, or just go to a place where you can easily go there by car, then use Turo. This way you can save up to 30% of your rental money – because agencies usually charge a much higher fee.

Booking a car is very easy and only takes a few clicks. When you confirm the car, you already have access to it – the whole process can only take a few minutes. Choose the perfect car – to meet your friends from the airport, go to your parents’ cottage, or travel with friends.

From luxury cars, to simple and inexpensive Volkswagens or minivans, Turo offers the perfect car for you. Finding the right car for every situation has now become a reality.

There is also a guarantee for car owners: for each Turo train provides insurance of up to 1 million. So you don’t need to worry about your property: in an emergency, the company compensates you for everything.

Find the car of your dreams or use a car that is not necessary for your benefit.

4. Enterprise Rent-A-Car


Another application for easy car rental. Enterprise is a company that has long stood in the field of car sharing. That is why it is so easy and fast to find transportation with them!

This company is so large that it has more than 7 thousand offices worldwide. This is what ensures geographic availability for app users.

Register your account and start ordering. Enterprise Rent-A-Car after registration gives you access to view possible ordering options. Allow access to your location and the service will show you all options nearby. You can set search filters and choose cars based on the required characteristics – AC availability, mileage, order dates available.

Also, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has an Enterprise Plus account version. In this way, you will be able to order accelerated reservations and additional points for car rental. They can be used for further use of this service.

Rentals are available at rental locations, so you can quickly find the ones closest to the app. All details can also be seen by you in your account – rental history, car characteristics, booking time, time, and available fees. Bonus points can be exchanged for extra days rent – so you can use them profitably!

If you are constantly using Enterprise in the same place, you can make it a favorite and have quick access to cars in the area.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car support is always available. If you have questions or problems, the agent will try to solve them or replace the vehicle. Everything for your convenience!

5. Silvercar by Audi


Silvercar is a development of the leading automotive automotive company Audi. How much have we heard about this transportation brand and how much respect it has inflicted on many people – high-quality assembly, exceptional design, friendly staff at the garage and car shop.

Audi is a representative class car and does not cause a sense of reliability. Now it’s easy to get access to high-level cars.

Silvercar frees you from paperwork, long document processing, and queues at rental outlets. All you need to do to drive a quality car is to install the application on your iOS or Android device and fill in a few boxes.

You simply select the date needed and the application shows the possible options. Choose the car according to your wishes – model, color and even the number of seats. All this is specified in the description of each car.

Now you don’t need to wait at the airport for your car or call a taxi. Simply book a rental through Silvercar and the car will wait for you upon arrival.

Toll roads and fuel stations are also tracked in the application. You can drive your way around a toll free road and get there at a lower cost – all thanks to Silvercar.

Each car has a heated seat, Wi-Fi, satellite radio and more, and the leather interior will give you more pleasure.

Feel like a very important person or a wealthy businessman – this will give you more confidence, and traveling with comfort will only give you a pleasant experience.

6. CarzUP – car rental app


CarzUP is the largest car rental service. Its scope of influence includes more than 20 of the world’s largest rental companies.

To take a car is now very simple – all models, signs, colors, requirements for salons – the company will take everything needed on your request and will try to fully fulfill the wishes, of course, in your car will not be the driver Michelle from the film ” Taxi “, but, for example, it is possible to find a car with a skin salon for you.

If you are located in the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom – don’t hesitate to download CarzUP. This application will help you find your personal transportation quickly and easily for several days or more.

You don’t even need a bank card to place an order – so you don’t need to worry about your financial security. You don’t need to worry about insurance. If you need additional car insurance, you only pay an additional 11 dollars per day and you can use the vehicle without worry.

CarzUP allows you to compare prices between different suppliers. So you can even benefit from it and find cheaper options.

To make sure you remember your rental, you can even give yourself a notification or reminder on the day you book. All your rental cars are in the same column, so you will not be confused with your order.

7. Car hire App


Do you have to go somewhere by car and it’s not available? And you don’t even know who to ask for help? You don’t need to ask someone for a car or call a taxi service! Now you can use the Rentalcars application.

All orders are carried out in only 4 steps. Select all the dates you need – you almost have a car. Whether it’s a business trip or just a desire to sit in the driver’s seat, Rentalcars has the right solution for you.

This service works with the largest car companies in the world and works for nearly 50,000 cities and large cities. Rentalcars’ geographical reach is extraordinary and now you can find cars not only in your own country, but also when traveling abroad or on vacation.

All cars in Rent access are sent by authorized representatives and for this reason have a quality guarantee. Apart from all these benefits, Rentalcars developers guarantee you low and fair prices. There is no crazy interest from the landlord at the rental location. Everything is fair and profitable!

