15 Best Photo Zoom Apps For Android & iOS

15 Best Photo Zoom Apps For Android & iOS

Images from the Internet or what we see on social networks are not always high-quality images. When we want to look at it in detail, it can be really challenging because you have to zoom in on it. And as we all know they often lose quality due to zooming.

The same is taking photos. Even though your camera is technically advanced, when you try to enlarge an image, the quality is low and poor. The list of applications below will allow you to enlarge images effectively and without sacrificing quality.

1. Camera ZOOM FX


The new generation of apps is here! If you are someone who has a hard time creating beautiful pictures in a few seconds, then with this Camera ZOOM FX you will find all the possibilities necessary for that.

All professional filters to add extra brightness to your photos and make them extraordinary. You will also be surprised by the abundance of stickers on multiple topics to express your emotions, a number of enhancement tools that will help your pictures look fabulous.

The interface is very creative and simple at the same time, layered effects easily and professionally. You can also select a different frame from the set. Make different collages with your extra high quality photos and express your inner creativity with this app.

2. Zoom Camera


The advantage of this application is that there are no extras so nothing will distract you from the shooting process. You can choose between different camera modes so that you can use the possibilities of your smartphone at the maximum level.

There are also several flashing modes available. Not to mention the focus setting that allows camera settings on different image variants. As soon as you understand how it works, you’ll be able to take impressive photos.

3. 30x Zoom Digital Video Camera


This is one of the best super digital binocular apps, which will make a world of difference when you take photos or record videos. Zoom has a spindle, so you can manually adjust the size of the image you want to take.

This app works for both the front and rear cameras. You can take all picture and movie movies in HD, focus on certain things in the image, enlarge the image more than 30 times as large. Apart from that, here you will find a built-in library which is also convenient for the user (you don’t have to switch to the gallery to take photos).

Overall, this app will be a good choice for those planning to photograph their staff like a professional.

4. Ultimate Image Zoomer


This app is relatively new on the market, but even now we can see that there is a lot to offer when it comes to enlarging images. The main thing is that it is possible to enlarge the scale of the photo without losing quality. You just need to upload the image to the application, select the place you want to zoom in, and then the application will do it in a circle.

On the other hand, Ultimate Image Zoomer is a fairly specific application and will probably be appreciated for those who need to zoom in on images often – perhaps for commercial image documents. For casual users, it’s still better to get a more multi-functional app with more options and features.

5. HD Zoom Camera


It is one of the most popular camera apps for Android, and what’s interesting about it, its popularity hasn’t lost even in the era of photo editing apps when users prefer to have all the camera features in multiple apps.

This camera will give you more control over the photo process, including manual settings for light, ISO, exposure, focus, and more. Your image will look more professional and the quality won’t decrease much when you enlarge it.

Indeed, it is a useful app for owners of old smartphones, where the camera isn’t powerful enough. This will increase their photo capabilities and will help improve the overall image quality.



This is an interesting app because it has good authentic ideas. The problem is that it allows you to turn photos into videos. You may ask what this has to do with the zooming effect? Well, it uses zoom to gradually move focus from one place to another and therefore creates a slow motion video.

All you need to do is select an image for the gallery, then mark the point you want to zoom in on. Then arrange the order of the effects. This application is also very useful for creating Instagram story ads.

7. Super Photo Zoom


Now you can create unique photos with this zoom app. It has a set of additional filters to make it even more extraordinary and extraordinary. Then, touch up the special effects and your creation is ready. People who want to have professional-looking photos can now enjoy all the possibilities this app provides.

This will help increase your camera zoom and take very high quality pictures. If you want to add some flair to your photos, use the app’s built-in filters. You can press the slider button to zoom the camera. When you’re ready to take the shot, press the button.

All the photos you take will be automatically saved in the gallery. Later, if you wish, you can layer filters and effects on them. The final step is to save your photo polished with filters.

8. Zoom Effects


This is a really cool app for iOS that lets you add zoom to your photos, and more importantly, to videos. Have you ever seen how amazing the zooming effect is on a music clip or blockbuster movie? What if you could add that effect now?

