12 Free Games Like Battlefield For Android & iOS 2020

12 Free Games Like Battlefield For Android & iOS 2020

If you like first-person shooters, with the ability to control combat vehicles (tanks, airplanes, helicopters, ships), then you are lucky enough to have a choice of amazing games like Battlefield for Android and iOS.

1. Standoff Multiplayer


How many players, so many opinions. Standoff Multiplayer is a game that is very similar to Battlefield but at the same time so unique that it’s hard to imagine. The familiar confrontation between terrorists and special forces in this game will be very interesting because almost everything depends on the choice of parties. A large number of weapons and equipment will allow you to choose your own game and battle tactics and turn into a real killing machine.

Special features are a convenient and intuitive interface and control system. The battle system developed allows you to use different tactics more effectively. High quality optimization allows access to games for almost all devices.

A large selection of game modes won’t bore you with monotony: arms races, flag catchers, sniper duels, and many more that await you in the game. Combined with many map choices, this makes the game very interesting. Develop and boost your character. Gather the best teams and stand at the top.

2. League of War: Mercenaries


League of War: Mercenaries is a unique military strategy with three-dimensional graphics, which can bring you closer to battle on the battlefield.

During game play, you must sign a military agreement and lead a large mercenary army in battle. During the game, you can dive into the exciting world of League of War: Mercenaries, where there is a high level of battle dynamics.

You can also build your own military headquarters, and do battle with other players in various locations located on detailed maps.

Each player can try to pass 100 different trials and join the battle with other mercenaries to show themselves as great fighters and get a unique war trophy.

In League of War: Mercenaries, developers have created unique construction and battle modes that can be felt in 3D graphics. At military headquarters, you can make and improve the most diverse military equipment: helicopters, tanks, infantry, and more.

Don’t forget to improve your own combat skills, buy additional upgrades for coins received in battle. In addition to high-quality graphics, the game has easy management and is loaded free.

3. Sniper Strike


One of the best games on mobile devices, which is a kind of sniper simulator with shooter elements, where you have to do various tasks, and fight with other players in PvP format. The developers made an excellent graphic design, added good animation, cool special effects, decent sound.

In fact, the game Sniper Strike is a sniper shooter, where the main focus is on interesting missions and dynamic battles with other players. In each mission, there are some special tasks or several tasks that need to be completed within a certain time. In this case, the less time you spend on the task, the more bonuses you can get. The successful section guarantees cash prizes and various bonuses.

As in other similar games, the basic aspects are money and energy. The first can be obtained on a mission, and then spent on pumping existing weapons or buying new equipment, new snipers or machine guns. The second is needed for access to the mission.

As mentioned above, this game has a PvP battle mode where you can shoot with other players. In this mode, both awards are more impressive, and more interesting. In this mode, you can join your friends and complete various tasks with them.

4. Fields of Battle


Fields of Battle is an excellent game in the “action” genre where you have to play paintball in many locations and with different opponents. Choose your weapon and fight!

In this new application, unique characteristics of battle are used. You will be surprised by the quality of the graphics, the intuitive controls of the characters, the variety of movements and locations that take cellular shooters to a new level.

Swim underwater, hide in shelters, throw grenades. There are strict rules – one shot and the enemy eliminated. You have the right to manage your arsenal, manually adjusting the target and angle of the shot. Remember that there is no automatic vision in the game – you have to do it all yourself. Play against many online players, don’t forget to look at the world position.

Improve yourself in a changing online world. Battles take place in real locations and locations, but fictional areas are included. Customize your unique character under your skills and choose cool weapons from the armory. Weather conditions will interface, which is in the application as real wind, rain, fog. You can play on smartphones and tablets.

5. Pocket Troops


Pocket Troops is a typhoon action for smartphones and tablets, made like a third person shooter. In the Pocket Troops application, you can unite irresistible fighters and create a team of volunteers who have battle skills and can handle all types of weapons. To make your team, you must choose fighters from 6 classes. Each fighter will have his own individual characteristics, unique abilities, and emotions. However, together it will become an undefeated and unstoppable team, defeating the enemy.

In the strategic game of Pocket Forces, you will enjoy as many as 12 missions. You will fight with your team against dangerous enemies. Opponents will be led by Dr. Evil himself. If you are not interested in playing alone, you can fight with online players, take trophies from them. Your enemy is also quite strong, so train your fighters well.

For training, you will have a well-equipped fitness center and various simulators. By the way, your hero will never die, because in the Pocket Squad application there is a hospital where all the fighters quickly improve their health. So, if you prefer interesting and exciting strategies, download the Pocket Troops game!

6. Hero Hunters


This time you are offered to dive into the crazy atmosphere of a vicious confrontation between evil thugs and hundreds of enemies. This game is a virtual photo gallery with a first person view, but with the ability to switch the camera to a third person view. In this game, you must manage five heroes at once. In the process, you will switch between them if possible and necessary. If you like such games, then be sure to download Hero Hunters.

In this game application, you will fight against various troops, using various obstacles and obstacles as an assistant. As you wish, there are five characters. Each character belongs to its own class. Each class has its own characteristics, pros and cons. Be sure to consider this when passing a level.

The team of players includes heroes, each performing his own specific role. In addition to their unique weapons, every hero on the team also has super powers, thanks to that you can even get out of the situation without hope.

