21 Free Puzzle Game Apps For Android & iOS

21 Free Puzzle Game Apps For Android & iOS

If you want to develop your cognitive and intellectual abilities, then you need to play more puzzle games. You can download it for free on your smartphone, rather than buying board games. Play the puzzle game when you have free time. You will see that your thinking gets better.

Puzzle games for smartphones are also a great opportunity to spend time with friends. Select the two player mode. You will be able to develop your intellectual abilities with friends. These games will keep your brain in good condition. Download them and you will no longer be bored in your free time.



This arcade puzzle game combines mini-golf and air hockey. Your brain will actively work during the game. The application does not have a timer and point. This will allow you to increase your speed and agility. This is a good puzzle application. It has more than 180 levels on normal difficulty. It also has more than 180 challenging levels.

This application has a modern and minimalist design. You will enjoy the effects of movement. You have to control the ball. Try to overcome all obstacles. This application sounds amazing. This application does not take up much space on your smartphone. This is popular. This application has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

2. Roll the Ball® – slide puzzle


This is a modern puzzle application. Test your mind and logic. You have to unlock the lane for the ball. You will be satisfied when the ball rises to the right place. This application will develop your eye coordination. This is a very addictive puzzle game. This application has more than 3 thousand different levels. It doesn’t have a timer. Nobody will hunt you down.

You will receive bonuses and instructions for completing levels faster. The gameplay is very simple. You need to move the tile. You have to make a connecting line for the ball. You can score goals. You can set a record if you get a 3 star rating. This application has several modes including multiplayer.

This application has a good design. The interface is made in the form of a wooden theme. The more levels you pass, the harder the game will be. You can undo your actions if you make a mistake. Download this application and improve your logic. This application has been installed more than 100 million times.

3. Smart Puzzles Collection


This application has a whole collection of puzzle games with good designs. You will find many games in one application. This application takes up less space on your smartphone. This is one of the main advantages of the application. This will work even on weak devices. You don’t need Internet access to use the application.

This application has many modern puzzle games. You will find more than 5 thousand levels with various blocks, shapes and sizes. This game was developed in 2018, so you are waiting for a new game that you haven’t tried yet. This application uses smart brain development technology. You will play and improve your mental skills. All games are divided into 6 levels. Each level is different from the others in complexity.

Play block puzzle. You need to move blocks in various directions to make shapes. Try hex puzzles and you can make hexagons. The symmetry game is very addictive. You will play it for hours. You can take the time and use it well. This application has been installed more than 100 million times.

4. Puzzly Puzzle Game Collection


The most addictive puzzle game collected in this application. Test your logic and mind. Several thousand levels are waiting for you. Try various games. Connect is a game where you have to connect the dots and find the way. Block is a game where you have to make shapes from blocks.

Rolling Ball is the most interesting game. You have to control the ball. Fill the box with bright colors in Tangram. One Line is a game where you have to connect all the dots in one line. If you like Sudoku then this application has more than one hundred different levels. Can you get past them all?

This application has a modern and cute design. Download this application with addictive gameplay. Start playing with simple levels and move to difficult levels. The application has no restrictions for games. You can play anywhere and anytime. You can use instructions to make your game easier. It’s easier to have all your favorite puzzle games in one application.

5. Puzzledom – classic puzzles all in one


This application will allow you to play puzzle games anywhere. It has several games. You download one application and get dozens of different games. Play Escape. You have to move the red block to the exit. Obstacles await you. This game will test your observation skills.

This application has more than 8 thousand levels. The design of each level is individualized and made manually. You will not be bored playing. The game is easy but funny. Without paying attention you can develop your intellectual skills. Some games have a lot of players. You can play with friends and test each other’s thoughts. Rounds and levels are not limited in time.

Enjoy the beautiful sounds from the application. This application will help you spend time quickly when there is nothing you can do. You will spend time well and train your brain. This application has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The developer keeps updating and developing it.

6. Smart Matches ~ Puzzle Games


This puzzle application will help you develop your logic. Your task is very simple. You need to reset a number of matches to change the shape or number. This application has more than a thousand levels. Each level has a bright background. The design of this application is modern and stylish. Download and you will get the famous matchstick game.

You have 3 hints in each round. You are given two or three actions at each level. You are not limited in time. You can slowly think of every action. You can keep your brain active with this classic game. Play this application every day before going to bed and you will see the results in a week!