The work process for this application is very simple. First you need to upload a photo or video that you want to enlarge. For video, select a specific moment, and add a zoom effect. Select the intensity in the settings and the length of the effect. Other than that, the app isn’t amazing for anything else.

9. Camera MX


Unlike other apps on this list, this one is not a photo or video editing app, but also not a photo zoom app. This is more of a standalone camera app which takes your phone’s camera possibilities to maximum effect and improves the quality of your photos several times.

This is a fairly popular app with over 20 million installs. As you might have guessed, it includes non-bad zooming possibilities, allowing you to zoom in on objects in the photo by approximately 100 px. It supports all resolutions and ratios your camera allows.

Zoom works fast without pauses or collapses as is often the case in other applications. Apart from the zooming function, there are many other features, such as turning off the shooting sound, changing the exposure, setting the timer, and even time-lapse recording. And, what’s more, now this application also allows you to take pictures directly.

10. Super ZOOM HD Camera


If you want to turn your phone into the best zoom device but your camera doesn’t allow you to zoom more than 10 pixels, you can download this app and get a chance to enlarge the image up to 100 px! To be honest in this case the image loses quality but it is not very significant.

In addition, before taking a picture, you can add color stabilization (because it is known that in excessive magnification, the colors in the image fade), adjust the focus, adjust the ISO exposure, adjust the white balance.

Or, if you don’t really want to adjust all these aspects manually, you can choose automatic adjustment. This application is only available for Android devices.

11. PicsArt Photo & Video Editor


Again, PicsArt is a pretty cheap option for photo editing, including zoom, however, if before the separate application various photo editing options (eg “blur photo”, “photo stickers”, “photo frames”) were a thing, then today people tend to get one application, not dozens, and in that one application, they have all the functionality they could possibly need.

Also, contemporary smartphones, even the cheapest, allow you to enlarge photos at such a decent rate that all you have to do in the end is add a few tweaks.

For example, you can set up settings on PicsArt and take pictures using the app. Apart from that, here you can edit not only images but also videos. The app has many options for improving image quality, including grain effects and light correction.

12. Snapseed


This photo editor is also quite popular, the zoom function is one of the main ones here. By the way, one of the smartest ways to take photos while zooming in and save the best quality is to take these images using one of the photo editing apps. Just adjust the settings, and use the zoom in the app to get the best shot.

Apart from that, there are about 30 filters and other instruments that let you edit your photos at a professional level. Snapseed also gives you the possibility to create your own unique styles / filters, save them, and then apply them to photos as presets. Plus, Snapseed has a comfortable user interface and all the tools are placed in one menu.

13. Adobe Lightroom


Lightroom is a pretty popular photo editing software that actually works wonders with any photo. It is simple in use and very powerful – the main reason why so many people love it. You don’t have to be a photoshop expert to make your photos look like they were created by professionals.

In Lightroom, you can’t actually photoshop or change the outline, but you can still zoom in and crop the photo in detail and then, apply the necessary settings to improve the quality. There is a complete set of tools that will help you with that – brightness, contrast, detailing, shadows, blurs, polishing and many more effects that you can explore.

14. InstaSize Photo Editor


We all know that the icon with the profile picture on Instagram is a bit small and it’s hard to see it in detail. Now you can have a dedicated app to see everything you want to see and zoom in on pictures from Instagram.

It is also a photo editor, which allows you to take your own photos, enlarge them, edit them and post them online. If you want, you can even make different collages.

The variety of effects, layouts, styles is so great that everyone can find something they like or are looking for. To be more comfortable, you can choose a photo editing style first, for example, for Twitter or Facebook. There are also many fonts that you can layer on your images.

Finally, when you crop and enlarge a photo in this editor, the quality will not decrease, which is known as a common problem among photo editors.

15. Photoshop Express


When we think of editing photos, we might immediately think of Photoshop software. The fact is why not – this is a multi-functional photo editing application that includes the function of enlarging the cropped image without significant loss of quality.

Here are some tips on how to enlarge and crop the image and keep the original quality: first make the necessary adjustments and corrections (polish the skin, add a little grain effect, increase brightness, contrast, and so on – Photoshop has all the functions). Then, as the image is cropped, layering some filters – the filters help improve image quality.

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