5 Of The Best Red-eye Removal Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Red-eye Removal Apps For Android & iOS

We often encounter “red-eye” problems in photos. These unpleasant effects can be removed with the help of various software editors. In this article, we will look at various applications for removing red eye.

1. Visage Lab


Visage Lab is a free photo retouch application that can quickly and easily smooth the skin on photos, remove the effects of red eyes, remove pimples and shine from the face and whiten your teeth.

To do this, simply upload a portrait photo from the gallery or take a picture on the camera and after a few seconds, you will see a reshaped photo, which later if desired, you can add a variety of artistic effects (black and white photos), sepia, photographs old, vintage postcards, light processing effects, HDR effects, etc.).

Thanks to an advanced face search algorithm, the retouching process is fully automated. So, the eyes found on the photo are scanned to see the “red eye” effect, and, if detected, the color of the pupil is corrected.

Facial skin is segmented by a distinctive color, and the algorithm smoothes out the unevenness of the skin, eliminating oily glare and glare from the flash.

Please note that in the process of removing skin defects, birthmarks remain untouched. Portraits look much better when the teeth and whites of the eyes are whitened, so the algorithm has a whitening function.

At any time, you can compare the Before and After images from the retouching algorithm. If you like improved results, you can save it in the “Camera Roll” album, publish it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send it via Email directly from the application.


2. Photo Wonder


In second place among applications for removing red-eye is the PhotoWonder application. PhotoWonder – an excellent tool for editing photos, with which all your images will be better.

Apply various effects and filters, use brushes, erase red-eye effects, play flowers, and more. Pictures taken can be processed beautifully in a few clicks.

Photo editors on Android and iOS have various features and most likely. So you can place any filter on the photo and make, for example, images under the black and white past, you can change the color of lipstick and shadow, and also have the opportunity to enlarge the chest.

With the editor functioning very easily, all changes are displayed instantly in photos. Use the most effects in the application simply and quickly, other effects will take you a little longer.

Use various functions and filters and your photos will be perfect. Also in Photo Wonder, there are standard tools for changing images, these crop, flip photos, make collages, use frames, add text to photos, and more.


3. Eye Color Studio


Eye Color Studio is a photo editor aimed specifically at editing people’s eyes in photos. Because this application is highly specialized, the results are far better than in most conventional photo editing applications.

To work with Eye Color Studio, just select a photo on your mobile device. This application automatically recognizes the person’s eyes in a photo but you can also help the program and do it manually for the highest accuracy.

Selecting on the eye photo, you can start working with various effects in this application. There are more than 100 types of eyes with different colors. In addition to changing the color of the pupils, you can even make someone in the picture of a cat’s eye or an alien’s eye.

After completing work on the photo, you can compare the results with the original by clicking just one button. If the results are suitable for you, then you can save your work in the device memory.

Eye Color Studio is an excellent photo editing tool. And while it allows you to only edit your eyes in photos, it does very well.


4. PixIr Express


This application offers an impressive set of tools for processing photos while completely free. As in other cellular editors, you don’t need to take pictures on the camera. If you want, you can simply choose an image from the gallery.

A set of standard functions for main photo processing has not been lost. Users can crop photos, change their orientation in space, adjust image brightness and contrast. Of the special and very good features, you can note the possibility of removing red-eye and teeth whitening.

In addition to standard functions and filters, the Pixlr Express application has a large number of effects, frames and tools that will help give photos an exclusive look.

The resulting image can easily be shared with friends and acquaintances on social networks Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • 600 different effects;
  • easy and simple interface;
  • automatic color balance and lighting;
  • various different frameworks;
  • remove noise, blur, brightness and contrast settings;
  • Selected effect;
  • send photos to friends on social networks.


5. Adobe Photoshop Express


The place of honor among the red-eye removal applications is Adobe Photoshop Express. Adobe has done its best to make Photoshop a household name for graphic editors. The most famous program for working with images is available on Android and iOS free called Adobe Photoshop Express.

However, compared to the PC version, application functionality is significantly reduced:

  1. Crop, rotate, align, and reflect images.
  2. Removal of red eyes and bright spots.
  3. Adjust the sharpness, contrast, highlights, shadows, lighting, shades, and other settings using the slider.
  4. Two dozen effects with the ability to control filter intensity.
  5. More than 15 frames and strokes.
  6. Photoshop Express can work with the RAW format and allows you to quickly place processed photos on social networks.
  7. Automatic image correction.
  8. Integration with Creative Cloud services.
  9. Many filters and tools for editing photos.
  10. Default step-by-step guide.
  11. Quick action cancellation available.
  12. Preview your work.
  13. Create your own filters and effects.
  14. Lets you edit any image format.
  15. Elimination of defects manually or automatically on the image.
  16. Stable software update from the official Adobe Systems website.


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