21 Best Idle Games For Android & iOS

21 Best Idle Games For Android & iOS

Idle games are loved by everyone who likes games on smartphones. Usually, they do not require increased mental work, reflection on strategy, or teamwork. Idle games allow players to relax, because all the action is quite simple – especially that often clicking on the smartphone screen.

Usually, for such actions players get game currency, which in the future can be spent on various purposes – improving character, buying goods, skills, and so on.

The game is presented in various formats and topics, among which you must choose. It should also be noted that the whole process is built in one chart, so it needs to be considered.

The simplicity of idle games is a great way to relax or distract yourself from work in part time, without burdening yourself with extra thoughts.

1. Make More!


Even the title of the game immediately tells you that you have to do as much as possible! Money, goods, workers – no problem, just do more. Make More is a game that simulates factory work.

From the start, you only have one worker, but over time you will hire more people. Of course, each of them first needs to be trained so that they can benefit from production. If you are not satisfied with their work, replace it with a robot and everything will go up.

In Make More, you are the boss, of course, but you have the Big Boss. He will give you assignments at any time, and if you do, you will get a nice gift. By producing each employee and achieving your goals, you can become a real billionaire starting small.

By the way, the factory can be very strange and funny – only you decide what it’s going to be like. You can bet on the production of clowns, medieval farmers, or others.

You should also consider that employee motivation depends on you. There are many different “boosters” in Make More – music, energy drinks, and more.

2. AdVenture Capitalist


Money is the dream of many people. That’s a lot of money. AdVenture Capitalist will give you the opportunity to become a real Tycoon, where all you have to do to get money is play.

However, even in the game, you have to work hard: you will go through everything, sneak in from the bottom and work as a lemonade seller and reach the top. In this game, you build a real kingdom to make money, and you will be the founder.

Besides the fact that you can make money on Earth, AdVenture Capitalist also offers you to make business on the moon or in space – expanding your ownership, becoming richer and richer in every part of the universe.

There are also contests and events that often occur between users, which can give you extra prizes or bonuses. With the money you make, you can increase your prestige, buy additional parts and accessories for your business, and also have fun.

Don’t forget to grow your business – at AdVenture Capitalist you cannot go down, you can only grow.

3. Almost a Hero – RPG


Some idle games have complete stories, as well as several main characters. These are the people the players like and make them reopen games on your smartphone. This is Almost a Hero, where you have to fix a hopeless loser.

Even though they might die in the process due to failure literally behind them. There are 16 such heroes in total, and everyone dreams of becoming an ancient land hero. You will be their teacher and mentor, teaching from the beginning all the basics of martial arts.

Almost a Hero will continue to offer you different tasks, missions, and secrets that will be revealed and applied in practice. Actually, there’s nothing complicated here, because all you have to do is click.

But as the game progresses, new aspects of the character will be revealed to you, and the whole process will become more complicated. Change roles, you will be able to start from the beginning whenever you want.

Remember, that in Almost a Hero the characters don’t even know how to point the sword at the opponent – the work will be difficult.

4. Egg, Inc.


Eggs became very popular in a short amount of time, and you must have seen these strange images. In fact, this game will delight even the players, who are not very good in the idle genre – there is also a calm atmosphere and good design, which can attract attention.

Throughout the game, you don’t just have to click on the screen. Egg regularly makes you change your playing style so you don’t get bored.

So what’s the story and plan? Egg wants you to build an entire chicken kingdom! The joke is that you will actually only build a chicken coop and raise chickens by learning it.

As a result of your long and productive work, you will become a creator of productive poultry farms and technology that will produce eggs as fast as machine gun fire. Try to arrange everything so that your farm will be perfect in no time.

5. Tap Titans 2 – Combat of Heroes


For RPG fans, there are also plenty of mobile games that don’t need to be stressful. Tap Titans 2 is a legendary application that has more than 70 thousand different levels – try to skip it all.

Besides advancing through levels, you can also take part in tournaments and battles where you can show off your skills. In the game, there are different clan systems that fight against giant evil rulers. Each attack on them gives you a bonus and adds a piggy bank.

