5 Of The Best Expense Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Expense Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

Have you ever found that your income disappears at high speed? Do you want to control your expenses? Are you tired of collecting receipts and spending time calculating your monthly expenses?

Cold! There are many expense tracking apps that will do all of this for you. Some just need to add your costs after it’s made. Others allow you to take bill and receipt snapshots. But everything will create an expense report for you every day and month. Most available for Android and iOS.

1. Mint: Budget, Bills, & Finance Tracker


Mint is marked as Editor’s Choice and it’s no wonder why. It makes its quality for years makes all users happy and satisfied. Until now this application has a level of 4.5 and is constantly updated with bug controls. In addition, it is available for the Android and iOS platforms so that no one feels disappointed.

Mint is a little space on your device that is occupied by the smartest applications that perform many useful features such as controlling your expenses. This application helps you to know better how much you spend monthly, daily or weekly and where most of your income sinks.

Many of us try to collect bills and checks in one place, but they get lost or find it difficult to write everything down on paper. While this application can collect everything in one place including bills that are important to pay every month, or monthly credit card payments. You will never forget them again.

Of course, all expenses are categories and statistics are carried out on request. This application interface is very user-friendly. Your budget and analysis will be comprehensively displayed.


2. Live Expenses


Direct expense is a simple application that might not have some features like generate analysis. However, many may feel comfortable because in the end, you have the total amount. And that is far better than counting by yourself. It also has a useful option to increase expenses just by taking a photo of the bill.

This application helps collect and optimize all expenses that you have every day. It also supports personal and professional accounts for business needs. This is very important in both cases. In our daily lives, we do not always control our expenses. Sometimes they exceed our income level and we are forced to use our credit cards. After all, this is a vicious circle. What if there are options to avoid. Plus it won’t cost you anything because this application is free and simplifies your financial management process.

This application offers many accounts but requires some money. Though not much. However, LIve fees are only available for iOS.


3. Budget Watch


Budget Watch is a free and simple application. It’s very practical, comfortable and user friendly. Compared to other applications. Budget Watch isn’t messy, so it doesn’t have many features with extra money.

This application is about the daily expenses that you carry for a month. This includes all expenses that may include unusual birthday gifts or other celebratory expenses. This application is only to help you have a view of your income and profit margins. To choose between writing everything on a notebook or adding digital numbers into the application, I prefer to use a simple application.

This application does not require an internet connection so you can use it anytime and anywhere. It also has a backup feature to store it on your mobile storage. There are options to export reports in various formats. The option to add bills to the application makes it easy for you to control finances.

Unfortunately, this application is only available for Android devices.


4. Spendee


Spendee is a good quality application that is popular among iPhone owners. It was made for control purposes, control of your personal expenses. This application tries to stand out from other applications with various colors the amount of expenditure and income depends on the category.

This application has the standard features needed to track these expenses. First, it keeps all of your money in one place. In addition, with the option to add your bank account, you will have access to it through this application. Spendee is very protected and has an access pin for higher security.

This application is simple. Just add your expenses to track it and check where all your money goes at the end of the month. It has a default reminder for all the most important bills such as electricity gas payments or credit installments.

You can create different budgets, each dedicated to various events such as birthday parties for children.

To synchronize your application with a bank account and to be able to share your digital wallet with your family, you need to buy a premium account.


5. XpenseTracker


Xpense Tracker is the only other iPhone application that is useful for tracking personal or business expenses. It supports different currencies. This feature is very important now because more people are traveling or living in different places in one year. So, tracking your expenses becomes easier for various reasons. One is that there is no need to convert one currency to another to add it to the application.

This application offers various categories and subcategories to have easier control over your expenses. Only the categories and fields that you use will appear in the interface, others can be hidden. Receipts that you continue to collect and store somewhere can now be saved in the application as well as photos added. Just take a photo and get rid of paper receipts.

In addition, the application calculates the mileage. For this you need to press start and go whenever you move from one place to another.

Other useful features include the ability to export or save files, send them to your PC for storage or analysis. The PDF format is supported by applications in many different templates.


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