11 Best Train Game Apps For Android & iOS

11 Best Train Game Apps For Android & iOS

Many people have different attitudes towards trains. This is not only a means of transportation but also an opportunity to get to know the world around him, get acquainted with new people, and even make a career by engaging in cargo transportation. All this has an impact on the fact that games where the train seems to be popular.

The train game is very fun. There is always something to learn. Some of them develop the speed of reaction, other logical thinking. Traveling by train is never boring.

In addition to unforgettable adventures, the players learn a lot about the real life of railroad workers. In the world of railroad, many, if not all, depend on time shifting arrows, semaphores that blink peacefully, tickets sold successfully, registration of correct luggage, and safe and profitable transportation.

1. Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player


Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player is a driver simulator with multi-player mode, which has beautiful three-dimensional graphics.

This project will allow you to sit in the booth of one of the several locomotives available in the game, and also to meet online with other users. The simulator reliably delivers train control features, forcing them to monitor speed limits and change time to avoid collisions with other traffic participants.

Multiplayer mode includes a contest to overcome one of three distances with randomly selected opponents. Who is faster to reach the terminal station, who needs bets and rivals. The road itself consists of several turns, traffic lights, where you have to stop, wait for the green light, and other obstacles.

Despite the size of the map, the location is made qualitatively and in detail, the weather changes constantly. As per the user’s choice, there are several types of cameras, which allow you to choose the display as you wish.

Train Racing Games 3D 2 Player – an extraordinary simulator that can boast a realistic control system, good graphics, and the presence of attractive multiplayer modes.

2. Kids Train Sim


There are lots of games for kids in each category, however, many developers assume that if this game is made for kids, then the game must have ancient and ugly graphics and a pretty stupid plot. There are train games like that for kids like this, however, this is an exception.

You can guess by the name of this application that this is the version of the famous application Trai Sim for children. And it truly maintains its reputation and fits in with the expedition of users!

It has decent graphics, but it’s not too realistic to keep children entertained. Choose from 17 Fun trains and drive in many fun scenarios for kids. There are missions with different complexities, not too easy, but still doable – so the game will be suitable for children aged 8-10.

3. City Train Driver Simulator


Are you a fan of public transportation? Now, for adults, it will feel a little strange but children and teenagers can be very interested in this topic. All logistics, connections, trains, suburban trains, subways … Do you want to know how it works? Then this application will look interesting to you.

And even though the graphics of this game aren’t the best in the world, you can see that it’s quite popular among users all over the world. In the game, you will find the types of public transportation that are served throughout the world, and that makes this application even more interesting.

You can play for suburban or subway drivers. All controls are quite realistic, all details of the driver’s cabin are made with the smallest details. Get ready that you have to drive the train like in real life! Dozens of types of trains will make your time with this game really entertaining.

4. Train Sim


Trian Sim is a train control simulator where you can be a train driver and manage more than 30 types of trains, and enjoy a variety of urban and rural landscapes.

You can choose the area where you want to drive a train: desert, mountain passes, big cities, harbor areas, subways. In Train Sim, even toy trains are available, which can be operated on playgrounds.

In addition to the toy trains in Train Sim, you will find a large number of locomotives and 25 other types of trains. In addition, this application contains detailed information about each of the available trains.

When the train is moving, you can change the angle and position of the camera, choose between the classic rear view, first person view from the locomotive, the side of the train, etc.

Train Sim is an excellent train simulator. And although it can’t boast amazing graphics, many options and many landscapes make this game quite interesting to try.

5. TrainStation – Game On Rails


TrainStation – Game on Rails is one of the most famous and popular train simulators in different eras. In this game under your management and leadership, there are several trains where there are steam tractors and carriages.

The cart can be different from the appointment: some types of cargo, some passengers … but any of them you have to send in such a way that the crew gets money and resources in other games that you can use for new trains, carriages, etc.

Create your railroad empire from the start and do everything possible to make your company grow. To do this, it is necessary to build new roads, buy the latest locomotives and comprehensively develop your Empire. This game is just a variety of trains. Their number has exceeded 1000 units. Game

Game TrainStation – Game On Rails is an interesting and quite good train simulator with a beautiful location and interface design. Maybe the game will look too simple for someone, but, of course, understandable and calm, it will definitely find the player.

