5 Of The Best Hair Style Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Hair Style Apps For Android & iOS

All humans want to change their hairstyles for different occasions. If you are looking for some apps to change your hairstyle for either a party or a meeting, then you are in the right post. In this post you can easily get the 5 most popular hairstyle apps for Android and iOS devices. You can easily apply different hairstyles to your photo taken from gallery or selfie.

This application helps change your personality and taste in your clothes. You can easily get different hair colors and hairstyles and also haircut ideas using this hairstyle app. This application is for all users even you have long hair, short hair, ponytail or others you can easily apply different styles to your hair.

1. Cute Girls Hairstyles


Cute Girls Hairstyle is a great hairstyle change app for Android and iOS users. In this application you can easily get fishtail braids, french braids, waterfall braids, twists or any other with a slight edge. It has a good interface and easy to use virtual hair style free application.

You can also get the best tips and the latest 10 video tutorials from the cute girl hairstyle app. It allows you to share, tweet, comment on any of the edited videos. It is free for all users and also has a premium package of this application. If you are using the premium plan, you can access some other and special features of this application on your device.


2. Hairstyle Magic


Magic mirror is another popular free hairstyle app that lets you experiment with your hair. You can change your hair style with many different styles and colors and review it online.

It has a simple and clean user interface You can easily use this application on your Android or iOS device. There are many free colors listed in this app to apply to your hair and it also lets you create a custom color for your hair.


3. Hair Salon


Hair salon is a new and crazy app to change your hairstyle. It has six cool live characters with amazing expressions. It has some of the better and incredible tools like grab a scissors and a comb and start creating your master piece. Use this tool for trimming hair in trending and classic styles.

This is a creative family game play application with some great and amazing features. You can easily give the character of your choice a new look. One of the best features of this app is to share the characters you edit with friends and family via social networks.


4. Celebrity Shave


Celebrity Shave is another fun app for beard, shave and cut with several different celebrities on your Android and iOS devices. In this application, you can also get the trending shaving and beard styles.

You can easily use this application to know your event preparation and easily get ready in a shorter timeframe. With the help of this application you can find out how to shave quickly and smoothly so that you look cool and smart.


5. Celebrity Hair Stylist


Celebrity hairdresser is one of the best hairstyle apps where you can get a list of super stars and celebrity hairstyles. In this application you can easily search for the top hairstyle of one of your favorite celebrities on the red carpet. You can try new colors, change shapes and set the latest fashion trends for the season.

Very easy to use app for all girls. It has 3 different characters to transform as Kylie, Alison, and Becky. You can easily use one of them for your hair style. It has millions of color choices to change your hair style and hair color.


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