13 Best Picture in Drawing Apps For Android & iOS

13 Best Picture in Drawing Apps For Android & iOS

The picture-in-picture effect is often used in sports broadcasts, video blogs, video classes and for adding logos. Just like the Split Screen effect, it helps to display different viewpoints and simultaneous actions.
Also, this type of effect is widely used when editing photos. It’s about what’s called a PIP editor.
PIP Camera is the best friend for editing your photos. The camera is designed to produce beautiful picture-in-picture effects, which will make photos both fun and very beautiful. Creative tools will help you edit photos using photo frames, graphic filters, the ability to change the foreground.
Enjoy our list of picture-in-picture effect apps below.

1. Picture in Picture


With Picture in Picture, you can display on your desktop a small, neat window that broadcasts videos from local storage and from a variety of streaming services, including Youtube, Netflix, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and more. According to its developers, Picture in Picture supports all types of web players, including HTML5, Flash and iframe based players.
With Picture in Picture, you can significantly expand the possibilities of interaction with Safari and Chrome, making watching videos more comfortable. “You no longer have to choose between surfing the web and new series from your favorite TV series. From now on, multitasking has reached a completely different level, “- said the developer.
Despite the fact that the program requires deep integration into the OS, it is distributed through Apple’s official online catalog. The application uses Safari WebKit, with which it activates the necessary plug-ins and makes it possible to use the “picture-in-picture” mode.

2. iMovie


iMovie is a proprietary multimedia mix for creating and editing videos, developed by Apple. This application makes it possible to create and save projects, easily add the necessary multimedia content to it and at the same time it has a very large internal library with all kinds of gadgets such as filters, transition effects, free space for creating subtitles and signatures, and so on. . Additionally, the editor includes powerful tools to provide subtitles for future films and supports the ability to work with multiple audio and video tracks at once. You can also praise the local tool used to adjust the playback speed. With it, you can create stylish Slow Motion effects or “squander” uninteresting video segments. This last function is very useful for people who are involved in active sports.
Like any software product from the “apple” company, iMovie is highly intuitive and designed for a wide audience of users. The presence of detailed tooltips and manuals for working with the editor, displayed at the entrance of the application, will help you to understand all of its functions, even for those who have never worked with such a program before. Unfortunately, the application is subject to fees.

Main features and functions:

  1. Allows you to create editing projects and add content to them easily.
  2. Provides users extensive functionality to adjust playback speed and apply color correction.
  3. Includes an extensive library of all types of graphic “gadgets”, including picture-in-picture effects.
  4. Allows you to add subtitles and captions to videos.
  5. Supports AirPlay technology.
  6. Has a stylish modern interface.

3. Pinnacle Studio Pro


Pinnacle Studio – by the right is the most popular video editing software from the Corel company. It comes in several variations with a different number of additional functions. The new version of the program, according to tradition, includes improvements to almost all major features and additional material.

Pinnacle Studio Features:

  1. Process and edit high definition video, audio, and photo files.
  2. Add effects, markers and titles.
  3. Edit any media files.
  4. Record projects created on different carrier formats – CD, DVD, Blue-Ray.
  5. Make smooth transitions between parts of connected video or audio.
  6. A new and improved programming engine.
  7. More than 2000 effects (including picture-in-picture effects).
  8. Friendly and intuitive interface, multi-functional timeline, well-organized help and hints.
  9. All work on recording video and audio material is made in one program.
  10. Additional content sets and plugins.
  11. Ability to work with 3D format.
  12. Nvidia technology support.
  13. A set of “smart” tools to facilitate working with video and audio files for recording on media.
  14. You can download the free Pinnacle Studio with plugins in many variations.



SPB TV is an IP-TV client, which includes multiple channels. The possibilities of this program are enormous! This application allows you to view TV channels in multiple languages ​​from more than 17 countries, has a nice interface and can be customized according to user needs. It’s easy to select the channel you need because on SPB TV there is a channel preview. The good performance of this application should be noted. Channels switch without delay or you can view them with picture-in-picture technology.
The client also has a built-in TV guide, which is automatically displayed when the channel is previewed. A full television program is available several weeks in advance. In order not to miss the transfer you want, you can leave a reminder on the calendar. If you are watching a channel at night, and you are disturbed by the large screen brightness, then after watching it you can reduce or increase it. In the same way, the volume is set on SPB TV. This application can be operated with one finger without any problems. All these small but very important and important details make SPB TV an excellent assistant in watching TV channels on your smartphone. In addition, this program is completely free.

Main features and functions :

  1. Fast switching between channels.
  2. Rich settings window.
  3. Including broadcast programs.
  4. Has a nice and minimal interface.
  5. Distributed completely free.

5. FotoRus


FotoRus – is a photo editor on your device, with many beautiful filters and effects. It’s an all-in-one free photo editor: beautiful collage, frames, retouching, selfi-studio.
Take photos and process your photos directly on your favorite gadget, smartphone or tablet on Android and iOS OS. You can change the size, color, add text, apply various effects and artistic filters, create fashion collages from multiple photos, fix skin flaws in pictures, and much more. FotoRus will help fulfill all your artistic needs!