6. Train Driver


For those who are looking for a game where they can become a train driver in different weather conditions, this game is the only one to go. It has no specific features among other similar 3D train simulator games, however, here you can drive a train in summer, in winter, in autumn – choose the season you want!

You will drive mainly throughout North America and enjoy all the beautiful scenery. By the way, the graphics here are more than decent, and this is another advantage of the Train Driver game.

Don’t think that you will only drive in the country – the city is also available. This game doesn’t make sense, but it is a good train simulator to try.

7. Train Conductor World


The concept of the Train Conductor World arcade puzzle is far from new. Your job is to control the movement of the train, avoid collisions, and try to move as long as possible.

But it needs to be said that the creators of Train Conductor World took as a basis and ideas far from new, but succeeded well with the creation of new concepts.

So, before us, there are the same railroad tracks and the same locomotives, but at the same time a completely new atmosphere of the European capital, modified game mechanics, modern graphics, new possibilities.

You will have several tracks where the train will go. All routes are numbered, as well as trains, and you must move trains from one route to another. If you stop navigating, you can stop the movement of the train just by tapping the train.

In general, World Conductor Train requires not only your speed of reaction but also intelligent intelligence, because the use of additional bonuses is the key to success.

8. Rail Maze: Train puzzler


Rail Maze: Train Puzzler is a game where you will understand that modern trains are a real maze. Train conductors and train operators need to choose a safe route each time they send trains on the road to move trains in the complex maze to their destinations on time.

Rail Maze: Train Puzzler is a collection of unique puzzles that you must complete in the least amount of time and movement.

Train fragments are placed on the playing field and you must connect these fragments in such a way that they form a continuous rail where the train can pass from beginning to end.

This game contains 100 mazes. Every labyrinth is an exciting puzzle. The difficulty of this game is that you have to choose the safest route that allows your train to travel as fast as possible.

9. Train Station 2


If you want to become a true king of the train, then this game is the challenge you have been looking for. All you have to do here is build a new train and develop a new train system. It is important to note that this game is not the easiest, there are many challenges from various levels.

After you have built a train and developed a train, you need to transport various cars in your train. That will be the raw material and others. You can choose from which clients you want to get assignments – usually, you receive several questions and you are free to choose the ones you like.

The ultimate goal of this game is to build a railroad empire with excellent logistics and become the most affordable train owner.

10. Subway Simulator 3D


Trains may seem like a distant idea to most of us – we regard trains as synonyms of long distance travel and something significant. However, there are trains that we use every day (well, big cities are certain). You guessed it! This is the subway.

The subway has its own train and requires a special control approach. That’s what you will do in this game – develop the subway system. You will get a chance to become a train driver too.

Have you always dreamed of trying to open and close subway doors? Well, now you have a game where you can fully enjoy the process. You can drive the train quickly or slowly – as you wish, but try not to mess up your schedule too much. You can choose from 10 different trains and, what’s more, you can adjust them to your taste.

11. Euro Train Simulator 2


If you want to get a chance to feel like a real worker from the European railroad company, Deutsche Bahn, by watching all the trains, controlling them, and building new roads, then this is the game for you. One distinctive feature of this application is that all trains are depicted very realistically with all the details like in the real world.

The train covers all major destinations in Europe. At the same time, you will travel together by train and enjoy the European scenery. Throttle, braking, realistic eraser, cabin lights and headlamps, horn, and pantograph are available for the driver and must be operated for specific purposes in career mode.

This is more a strategic game than an action game. The problem is that you have to plan all the schedules and routes for the train carefully, so there are no delays and collisions. In addition, you must arrange the schedule in the most efficient manner so that all trains are profitable.

As you can see, you can play unlimited train games. And if you are a romantic soul, and in life – a man with a lot of attention and obligation, this game is what you need to get out of your ordinary, gray everyday life. Just a great way to switch.

It is clear that the main feature that unites all such games is the use of trains, locomotives, carriages, and other train attributes in the plot. But the manipulations performed by the main characters are often different and very different. Explore our list of the best games about trains and choose the one you like the most.

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