5 Of The Best Wedding Countdown Apps For Android & iOS

5 Of The Best Wedding Countdown Apps For Android & iOS

When an important event or day comes, we all wait with anticipation. Most of us wait and start the countdown day for an event. Sometimes it’s not easy to continue the countdown without an external device. If you are also facing this situation and want the best wedding countdown trick then you should try wedding countdown app on your smartphone. Wedding countdown app will help you easily manage the remaining days for your wedding. You don’t have to get crazier for your wedding date but that doesn’t mean you forget your wedding date.

Your wedding has to be one of the best days of your life so you have to plan it. With the help of a wedding planner app you can easily organize what to do before marriage. You can easily organize the rest of your wedding day. There is a large collection of wedding countdown apps listed on the app store so it’s not easy to find the best app from them. We worked on this and filtered out the 5 best wedding countdown apps for Android and iOS users. Now you can easily start the wedding countdown with these beautiful themes on your smartphone.

1. The Big Day


The Big Day is one of the best and popular wedding countdown apps for Android and iOS users. This is a universal application that allows couples to easily track the rest of their day until the day of the wedding. It is developed and designed with minimalistic user interface and background themes. Along with this, it has the option to share your personal countdown with friends and family. You can also create your personal wedding itinerary and manage your wedding guests.


2. Countdown


Countdown is a great wedding countdown app developed by Sevenlogics, Inc for Android and iOS users. This is an event reminder and timer app that lets you count down to the next event. You can also use it as a bill reminder application to get updates about bill payments. Using this application you will be able to quickly view your countdown in real-time on your smartphone. It allows you to view the countdown in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even heart rate.


3. Wedding Countdown


Wedding countdown is a great app for Android and iOS users which helps you start countdown for your wedding. It also has the option to use your photo for countdown. Use your own photos or from our rich free photo library, sort and view while counting down. You can also edit photos and use them in this app when starting a wedding countdown. Along with this, it also has the option to personalize the countdown with your favorite love song.


4. Countdown+ Calendar


Countdown + Calendar is another wedding countdown app for Android and iOS users that lets you set countdowns for upcoming events. It is developed by Apps Beyond with purchase and free options with different features. Using this app you will be able to start the countdown to an event, birthday, concert, holiday, any event in your life. Create a countdown timer for an unlimited number of events. One of the best features of this app is that it provides an option to sync your Facebook events to your device and add to your countdown list.


5. Bridebook


Bridebook is a wedding planning app for Android and iOS users. This is your very own personal wedding planner in your pocket. You can easily add your wedding date in this app and count down to it along with lots of latest wedding tips. With a personalized wedding budget planner, you will be able to easily break down wedding expenses and track your expenses. You can easily find out how much you have spent on wedding venues, cakes, clothes and more.


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