6. RecoLive MultiCam


Do you want to feel like a talented director? Then download this application. Here you use one of your devices as a working switch and the other as a video camera. Now, you can shoot as if you were in a real studio. You can view all cameras at once, combine images from multiple cameras at once, create different transitions. And you can do it in person!
Using a Wi-Fi connection, the application is used for camera and switch. Select the device via Wi-Fi that you want to use as a camera and create it!
Each camera displays a single device that you have selected as a switch.
You can make all kinds of transitions between cameras: anti-aliasing, extrusion, cube, etc. You can also combine two cameras on one screen. There are several types: panel, picture-in-picture and many more.
The remote control lets you control scale, focus, exposure, color stabilization, etc. All videos are recorded in Full HD. After recording, you can directly import the video to YouTube or iMovie, and also transfer the recording to your device.

7. Picture In Picture for Video


This is an excellent application that will help you create extraordinary videos. The main idea of this program is to make videos in picture-in-picture mode.
Apart from that, this app lets you add 10 attached video files at the same time. These files can be moved anywhere. It is also possible to adjust the video size to make it more comfortable to view.

8. PIP Camera


PIP Camera – is a bright photo editor, made especially for selfie lovers. It is a universal tool for photographic creations, which makes it possible to turn an unsuccessful shot into a bright and memorable photo. Thanks to an extended set of functions, the program will easily turn you into a “cover from the face”, creating a normal photo of a normal self.
The program supports all types of cameras on your device, allowing you to upload photos instantly to the editor. If you don’t want to process the snapshot now, you can save it in the gallery and return to processing later.
The application interface is uncomplicated. All work buttons are placed on the main screen. There are only six:
Classic fashion. Processes the image in basic mode, overlaying pre-installed effects. Also, in classic mode, fast processing is possible: upload an image, apply a filter or effect and save it.
Score. This button with a heart and MAG inscription opens access to a store of additional “decorations”: light filters, various effects, etc. Please note – all add-ons in the store are paid.
Collage. The essence is clear from the title – this tab is designed for attaching a collage from photos. You can adjust the number of photos and their location, or you can choose automatic assembly with ready-made templates. When you make a collage, you can use up to 6 photos.
Editor. Mostly in the section set of functions. There are almost all the tools here for maximum photo editing: cropping, light filter overlay, mosaic processing, color correction, and more.
InstaMag. A button that allows you to share your created work with your friends. Thanks to integration with most social networks, the results can be sent to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.
FAQ. A section containing information about the program, instructions for working with the application and the ability to contact technical support.
Save processed photos in the PIP Camera application using the “Save & Share” button. All results are stored in the gallery, and can be retrieved for re-editing.


This editor allows users to access various functions required for creative and fast self-photo processing.

  1. Ability to edit the front and back of the photo.
  2. Trimming, color and exposure correction, frame application, color filters and native effects.
  3. Instant preservation of photos in the gallery.
  4. Support for all types of cameras.
  5. Collage making.
  6. Quick photo editing using basic settings.
  7. Ability to share results with friends with the help of most social networks.

Thanks to its many advantages, PIP Camera will please every “photo user”:

  1. More than 40 different styles for designs.
  2. About 200 templates and more than 40 frames for making unusual collages.
  3. Ability to blur background while processing.
  4. To set the background, there are more than 100 templates available.
  5. Ability to add text, signature, graphic objects, stickers and smiles to any photo or collage.
  6. A large number of functions with the simplest interface.
  7. Integration with social networks.
  8. Regular updates of additional effects libraries in built-in storage.

9. InstaMag


InstaMag is a handy application that will quickly create beautiful photo collages for further posting to Instagram or other purposes.
In the main menu of InstaMag, several tabs are collected, some of which are related to the functionality of the program. Also, there are shortcuts to developer apps that have a similar theme.
All templates for future collages are divided into several types. So, in “Magazine” collected preparations that will help to link photos in one image, similar to the pages of a glossy magazine. There are dozens of variations on different themes and formats. Some templates automatically load information about temperature, location and time.
For fans of Japanese comics there is a “Manga” section. The collage is disproportionately divided into parts, and the photos are added with various effects and dialog clouds. In addition, the program contains classic collages with neutral themes with cute shapes. Regardless of the layout chosen, the user can reposition each photo, as well as apply a set of filters to separate components of the collage.
Thus, InstaMag will create various collages, as well as process photos. The results are easy to share on social networks or to save collages on the device memory.

10. Camera360


Camera360 is a very powerful program for shooting and processing images, which according to all parameters exceeds the standard camera on your device, as well as many similar applications. Judging from the total number of downloads and active users, Camera360 is the most popular application in its class. It is used permanently by more than 30 million people worldwide.

Camera360 features:

  1. 24 effects with fine-tune capabilities.
  2. Comfortable and intuitive interface.
  3. High download speed and the ability to use it as the “default” camera.
  4. Auto focus, grid, zoom.
  5. Detailed adjustments of all aspects of shooting.