7. Logic Pic – Picture Cross & Nonogram Puzzle


If you like solving puzzles, this application is just for you. You will be a little smarter every day playing this game. This application has more than one thousand nonogram levels. Difficulty increases with each level. Follow the two steps to start playing. Look at the numbers in rows and columns and use logic to fill blocks with color.

You will find hidden pictures if you finish the task correctly. You can read the tutorial to better understand how to play this game. You will find an unlimited number of rounds. Test your mind and logic. Have fun for hours with this application. If you don’t know what to paint, try using the instructions.

You don’t need Wi-Fi or an Internet connection to use this nonogram game. This application records the speed of solving the puzzle. You can see your statistics and see improvements. The saved mode automatically will let you leave the level that didn’t complete it. You can start from where you left off. This application has been used by more than 1 million people.

8. Puzzle Game


This is a classic block puzzle application. It is suitable for children and adults. You can make your mind sharp. The rules of the game are very simple. You have to pull and release bricks. Make horizontal lines and then the bricks will disappear, and you will get points. This application has many rounds. Each round has a number of points that you must collect.

This application has a bright neon design. Use bonuses for fast completion levels. You have no time limit. This application has 2 modes like classic and survival. This game will help you relax after a long work day. You can turn off the sound and music if it bothers you. This application has been downloaded more than 5 million times.

9. Jigsaw Puzzle


If you like jigsaw puzzles then you need to try this application. This will allow you to collect puzzles every day. Use ready-made puzzles or make your own. Upload photos from the gallery and the application will cut photos into puzzles. You can divide the picture into 1024 puzzles.

You can carry puzzles wherever you go. This application has puzzles in amazing resolutions. More than 20 thousand images waiting for you. New free jigsaw puzzles are waiting for you every day! Developers release new puzzle sets every week. That is always a new puzzle for you.

You can animate your music to make the collection process funnier. You can rotate the pieces to install the puzzle correctly. This application will allow you to work with several puzzles at once. This saves your last action. You can continue at any time. Track your progress on the leaderboard.

10. Puzzle Fuzzle


This puzzle application will allow you to develop your imagination. This will display two images. You must connect it as shown in the instructions and you will get a new picture. You can make your picture. Rotate, zoom in and out of the picture. You will make something unique. You are waiting for more than a thousand levels.

Move the right object to make a new image. It is important to arrange the object section in the right corner. This application has a nice and cute design. This game is suitable for children and adults who want to develop their imagination. Test your brain with this application. It has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

11. Block! Hexa Puzzle™


Test your puzzle skills. This hex puzzle will help you develop your thoughts and imagination. This application has simple game rules. Arrange the blocks to fit. Hexa blocks cannot be rotated. Your task is to collect pieces of blocks to raise the level. Be careful with the blockade. You don’t need to rush anywhere.

Application has no time limit. This application has a simple gameplay. You can easily master the management interface. The developer has created thousands of unique levels. Try to complete everything. You will receive prizes and daily prizes. Complete specific tasks and get instructions.

This is also a good brain test in your pocket. Your brain will be in good shape if you play every day. This application also reduces stress. This application has a bright interface. Rainbow color hex puzzles. They have different forms. Look at the leaderboards to find out your statistics.

12. Magic Jigsaw Puzzles


This application is for adults and children with a large number of puzzles. You are waiting for more than 25 thousand puzzles. If you collect all the puzzles, don’t be disappointed. Developers add new puzzles every day. All picture puzzles have HD quality. Photos are based on National Geographic and Sony Pictures.

Play this application with your entire family. Together you can compile puzzles faster. This will unite your family. This application has a huge online puzzle player community. It has an intuitive and user friendly interface. Choose the level of difficulty before collecting puzzles.

This application has 5 difficulty levels. The biggest number of puzzles in one picture is 630.

You will not be bored by collecting puzzles. This application has excellent music support. It also functions as a means of relaxation before going to sleep. Collect puzzles and all bad thoughts will disappear from you. This application has been installed more than 10 million times.

13. Love Poly – New puzzle game


This is a completely new puzzle display. Try this 3D puzzle application. You need to rotate the image until you get the picture. Choose the right angle. This is a super relaxing application. You will love the colorful interface and design. Application has no time limit. You can play as much as you like.

You will get a crystal image. They will amaze you with beauty. If you can’t solve the 3D puzzle, use the instructions. More than 10 thousand Polis are waiting for you. This application has different background music. You can switch tracks. This application will make you smarter and more creative.