So you can play with your friends, Tap Titans 2 offers you to conduct raids, receive unique prizes. You can also meet Titan Lords, your enemy.

Of course, with the coins you receive, you can easily improve your skills and strengthen your warriors. This is also done with the help of cards, which you must collect all. Find artifacts on Tap Titans 2, compete with other players, and try to get through all 14 different worlds.

6. Cow Evolution – Crazy Cow Making


Sometimes mutations can provide quite interesting results. Cow Evolution is a game that offers you to make some amazing animals on your own, and watch their development.

You have to combine livestock in different ways, creating more new species. You will be able to expand your domain even further in Evolution of Cows, literally capturing entire planets. In fact, you will stand on entirely new sources of civilization.

The whole process of evolution takes place by adding two individuals – just move one cow to another and you will get an entirely new creature. Every animal that is developed will give you more money.

In total, you can get 5 different creatures that are taller, but you must play a new game each time. The developers make sure that only they, and not animals, suffer during game creation – even animal protectors can calm down and play Cow Evolution!

7. Bit City – Build a pocket sized Tiny Town


Having your own small town in your pocket is a good idea for people who like to watch developments. Bit City is a game simplified by city construction and creation, but you don’t have to watch it all the time, like in other similar games.

This application combines clicker and standard games organically with object development, which offers you to build several famous tourist attractions in the same city – such as the Statue of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower.

To develop Bit City, you need to add several elements – for example, transportation, such as a car or boat. Over time, the city will become so big that you will practically take over space.

The style in which all city buildings are built is a bit similar to the famous Minecraft, but you don’t need to extract all the resources yourself. The appearance of your city and the overall concept of the building you choose, the main thing is to have enough money to buy it.

8. DragonSky : Idle & Merge


Dragons are important characters in fantasy. DragonSky invites you to relax with dragons, creating new and legendary creatures.

Not only will you be able to relax and spend time in the game, but you will also be able to admire beautiful creatures, which previously could only be seen in pictures. DragonSky forms your personal dragon squad, and you can use it to fight bosses and other users.

DragonSky offers you an entire league, where each player has his place, depending on the overall ranking and the number of points accumulated. It is worth mentioning that the game has one disadvantage too.

When your dragons develop, they will automatically merge into new types, so you won’t be able to combine them yourself. But on the contrary, DragonSky is a great and spectacular idle game, where you will be able to play for 10 minutes, and then you will not see how many hours have passed.

9. Sushi Bar Idle


Food is one of the most popular topics for mobile games. We all love delicious food, and have our own preferences. So, if you are a fan of Japanese cuisine and want to get stuck in a simple mobile game, then we offer Sushi Bar Idle.

Here you can open your own restaurant with rolls and sushi, and send it to customers. The entire gameplay is very simple – you control the chef and delivery of food to visitors, constantly pressing the screen and not being distracted.

Idle Sushi Bar allows you to prepare new and truly crazy dishes that can combine strange ingredients. It’s madness that will give you the biggest income and will delight your customers – you only need to cook.

At Sushi Bar Idle, you can change the look of the restaurant where you cook – change the color of the serving tape or change the color scheme completely. Try to become the richest and most famous sushi expert – all must work hard to achieve it.

10. Doomsday Clicker


Do you want to be an evil genius? Or the greatest villain in history? Doomsday Clicker will let you do it and destroy the world – literally. You just press the giant red button and the world disappears or rather something unprotected.

Disasters survivors must come to you – and you know how to make money from them. Doomsday Clicker offers you to be an evil genius and entrepreneur who can make the best use of the apocalypse.

You must build a bunker for everyone who survives or plans to escape. Pressing the screen, you add a bunker, which can only hold a number of people.

Doomsday Clicker offers you not only to destroy the world but also to create something new by increasing the bunker and the number of people in it. In fact, to get income for new buildings, you have to destroy everything around you repeatedly and watch them cruelly. Watch survivors mutate each time.

11. Tap Tycoon


How often do you hear the phrase “making money from empty air”? On Tap Tycoon, you will really get it from the air. All you have to do is click on the sky, and the bill will appear itself.

