6 Best Fun Fake Celebrity Call Apps For Android & iOS

6 Best Fun Fake Celebrity Call Apps For Android & iOS

Do you like to play with your friends? Sometimes jokes and jokes get so mundane that you can’t even think of anything new. The fun stops and you get sad with no new ideas or ways to have fun. In that case, we can recommend fake call apps or 6 Best Apps to Fake Instagram Direct Message for Android & iOS!

Fake phone simulator apps are very popular. They are mostly used for escaping bad dates, leaving meetings, or leaving the office for your business. After all, if someone calls you, that’s a pretty good reason.

But if a celebrity calls you, the whole call becomes a joke. You can show friends or acquaintances how cool you are and that you communicate with their idol. If you like the idea then we are ready to introduce 7 Fun Fake Celebrity Call Apps for Android & iOS.

1. Fake Call Plus-Prank Call App


Fake Call Plus is a popular imitation of an incoming call application where you can fake any call. The developer recommends using it during bad dates, awkward situations, or jokes. In fact, you can try all these goals just by being in the company of a friend.

You can fake a call from your favorite celebrity, boss, or your mutual friend. To make calls look as real as possible, you can upload your melody to Fake Call Plus and it will sound like a ringtone.

You can set a specific time for incoming calls, or you can start it with one click. You can also select the image of the caller who is calling you from the smartphone gallery. Fake Call Plus is truly realistic and simulates the actual call.


2. Fake Call 2 – Prank Friend


If you need to simulate an actual incoming call, you can use the Fake Call 2 application. Its design is similar to certain Android versions, as well as incoming calls to WhatsApp. You can simulate a call in just a minute, determine who is calling you and set customer photos.

Calls can be made on schedule or immediately. For immediate activation, you must press the “Start” button on the screen. On top of that, Fake Call 2 has a feature that makes the call as realistic as possible – you choose the voice of the person you like to talk to.

So, everyone around you will surely believe that you are talking to a real celebrity – especially if you put up a picture beforehand when calling. It’s worth noting that Fake Call 2 even flashes on your smartphone when calling!


3. Who’s Calling Fake Caller Prank Phone Call


In Who’s Calling you have a whole set of characters that you can “talk to”. Each of them has a pre-recorded text which you will hear when you pick up the phone.

You can also define what the other person will say – for example, you can upload your own audio file of a pre-recorded phrase.

Your friends will be fooled when a celebrity calls you. By the way, on Who’s Calling you can talk to Barack Obama, Donald Trump and other popular people. Every customer who “calls you” will imitate the actual conversation so that no one hesitates.

Depending on your smartphone, you will be able to set one of the 9 proposed call screens to make everything look realistic. In the same way, you can select and incoming call ringtones.


4. Fake call, prank call style OS


Fake calls allow you to quickly get out of unwanted meetings or pretend to be busy when you really need them. Being in the company of your friends, you don’t want to run away – so you can play with them.

Your favorite celebrity will call you (or maybe it will become the idol of your friend or girlfriend?). Impress others, then reveal your plot – this will make a good joke.

What if you get a call from your mom’s idol? Imagine how surprised he will be. You can upload the caller image to Fake call from your smartphone memory and import the audio as ringtone.

The call will be activated as a standard timer – on hold or by pressing a button. You can change all parameters – photo, subscriber name, ringtone, etc.


5. Fake Call Number


Fake Call Number is another app made for prank and fun. This service allows you to simulate a call from your boyfriend, boss, celebrity, or even your friend who is standing next to you.

All you have to do is adjust the call settings so that everything looks realistic. The call will come as soon as you do – you just need to press a button.

In order for you to prank your friends, you have to enter the name or phone number of the customer “making the call.” This person can talk to you with an audio clip that you upload to a Fake Call Number.

For fun later, you can record this conversation and send it to your friends – imagine their surprise because you even have proof of the conversation.


6. Bts video call – Fake facetime blackpink and bts


Sometimes it’s not enough just to show your friends the name and picture of the customer – not everyone will believe the call is real.

The Bts video calling app from WokeApps allows true fans to simulate video chat with BTS and BLACKPINK. The two bands are now so popular all over the world that it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of them.

With Bts video calls, you can take screenshots of your “conversations” with band members to share them on social networks or send them directly to friends. You can add any idol to your favorite contact list to make it even cooler in the eyes of others.

You can also make a group fake call by seeing everyone in the group immediately. Add more Korean celebrities with just a few clicks to expand your selection.


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