When you are first starting out, Camera360 will ask you to choose a mode: “for beginners” or “for professionals”. If you choose the former, then you will be offered to take a simple six-step tutorial, in which you will be guided by the main functions of the program.
It is very easy to use the camera, first select the effect you like and just take the picture, then, we get the processed image. If we don’t like something, then we can fix the effect or change it to something else. All popular filters and effects are available in this program, such as Tilt-Shift, HDR, Retro, LOMO, etc.
Another important part of the program is the so-called scene. Scene – this is when a photo is ready, inside there is a place for posters, stands, pictures. This means that we can take a picture of someone and depict them directly on a billboard in the middle of Wall Street or on a large display in Shanghai. And it doesn’t look like cheap photoshop, but as a professional, high-quality processing. There are more than 30 such templates in the program and they are constantly being replenished.
Camera360 is a high-quality and detailed application that can be a real lifesaver if you don’t like the standard camera on your smartphone. This program is distributed free of charge and has no built-in ads. Definitely, recommend, it’s MustHave!

11. VivaVideo


VivaVideo is a video editor, which is easy to use and has a large collection of effects and filters, with which you can change any video. Apart from working on ready-made clips, you can record new ones immediately adding visual effects to them. In addition, you can make great presentations, take your favorite photos as a basis and associate them with transitions.
The app interface turns out to be successful, the intuitive menus and windows allow you to quickly find out and start working on the video. All filters and effects are superimposed with a simple selection from the list, although there are no settings, but these are compensated for by a wide variety. The main menu offers a quick choice of operating modes: video recording, simplified editing, presentation creation and professional editor.

Application features

This app refers to the category of video editors, unable to boast of rich functionality in the field of video cutting and processing. The developers have focused on simple and fast ways to add various visual “chips” and filters. That is, its main purpose is to decorate the clip, give it an original and more colorful look. But if necessary, you can still cut or paste fragments, add additional audio tracks or subtitles
Selecting or recording a movie, you can divide it into sections or add all kinds of embellishment, changing the final result beyond recognition. And then, at your disposal, there will be a huge set of tools, dozens of filters, subscriptions, transitions and other elements that will make your masterpiece.
This program has additional features. For example, you can create a presentation from photos, again using a large set of tools. By the way, the basic set can be replenished by downloading the necessary elements from the server, and you can do it for free.
Another great feature is video recording with pre-installed graphics enhancements. So you can shoot a movie with a mirror image or imitate a “door eye.” The resulting video can be continuously processed or combined with other pieces to achieve the desired result.

VivaVideo characteristics:

  1. Intuitive interface.
  2. Video editing and design.
  3. Record movies with effects.
  4. Great collection of filters and themes.
  5. Additional content is downloaded for free.

There are no serious flaws in this application, it takes care of its task perfectly. You can only mark slow processing. Typically, long films with multiple effects will last several minutes. There are other minor drawbacks, but they are all acceptable as the program is distributed free of charge.
VivaVideo is suitable for those looking for a simple tool for decorating video clips. But if you need serious tools for cutting and editing clips, then this program will be almost useless, because it offers only simple functionality in this direction.

12. Plex


Programs for viewing multimedia content remotely located on the computer. Supports broadcasting of music, videos and pictures.
Plex’s powerful media server allows you to view all media files on your PC remotely and manage desktop programs remotely. This application automatically adapts the video to the format of the mobile device and can sync content for offline viewing. While working with the desktop utility, you can transfer photos and videos from the camera of the portable gadget to a remote server.


  1. Remote content browsing.
  2. Support for popular image, video and audio formats.
  3. Local media viewer.
  4. Additional online services.
  5. Support for Camera Upload technology.

Principle of operation

Since the service is “honed” for remote server-related work, you will need to create one account for your mobile and desktop devices.
Limitation of the free version – video and music play briefly, and a watermark is superimposed on the image. To remove restrictions, you must purchase a subscription. It costs $ 5 per month. Local content is available without limitation.

  1. You can save videos on the device, and then watch them at the right time without connecting to the network.
  2. Thematic broadcast for subscribers.
  3. There is an opportunity to exchange content with friends.
  4. Installation is separate from the translation quality required for cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

13. Photo Effects Pro


If you want to make an original photo, go ahead with this application. Photo Effects is a simple and convenient way to place various effects on your photos. Now, everyone can be an artist. This app lets you process photos by applying a single effect to as many as 31 possibilities. To use the app is very simple, select a photo from the gallery or take a photo, all you have to do is apply one of the effects. The lack of this software can be attributed to the lack of the ability to rotate and crop photos, and it would be better to apply multiple filters at once. After achieving the desired result, the processed photo can be saved to the phone memory or shared with friends.

Application features:

  • large number of effects (Black & White, 3D Sculpt, Sharpen Filter, Color Invert, Black White Photo, Picture-in-picture, Gray outline sketch, Yellow dot, etc.);
  • create beautiful photos quickly and easily;
  • share your creations on social networks;
  • The photo is saved in the Photo Effects folder.

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