This investment will give you the right funds to grow your own business, as well as build an entire kingdom in a certain path. Here you will live far in the future, where everyone has the opportunity to earn lots of money and rise to the top of the world.

Tap Tycoon to show you future technology if you can call it that. This can be an anti-gravity fork, a holographic view from a window, and more. Yes, this might sound absurd, but it is very funny and you never know which startup is next.

Mega-dollars that you can be invested in various strong companies, as well as join other players in the competition. The amazing technology that you will encounter will really become a reality in the future.

12. Hooked Inc: Fisher Tycoon


If you think that fishermen are poor and hungry, then you are wrong. Fisher Tycoon is an idle game that invites you to try your hand like a fishing legend and collect all possible treasures.

Of course, you won’t be able to achieve extraordinary results alone – that’s why you need to put together a team that will help you with everything. At Fisher Tycoon, you have to travel on the high seas, get money from fish, and even build your own fishing empire.

To make more money, you need to catch big and exotic people. They are only found in uncharted waters that do not have maps. However, after a race like that, you can improve your boat, and reach the highest level of the cruise ship.

Fisher Tycoon has the largest and rarest fish in the world – only one. This will be your jackpot, but it will take a long time to get enough skills. Money is earned even when you are not around, so you can leave at any time and not lose anything.

13. Game of Evolution: Idle Clicker & Merge Life


We have told you about game selection where you simulate the evolution process. Game Evolution gives you a very simplified history of planet Earth, where you will truly develop all fields of humanity and technology.

You can play the game at lunch break, during a snack, on the way to work, or before going to bed, paying 5-10 minutes. From the start, you might think that everything is too simple and easy – but the complexity is growing exponentially.

Game Evolution will make you click as fast as you can. In the beginning, you all only have the simplest ones that appear automatically from time to time. When you get new cells, elements, and creatures, you will be able to move forward and continue on the evolutionary ladder, but the starting point is always the same.

At some point, the process of evolution will be divided into 3 different branches – science, art, and war. You will promote each one separately, and meet celebrities who are familiar to all – Elon Musk, Marilyn Monroe, and others.

14. Monster Chef


Monsters can also have their dreams – for example, to become the best cooks in the world. At first glance, I would think it is very unusual and strange, but in reality, this is far more complicated.

Monster Chef is a game that offers you to become a member of the Secret Kitchen Society, which explores and tries a variety of unique dishes. They are looking for different places to find … delicious and dangerous creatures. You have to cook all of this, as well as combine normal ingredients for surface occupants.

Every monster that you will play has unique cooking skills and abilities. You can try each to add a new combination to your collection.

It should also be noted that in Monster Chef there are several different maps, which are needed to find materials and resources to collect them.

Be careful, because you are surrounded by monsters for a reason – anything can happen. Anytime.

15. Ulala: Idle Adventure


Anime characters are always popular, and the Ulala game offers you to get to know them. Here you have to pass several missions to reach the main goal and help the main character to find something.

Ulala is a whole country, consisting of several different parts. In each of them you have a special mission that you must complete in time.

Ulala does not have the same level or task. The developer presents a new event every month and exactly 1 month is given to you to complete it. Actually, this is the whole story that you have to finish in a limited amount of time.

All coins received are spent at the magic shop, where you will find themed items and clothes. The subject directly depends on the mission you face in a particular month.

The magic shop owner is always inspired by certain characters or holidays. With the help of mini-games, you can explore all the continents on Ulala and get to know the seasonal heroes.

16. Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon Game


However, idle games are mostly tied to game currency and implies something economical. The Rocket Star game is just such a game, and you have to intelligently allocate resources and coins to create the biggest rocket company.

All your development and expansion depends only on the efforts and opportunities that you put into the construction of the game.

Rocket Star places the center of your smartphone space, which you can play even without an internet connection. All production and expansion can be done at any time – only with hard work can you colonize other plans.

At Rocket Star you need to think of a strategy with which your employees will make new missiles as quickly and as well as possible. By the way, if you want to watch the construction process, you can watch it in 3D mode.

To increase the strength of your company not only needs to automate the process and manage yourself, but also to recruit scientists, which will help you to move to other plans.

