5 Of The Best Meditation Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Meditation Apps For Android & iOS

Meditation is a technique that helps you deal with stress, depression, loneliness, anger, and so on. There are so many methods for starting meditation that most users cannot find which method works for them. Now the big question of most people is how do I do meditation? When should I do it for better results? And the biggest problem is how long do I meditate? So now you will easily find a solution to all these questions. There are so many meditation apps available for Android and iOS users that provide meditation tips.

Meditation apps will help you easily cope with and relieve stress, anger, depression and more. For that you should visit this article where you will find 5 best meditation apps for Android and iOS devices. All of these apps are available with different features so first you have to find out what the problem is with yours. After that you can simply check the list given below and choose a suitable meditation app from this list and install it on your smartphone. Now you will be able to get meditation tips to do in your own place. You have to do meditation practice in a certain period according to your health condition.

1. Meditation & Relaxation


This is an excellent application that will help you in learning meditation and will allow you to get the best results. This will relax you and increase your level of focus. The quality of your sleep will improve and this will help you live a better life. This app is very effective in reducing stress levels and along with that, it has got a 7 day meditation program for beginners and a 14 day program for the rest with advanced meditation techniques. This will help you in improving your quality of life which is very beneficial.


2. Insight Timer


This app is very well received by people whose meditation is an important part of their life. It has more than a hundred new guided meditation techniques which are updated every day. This app will help you in managing your stress and not only that it will also increase your concentration level, reduce your anxiety and stimulate your happiness. This is a very good and fun application not only for beginners but also experienced people. You will get access to thousands of audio tracks and relaxing sounds that aid in relaxation. From secular concerns to Advaita Vedanta, the apps fall into different meditation categories.


3. Art of Living


The art of living is an excellent application that can give you peace of mind. It has various types of audio, video and also contains eBooks that have received the teachings of ancient Indian wisdom such as the Bhagavad Gita. It has several yoga videos which will help you learn the whole yoga process which is very beneficial for beginners. The unique feature of this app is that you can also cast these videos on the big TV screen. It can be used as a stress reliever app where you will get soulful music that develops a feeling of calm and helps you stay stress-free.


4. Let’s Meditate


This is a very simple application that will guide you through your meditation process and not only that, it will also help you avoid distractions during meditation. It has various types of music stored in it which will help you in various situations like anxiety, sleep, self-healing and many others. You can download the music you like so you can listen to it in offline mode. The biggest benefit is that it doesn’t contain any kind of advertisement in it.


5. The Mindfulness App


This is one of the best meditation apps available on the Google Play Store and App Store. This app has included a five-day program for beginners as an introduction and you will get guided meditations where the sessions will vary from 3 minutes to half an hour. It contains different sounds like bells and nature sounds. What’s more, you can upgrade yourself to the premium version of this app where you’ll find over 250 helpful guided meditations.


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