12 Best Baseball Game Apps For Android & iOS

12 Best Baseball Game Apps For Android & iOS

Baseball apps are quite popular nowadays. Just like all other sports gaming apps, they allow players to be completely immersed in the reality of the game with a competitive and exciting atmosphere when effort and luck have to coincide to win.

Baseball itself is quite an interesting game, which is the reason why it remains attractive even on your phone screen. So it’s a good time to download some of the best baseball game apps and start playing!



Are you looking for an action-packed baseball game with cool graphics? Look no further than this app. Of course, if you prefer the game to look like mega realistic, this is not your first choice, but it has the best gameplay among all the baseball game apps on the market.

The element that makes the game comfortable and versatile is the fact that you can choose whether you want to have the semi-automatic controls here or make it completely manual. You can even switch during the game. In addition, here you can create your own team, train them and win competitions!

2. MLB 9 Innings 20


As previously mentioned, some players prefer graphics to be as close to reality as possible. The game is exactly like this – you get a chance to feel like you’re in a baseball movie or something.

Plus, the players you’ll find here do exist in real life – these are just virtual versions. Maybe baseball fans will find this game cool even though they don’t like video games in general. You have to complete club missions, get more points and win the main trophy at the end.

3. Home Run Derby

3 presents another great baseball game – Home Run Derby 16. In this game, you can take part in the derby in the most famous derby theme park in the world.

There are three game modes. The first is multiplayer, where you can play with like-minded people from all over the world. The second is arcade, which is a simple enough one player game to kill time – you have to run and hit the target. And, lastly, the last one is against Al. Get the game now and enjoy the mode you like the most!

4. Super Hit Baseball


For those looking for a simpler app without fancy graphics and a lighter weight, check out Super Hit Baseball. This is a great game if you just need to take some free time, get away with it, and, at the same time, it’s a game of baseball.

The interesting feature of this game is that the more you progress, the more new players you can unlock. Apart from that, you can unlock not only players but also new stadiums. The game mission is simple – win the game and win the world’s ultimate championship. Play your opponent’s ladder again and win prizes!

5. Live Drive


Another one from This one is super fun and exciting and made especially to play with. There are a number of levels to pass, which include all kinds of cool ballparks and bonuses like crashing cars, airplanes and even spaceships! You can get this bonus by getting additional scores. One way to do this is to destroy homers off the field and into the city.

The game is built in such a way that all the laws of physics work, which is nice to know because the experience you get is very similar to the actual game. In short, if you want to enjoy a super-dope baseball game app, download Live Drive and start playing!

6. RBI Baseball


And another one by This baseball game app is a classic. This includes all the baseball game odds you can think of.

You can create a team by choosing the best players from the baseball world and through the seasons, winning one game after another. Just like other MLB games, this one includes all the ballparks available, so you can have fun just exploring each one.

The game was significantly improved and modified (compared to the previous version) – now there are new movements and better graphics. So, if your desire is to play full original baseball, which they are playing out there according to all new rules, then this app is for you!

7. BIG WIN Baseball


Come to the plate – you’ve been dreaming about it for so long! Play on the field like a real baseball player – using a variety of moves, techniques and repeating famous attacks.

In BIG WIN Baseball, you can form the team of your dreams. They will fight their opponents from all over the world with a crushing blow. With each game, your skills only increase to prepare for the Daily Pennant and win the game play.

Players can choose from Bronze, Silver, and Gold packs. The qualifications of each player and team are improved as they pass.

Very high quality graphics of the application: each player is drawn individually, as well as the playing field. Motion animation is also very realistic.
Become a champion and lead your team to major trophies and big wins – prove baseball is your passion.

8. Real Baseball 3D


Not enough graphics for realistic games? Then you have to play Real Baseball 3D. Authentic graphics in 3D, careful drawing of the field and players, according to the laws of physics, and much more – you can feel like a real player on the field.

Hit the ball with a stick and watch it fly – watch out, don’t let it fly out of the stadium! The ball can be thrown in any way – twisted, bent, shifted – as long as it can be pulled back by a member of your team. Runners have to reach the station very fast and lead you to victory.

You put together your dream team – choose carefully. Develop a strategy, calculate the course of the game and possible situations – the coach’s job is yours and you cannot rely on anyone else. With over 700 players to choose from, you’ll find the right players to enter the season and conquer the plinth.

9. Baseball Boy!


This game is completely different. Here you won’t find a traditional baseball game with noisy stadiums and rival teams. Instead, you will be playing a game with an actual plot. You are playing for the boy whose job it is to hit the ball so hard it can fly as far as possible.

It may sound weird the first time around, but it’s a really fun baseball game with fun graphics. A really funny feature is that you can choose a bet: it can be a traditional bet like a banana. Or even a fish.


10. Homerun Battle 2


Homerun Battle 2 is an excellent baseball games app for playing baseball with like-minded people from all over the world. The game actually includes 6 modes. In one of them, for example, you compete against randomly selected players.

At first, you can choose your character and customize it. You are also given the opportunity to choose your stadium. All and all, if you’re looking for a game where interaction is key, choose Homerun Battle!

At first, you can choose your character and customize it. You are also given the opportunity to choose your stadium. All and all, if you’re looking for a game where interaction is key, choose Homerun Battle!

11. Baseball Star


If you liked the first game on our list, you will definitely like this one too. They are similar in terms of graphics, but the gameplay is different. And the plot of the game is different here too. Here you need to create your team and compete with others to win the game.

While playing, you will see 4 different screens with all the important positions of the players. When it’s time to take action, you need to click the screen with the player you need. These elements make gaming fun and exciting. Plus, no internet connection is required.

12. MLB Perfect Inning 2020


And to close we have one more game from MLB (hope you aren’t tired yet!). But the problem is the official “face” of the baseball world and they make really good baseball games. In this version of the game you will find all the players of the latest season 2020, can select them and play for them.

The graphics are on the top level and look very realistic. For those who appreciate it when games mimic the real world – this is a great app for you. By the way, here you can not only choose from existing players but also create your own.

So, that’s the best baseball game app. We hope you find what you are looking for. Have fun playing, love baseball, and check out our site to find some more cool apps!

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