5 Of The Best Disney Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Disney Apps For Android & iOS

What’s wrong, my prince and princess? I don’t know a human who has never seen or disliked cartoons, produced by Walt Disney Studio, seriously. We spent our childhood or adolescence, watching nice old animated cartoons. Remember how we walked in the woods with Bambi, danced at a dance party with Cinderella, flew over the city at midnight with Peter Pan and swam in the big water with little mermaid Ariel, fought demons along with Chip and Dale and more and more again.

Twenty years ago we could not imagine that we would be able to watch movies on tablets and smartphones, download and use various applications that make life much easier and bring lots of entertainment and happiness into our lives. Today’s abilities enable us to be with our passionate childhood friends. It’s time to show you or your child the beautiful and curious world of Disney.
We have prepared a collection of 15 of the Best Disney Applications for Android & iOS. Keep using it, there will be lots of fun!

1. Maleficent Free Fall


I hope everyone sees “Maleficent” – an adventure fantasy film directed by Robert Stromberg. It was as perfect as Jolie’s that Angelina played. For those who don’t read Sleeping Beauty or watch it. Maleficent is an evil witch, who makes Aurora sleep forever. But let’s get back to the app review.

Maleficent Free Fall is an interactive game where you have to replace and shift enchanted gemstone boards to make matches of 3 or more as you trigger combat combos and conquer original objectives. Cast Maleficent’s green magic to instantly remove the same color gemstones, summon Diaval to swoop down and rearrange the board, or throw thorn tendrils to clean all rows and columns.

The game starts with you when you are a young Maleficent and a great journey is just waiting for you! Step by step you will be able to explore innumerable stories and more. Diaval – your loyal crow and servant will help you to the end.


2. Frozen: Disney’s Deluxe Storybook


Frozen is one of my newest favorite cartoons produced by Disney. In “Frozen,” optimistic and fearless Anna joins a mountain man named Kristoff and his loyal deer Sven on an epic journey, pushing conditions like Everest, mystical trolls and a funny snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister, Elsa, who cold power has trapped Arendelle’s kingdom in eternal winter.

Developers try to make applications that can be useful and educational as interactive. Oh, I see! Frozen: Disney’s Deluxe Storybook. It costs $ 6.99 but you will get a lot of buying it. The main feature is that this Story Book, like other paid applications, is never lacking in ideas.

As for the other features, of course, this is the ability to read on your own and even to record sound and see both sides of the Frozen story. While reading you face a variety of games, interesting tasks, and puzzles. Also, create and build frozen landscapes and crystal castles with your “ice craft” tool.

Another feature is that some pages are frozen and to read them, you have to put them together. Ice puzzles are a bit more challenging than ordinary picture puzzles, because single pieces of ice can only be placed on the side if they have the correct shape and shape. The picture then slowly revealed one by one. This small clip from the film will definitely satisfy you! Unfortunately, this is designed only for the iPhone and iPad. But for Android Frozen prepare a beautiful puzzle, need to check!


3. Inside Out Thought Bubbles


Inside out is a very funny movie so I can watch it repeatedly. The main idea of ​​this film is the big role of our emotions and memories. I really know that Disney developers will make something based on films. And here it is! Disney Interactive gives you the only bubble shooter.

In this game, you will join Riley’s Emotions on a journey to match, sort and solve memory bubbles, as you travel through unique locations inspired by films – Family Island, Dream Productions, Boy Band Island, Imagination Land, Train Yard. There are more than 500 levels, so you will be busy for quite a long time.

As for its features, you will be able to unlock various characters from the film in order and shoot and match memories, of course. Create a sunburst with Joy, let the rain fall with Sadness, light a fiery path with Anger, reject memories that match Disgust, and scatter orbik balls of preoccupation with Fear. Many adventures, obstacles, such as Brain Freezes, and gifts from Facebook are waiting for you. To receive gifts in the form of free levels, just connect Facebook. In addition, you can stack up against your friends!


4. Disney Channel – Watch Full Episodes, Movies & TV


All films are in one place – on Disney Channel. Sometimes we don’t have time to watch movies at home with children, or they don’t fit our schedule. But they are good friends in matters of entertainment! So, if you are at the SPA or are too busy at work, you only need to download this application, where you will be able to watch full episodes, movies and TV, including his favorite cartoons. Believe me, he will be busy for a very long time by watching TV.

Here are some features and this list is not complete! -FULL EPISODE: Missing the episode Where Perry or Girls meet the World? Catch up wherever, whenever, or watch live TV if you are away from home right in the application. There is only one requirement – Internet access. Apart from watching movies, there are games and trivial things that you can play. Bonuses are music clips, videos and breaks for breaks.


5. Star Wars™: Commander


This game is based on the legendary film series about Star Wars.
Galactic War rages. Where is your loyalty? Will you side with the Rebellion or the Empire? Join the fight, build your base, recruit and train your troops, plan your defenses strategically, and lead your troops to victory in a war-torn world throughout the galaxy.

As for its features, you can choose what side you want to fight whether for Rebellion or Empire, but always train your troops to attack. Another feature is the ability to build units and vehicles with several improvements
This game becomes interesting when you have to complete original stories and vital missions and get extra prizes.

One more thing is that you need to train and improve your heroes, characters, troops, vehicles
TEAM WITH FRIENDS and allies to form the main force


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