However, there is still a need to learn to understand where to use abilities, and where it is better not to use them. Winning at a level will be rewarded with coins. In the future, for this coin, you can buy any upgrades for current equipment, as well as new equipment.

There are online modes where you can fight with other players.

7. Bullet Force


Bullet Force is a multiplayer game for Android in the first person shooter genre with a dynamic storyline. The game has an online battle mode where up to 20 players can fight.

Users are offered 4 game modes:

  • Team Deathmatch – a game team in which for each opponent killed by a player is given one frag;
  • Conquest – “capture” mode, where you need to capture and hold a point for a certain time;
  • Free-For-All – survival mode, where frag is given to kill rivals;
  • Gun Game – a team game with a higher level of weapons to kill rivals.

Bullet Force players have access to a large number of various weapons, camouflage, and equipment that make the game more diverse and interesting. Show the accuracy of your photos and become a leader. In this exciting game, you can challenge players from all over the world.

8. Enemy Strike 2


Enemy Strike 2 is a shooter with high quality graphics. For mobile phones, there are very good object and location details in general. But this is not the main thing, because there is a gameplay that is quite interesting and complex.

This project is divided into many combat missions. Honestly, completing all the tasks is not possible, because it’s endless. Here you need to open a different location. You also need to improve your weapons. There are 30 types of weapons and their modifications. In addition, this game has as many as 5 modes with different gameplay.

But in general, the level tasks are the same. You have to fight foreign invaders. It should be noted that in this project you cannot move. The whole game takes place in one location, which simplifies it. Because this is the shooter on the phone, it’s not easy to control it here. And the lack of need to move greatly simplifies the game.

But there are many enemies, and they must be destroyed. To do this, you have various types of weapons and several buttons for the game. All buttons are located in the lower left corner.

The enemy himself will change positions, giving the opportunity to kill them. This game is different from many shooters that can be found on mobile. And the main difference is that the graphics are very sophisticated.

9. Kill Shot Bravo


Kill Shot Bravo is a mobile action game that will be as good as a top shooter for personal computers.

You will have the opportunity to play different game modes and pass a large number of different missions. By the way, there are many missions, so you have to play for a long time. But the passage of levels is quite fast. At first, the level will look easy to you, but then the enemy will be stronger and you will not have time to joke.

All levels have their own beautiful game location design. In most cases, at the level, you will be given a sniper rifle the main weapon, but you can easily turn it into whatever weapon is convenient for you. Fortunately, the game has a huge choice of weapons, starting with submachine guns and ending with a large number of different flamethrowers and bazookas.

10. Modern Combat 5


Quickly install the next Modern Combat 5 military shooter! Start making detachments, train fighters, choose weapons, invite friends to the team – and go to war! Become the savior of humanity, protect people from invaders and radicals.

You haven’t decided who you are going to be? You have the opportunity to become an attack aircraft, reconnaissance, paratrooper, snipers, or support fighters. Train your hero, develop skills, pump, choose tactics, fight alone or join network battles with your troops against opposing teams. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your actions and successes in the chat room (team, global), and follow the leaders’ successes in the notes table. Remember that to participate in events and wins you get a prize.

To win in battle, you must gain experience, master weapons, and tactical techniques. You can make your dream weapon like you by choosing the desired module from a large number of options.

Your battles can take place anywhere in the world, but they will always be dynamic and interesting. For those who want to know what he can do, there is a special forces play mode. The graphics, music and sound can’t be praised, which makes the game even more interesting.

11. Modern Combat Versus


Modern Combat Versus is an amazing shooter from the developer of the popular company Gameloft. This is an interesting team shooter. The entire game process only takes place online.

For invincible warriors, constantly develop their unique skills. Win on the battlefield. Someone is not a soldier in the field, only the game team will bring the desired effect. Here, you can choose from a variety of different weapons, from conventional knives to tanks. More than 10 types of warrior characters available.

Create your own team of invincible warriors. Four to four game modes available. Five different maps to battle, with their own hideouts and hideouts. Shots are heard at every opportunity, take a large bag of ammunition with you, otherwise you will not have a chance to survive.

The best fighters are displayed on a special table and at the end of the week, they will be given special prizes and chic awards.

The intuitive game interface does not make it difficult for beginners to deal with it and it will quickly adapt to game controls. The developers have added modern special effects, which significantly increase the level of fun of the gameplay.

12. Guns of Boom


Guns of Boom is one of the best mobile shooters, which has become a direct competitor to the Battlefield game.

It should be noted that many game portals value the game and assign their highest value. This means that the game is really interesting and will be interesting to play. In the game, you have to choose a warrior that you are interested in, for whom in the future you will play. But if you are bored with one or another character, then you can change it to another. You must carry out various missions where you will be given valuable prizes and awards.

In the game, there are a large number of different weapons that will be difficult to open at the beginning, but with that, you will be able to kill your enemies to pieces.

By the way, this game is a multi-player shooter, which is very dynamic and you have to fight other players on various maps. And the map itself is quite interesting because of its unique design, which is very beautiful. The only level weakness is the scale, which is not too large. The graphics in the game are at a high level, but optimization still leaves a lot to be desired. The game also has training that will help you understand the basics of the game.

Interesting features of the game:

  • The ability to choose your character;
  • Good graphics component, not optimized properly, but has many special effects;
  • The ability to play with friends in multi-player mode;
  • A large number of unique game locations in its own way.

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