It has been used by more than 10 million people.

14. Puzzle Glow: Brain Puzzle Game Collection


This application has a large collection of puzzle games for every taste. You can take free time or relax. Play this application every day to develop your brain. You are waiting for hundreds of games including those that develop logic, problem solving skills, and recognition.

This is an innovative application with a modern design. It has many games such as mazes, number links, fill lines, Hexa blocks, square blocks, one-touch puzzles, and many others. All your favorite puzzle games are assembled in one application. This is the best way to save your smartphone memory.

15. Puzzle Game: All In One


This application has a collection of classic puzzle games. This is a great time killer. Play One Line. This game will help develop your thinking. You have to connect all the dots. You can start anywhere. Play Block Puzzles. Click on the block to move it.

Try to make horizontal or vertical lines. Remember that blocks cannot be rotated. Play Bubble Shooter. It develops your logic. Find 3 bubbles near each other and click on them. They will explode and you will get points.

One of the most interesting games in this application is 2048. You have to combine the same numbers and get the number 2048. This is very difficult to do. Test your thoughts. This application has one touch gameplay. It has been downloaded more than 100 thousand times.

16. Jigsaw Puzzle World


This is a classic puzzle application. Offers 9 types of levels. You can play puzzles from 9 to 225 pieces. Each puzzle can be rotated. This application supports taking photos in real-time and uploading them to the application. You can make your puzzle. This application keeps a record of the time. You will find out how long you have been playing the puzzle.

This application has a simple design. You will see an area for the puzzle in the center of the screen. The pieces of the puzzle will be on the side of your screen. You can arrange puzzle battles with other users. Win other players and take first place above. This application supports 16 languages. It has been installed more than 10 million times.

17. Kids Puzzles Games FREE


This is a great puzzle application for kids. This will allow children to develop memory. They will learn about new colors and shapes. This application has dozens of images of cars, princesses, fairy tale heroes and many other interesting things. This application is suitable for all children at various stages of intellectual development.

Choose the geography mode and your children will start learning geographical objects playing puzzles.

This application has 4 puzzle modes. Children can play a puzzle of three difficulty levels in Classic Mode. They must shift the pieces in the field in Puzzle Square. Try Circle Puzzle. This is the original mode where children must rotate the puzzle. Incomplete Puzzle Mode is the most difficult mode where the number of actions is limited.

18. Kids’ Puzzles


This puzzle application is one of the most favorite among children. It has a unique hand drawn image. Children will receive new puzzles every day. This application improves the logic and memory of your children. The object of the game is to collect all the puzzles to get the whole picture.

This application has a simple design that can be understood by children aged three to ten years. You will love the background with wooden style. The maximum number of picture puzzles in the picture is 490. Your children can start with 9 simple picture puzzles and gradually increase the number of picture puzzles.

19. Wood Block Puzzle


Download this application and you will be able to test your brain. The rules of this puzzle game are very simple. You must place wooden blocks on the floor and draw horizontal or vertical lines. You will receive points for the blocks you place. You will also get points for horizontal and vertical block blocks. Simply tap on the wooden block to move it.

Easy to control. Hours of fun and brain tests await you. This is a great time killer. The area will be highlighted when you bring the block closer to it. This will help you understand whether the blocks are suitable or not. This will also help you get rid of anxiety. This is a great relaxation application. This application weighs only 11MB.

20. Wood Block Puzzle Game


This is a classic block puzzle game. Everyone knows the rules of this game. You need to make horizontal lines from the blocks to disappear. You will receive points for each horizontal line. Score as many points as possible to be the first on the leaderboard. This is a great way to relax after a busy day.

This application also has a positive effect on the brain. It develops our logic and imagination.

You can save game progress before exiting. When you enter the application again, you will continue the progress where you finished. This application has soft and smooth animations. You will love calm music during the game. The only disadvantage of this application is the number of advertisements.

21. Jigsaw Puzzle Collection HD – puzzles for adults


One of the main problems with desktop puzzle games is that they can get lost. You can resolve this problem by downloading this puzzle application on your smartphone. It has 12 puzzle categories. You can choose the difficulty level and the number of pieces. You can rotate the pieces to make the game more difficult.

Developers add new puzzles every day.

This application has more than 12 thousand HD images for puzzles. You can add your own images and the application will create puzzles for you. The maximum number of puzzle pieces is 420. This application will allow you to solve several puzzle problems at once. The color of the image is very rich and vibrant.

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