17. Dungeon Breaker Heroes


Dungeon Breaker Heroes is an idle adventure game that will appeal to all fans of fantasy and hunting strange creatures. Here you will appear as a hunter, who is constantly waiting for monsters in the dungeon.

You must help them and fulfill the main goal – to find the queen. He was kidnapped by monsters, and to get to the Queen was only possible by killing them all. Cleaning the dungeon is not an easy task, but the hunter will move past it even when you leave the game.

All actions need to be done with just one touch, so Dungeon Breaker Heroes don’t have complicated controls. All players form an overall world ranking – depending on how many battles they have fought and how many monsters they have killed.

To improve your position in the ranking, you can take part in battles with bosses and perform daily tasks that also give you rating points and money. Try to be the best hunter, and also watch nice graphics and funny heroes in the game.

18. Evolution Heroes of Utopia


If you are looking for an interesting game without having to be connected to the Internet, you might be interested in Evolution Heroes of Utopia. This game is a quality clicker where you have to fight with monsters.

If you don’t want to play alone, then with a network connection you can make alliances with friends or other players and jointly overcome obstacles. It should be noted that in Evolution Heroes of Utopia you not only click on the screen, you also increase your level and open up new opportunities.

As you already understand, the control here is very simple. In the game you have to save Utopia, but for this you have to master all kinds of weapons and pass the test. Evolution Heroes of Utopia has 20 main and legendary heroes, who will help you progress.

You will also improve each of them – gain knowledge, buy new weapons or upgrade them. The entire universe of Evolution Heroes of Utopia is thought out and connected to each other, and you have to understand everything. Gather all the main characters together to face the strongest opponent.


Cookie Clickers is one of the first idle games to start many other great games. This game is the easiest and most basic clicker where you can become the king of cookies.

Everyone likes cakes, right? To use it as much as possible, you can buy additional amps and other tools. The main rule in Cookie Clickers is to click as often as possible, because this is how you can reach the top.

You can improve your skills by buying new levels in the shop. The main currency here is cookies. Cookie Clickers has a total ranking of players, but only those who are able to make 1 quadrillion cookies are the best.

The game is truly endless, because you don’t have a specific goal or task to do. You relax and rest while you have just watched baked goods appear on your screen. The main thing is not to run to the kitchen for other cookies, otherwise you will eat all their stock in one game.

20. Penguin Isle


The sound of the waves, the sea, the water … Can you imagine the perfect beach at once? In fact, that’s what penguins see on ice islands every day.

On Penguin Island, you get your own cute penguin to live their own lives. Besides them, there are also other inhabitants of cold land, but the main concern is concentrated on them. Can you improve their lives?

You will create a new penguin playground, as well as add new items to the floating ice. Penguin Island proposes to create a complete population of animals that will interact with each other.

You just need to relax and watch, adding more space to their lives. Isle Penguin also has a soundtrack that will help you calm and relax – the sound of calm waves and melodies. Don’t forget to turn on the sound and you can immediately lie down in a chair.

21. Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon – Workout Simulator Game


There’s nothing better than watching someone else do it. Not all of us like going to the gym. At Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, you can lead the whole fitness empire, and you don’t even need to visit it yourself.

You will start with a small gym without equipment, but after much effort your gym will change. Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon offers you a complete view of the fitness industry and how much money you need to invest in a good room.

Here you cannot stop at one sport, because you must manage your kingdom wisely. Listen to visitor requests and recruit new staff, open pilates or yoga classes, and invite professional athletes.

At Idle Fitness Gym Tycoon, everything is as it is – it all depends on the feedback from visitors. Invest wisely in your business by increasing not only the quality of your simulators, but also from your coach, the region and expanding your service coverage.

In fact, it is simplicity that attracts people to such games. The whole process drags you, and trying to raise your own level and get more game currency, you will try to click on the screen as much as possible.

As in standard games, over time the whole process will become more complicated, and you will need to spend more time improving your skills. We warned you – watch the time!

You can easily exit the game and the process will continue even when you are gone. That’s the beauty of the idle genre – you don’t need to track the process all the time, you just have to enter the game sometimes.

We hope we can help you find the most interesting games with good idle graphics.

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