This application is available in more than 40 languages and all prices can be seen in the currency you want. Wherever you are, support agents will solve all problems – you can contact them anytime. The company has representatives and affiliations in 163 countries, so wherever you are, Rentalcars will always be in contact with you.

Book a car or cancel reservations at any time through the application. All transportation problems will now be resolved in a few minutes.

8. SIXT rent. share. ride.


SIXT is a service that has its own rental stations around the world – in total there are more than 2200 of them. Of course, this is not as comfortable as other services. But people from the older generation are still accustomed to documents in tightly defined places and that causes them to trust more.

With the help of the SIXT application you get access to all available cars and you can easily track where the closest station is to this car. You can easily access the station by clicking the screen several times to see all conditions and get detailed instructions on how to reach it.

To work in the system, you must have an account. With its help you can remain in the system and can continue to search anytime. See prices, brands, available dates and more.

Whether you are planning a trip with friends or a business trip, SIXT rental stations can help you.

You can sort search results by distance, brand, model, or even the age of the driver (if you need it). The ideal vehicle will be chosen automatically by the system.

If you are a representative of a large company or only use this service often, you can make a reservation with the help of a loyalty program for SIXT Express and SIXT Corporate. They offer you special conditions and additional services.

It’s easy to order a car – you can even do this through multiple accounts. All bookings can be seen in a special section on your profile, as well as car rental details. Full description, insurance and guarantees – doesn’t this give people trust when they rent something?

9. Europcar – Car & Van Hire


Application that will help you quickly find a car in the UK and a number of other countries. Just like SIXT, this service has its own vehicle rental location.

But there are already larger orders – more than 5,000 locations geographically located in the United Kingdom and 132 other countries around the world. Europcar developers say that they take care of all your transportation needs – you just have to enjoy your trip.

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can order anytime that is convenient for you. If necessary, you can change the order details or cancel it altogether.

You are also given 24 hour support on the road – if you have an accident or something unusual happens – the support service will take your call and help solve the problem.

There are also promotional offers. Europcar exclusive promotions and discounts available throughout the world – hurry up to use the most profitable application.

When using Europcar for a long time you can choose your favorite car and they will automatically be offered to you when you make your next order. If you provide application access to the GPS tracking system, it will help you navigate new routes or tell you where the nearest Europcar service center is.

This application saves you time and money. First, the price is quite democratic and not excessive. Second, you can save time at the check-in desk on arrival – Europcar will already give you a car on an advance booking.

Whatever your travel destination, Europcar will be your assistant and friend. Even child seats are provided – if you have children, services will provide child seats. All you need to do is calm down and focus on your vacation.

10. Revv App – Self Drive Car Rental Services in India


If you live in India or are just a traveler, see the Revv Application. This service offers hourly, daily, and even longer rentals. What is convenient is the unlimited kilometer option. Fixed prices start at only 33 rupees per hour – and these are very low prices!

A rental car is sent to a convenient place for you to pick it up – even to the door. However, you must restore it yourself. It is possible to get a car in one city, and leave it in a completely different city.

All cars have Indonesian tourist signs, so you can get around the country without worrying that you will be arrested. However, if you really like this car, you can even buy it back by paying first year insurance as a down payment.

The choice of car models is very broad and is not limited to just a few brands. This is because of the wide selection of cars that are rented by Revv App for holidays and weddings – you can even find luxury cars.

After your reservation ends, within two days your email will be sent to your account, which must be paid. This application will help you to interrupt your previous reservation, cancel it or reschedule – now you have full control over the comfort and speed of your trip in India with your smartphone.

11. Centauro Rent a Car – Cheap car hire


Centauro Rent a Car is also a leader in car rental. The developers emphasize that their services differ from all over the world in terms of price and quality of the cars provided.

Detailed and detailed information about available models and brands can be found on their official website, where the entire Centauro fleet is fully represented. In this application you can find free cars available for rent. Sometimes Centauro makes exclusive offers for certain users, which makes using this application more economical.

This service has its own office, where rentals are made directly. You can order your car with the mobile application at any time and you will be shown where to pick it up at the nearest location.

Safety is also guaranteed. All cars are inspected thoroughly and insurance is provided. The best prices and full services are the benefits of Centauro services.

This application allows you to search for cars in more than 1500 destinations worldwide.

Find your car and travel without worrying about traffic problems or transportation services – this service will do everything for you.

Traveling is great. But you can use all these services not only for travel. Going out of town with your friends, going to a large supermarket to shop and don’t worry about having trouble carrying your bag home, repairing and transporting materials, or even moving – for all these needs you can rent a car directly from your smartphone.

Transport mobility is needed for modern people – this is the only way to keep you on time, not late and not missing the best moments of your life. Live brightly, drive the best car!

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