6 Free Online Chat Games For Android & iOS

6 Free Online Chat Games For Android & iOS

Are you bored with regular online conversations with couriers? There are ways to improve this process!

There are many online chat games for Android and iOS that empower you to interact with other players and make new friends. The game themes are all different – from those related to fashion and dancing to science fiction and matchmaking. But one thing they all have is they can help you socialize and make new connections with players around the world.


Let’s start with an application called Lady Popular: Fashion Arena. This is an online social game that empowers players to express their unique fashion style and communicate with each other.

This is mostly a game for girls and has cool graphics and extensive customization options. This game gives you the ability to produce your own model and lead it in the fashion world. Thus, you start with several choices of clothes and hairstyles, but they will be able to open more while playing. The game includes many mini-games that you can enter to get more points and buy new clothes for your avatar.

In bargaining, you can establish relationships with other players and even make you a pet. Plus, you can change every little detail of your character – from skins to small accessories that can match his style. Aside from dressing up, you can truly simulate the way of life you want – from building your dream apartment to work and love life. And all of these aspects can be adjusted so that you can decorate your apartment according to your preferences.

Apart from that, this is a multiplayer game so that there are real people under the surrounding avatar. You can build connections and compare your mode skills with other avatars and socialize with players in the default chat. You can even join mini-games in chat to interact with users. There is also a group chat room. This game gets weekly updates so you won’t get bored with it that fast.

In short, if you want a combination of game modes, sims, and also the ability to interact with players around the world, try the Lady Popular game.

2. Plato – Games & Group Chats


The second game is called Plato – Games & Group Chats and this is an application that includes many group games that you can join with other users.

For now, this application includes more than thirty groups of mini-games that you can play with other people and the number continues to grow. Needless to say, everyone can find a game that suits his passion – from seabed battles and poker to mini-golf, soccer, and werewolf games. All games require a different number of players and you can play with a group of friends or find new people.

Some games even empower you to play with up to one hundred people. You can enter whatever game you see on the main page and if you are a good player, you can be included in the list of leaders. This application also has everything so you don’t need to worry about your privacy. Thus, you do not need your telephone number or email when registering.

Additionally, your one-on-one dialog is not stored on the application server after sending. This application also has a matchmaking system that you can use to get to know your personality according to your worries. Chat in this application has many features and emoji related to the game that you can use. There are millions of people who use this application every day so making new friends won’t be difficult.

Overall, if you enjoy playing group mini-games and want to meet new people, the Plato app is your cup of tea.

3. Habbo – Virtual World


Habbo – Virtual World is an application that allows you to enjoy the game and meet new people.

This game is partly MMO but not entirely. There is a big world in the application that you can visit and socialize with other players. Plus, when creating an avatar you can modify every little detail about it. Starting from the skin and hair to fashion styles and so on. When you’re done with your character, you can start playing by simulating a way of life.

Thus, you can find a place to live, work, and even get a pet. You can also go to public places and interact with other players. You can build connections, make friends, and maybe find the love of your life there. There are regular life events and challenges that occur in the gaming community that you can take part in. In addition, you can join several social groups such as doctors or the mafia.

When moving forward in the game, you will get points and some things that you can trade if you want. There is build-n chat in the game so you can interact more with users without leaving the game. This application is free but you can do sub packages for some additional instruments. In addition, this application has an old-school graphic that and all of its characters are very similar to lego figures.

In short, if you like the aesthetic pixelized game and want to make new acquaintances, be sure to try the Habbo game.


4. Roblox


Roblox is another social game that allows you to meet new contacts while playing.

This game has its own virtual universe. You can explore and be whoever you want to be. Apart from the game of siblings, this one doesn’t limit you to just one virtual world. This application has many worlds created by large communities. And the number of the world continues to grow, so you will not be bored with the game. There are millions of players who play the game every day and you can talk to whoever you want. Plus, this game is cross platform, you can play it on a variety of devices.

This game gives you the ability to create virtual avatars and change their appearance. There is a large virtual wardrobe for accessories and clothing that you can try and get regular updates. Furthermore, you can travel around the world, take part in requests and events, and even start your own. In addition, there are various mini-games that you can license in the game and some of them are made by users.

The game also includes a game maker so you can make your own. In the same way, the application has an internal chat that you can use for group dialogues and conversations. There are also user guilds with matching interests that you can follow. The game has 3D graphics and easy navigation so you will quickly enter the game process.

In conclusion, if you want a multi-world game with built-in chat, try the Roblox game.

5. IMVU: 3D Social Media, Avatar, Chat, Party, Friend


IMVU: 3D Social Media, Avatars, Chat, Party, Friends is a game that socializes you and helps you meet new acquaintances.

This gives you to make a 3D reflection of yourself as an avatar and then go to the open world to socialize. The avatar creation instrument has many customization options and you can adjust every little detail for an application that suits your preferences. Not all clothing items are available when you start playing, but you can get coins and spend them on new clothes and all that.

There are millions of users in the game and there are real people under each of them. The graphics and animations in the game are beautiful and the characters look like bombs. Plus, this game empowers you to choose the place you will live in and decorate it as you wish. Then, you can visit public places and converse with the people there.

With that, the application has built-in chat so you can talk to people without leaving the game. You can also enter various chat rooms for players with similar interests. This game gives you the opportunity to establish relationships and even bring pets if you want. You can even get married in the game and then get divorced.

To top it all off, if you want to make a visual reflection about yourself to live and connect with people in a virtual city, try the IMVU application.

6. Fortnite


Fortnite is a game that you might have heard of. This is a multiplayer game that empowers you to fight and socialize with new people so far.

Your main goal in this game is to be the last in the fight and you can use all your creativity to make it happen. This application is the same game that you have ever seen on PS and PC, only the cellular version. It has all the same maps, the same charts, and the same updates that occur every week. This application empowers you to build a fortress under your command and fight your enemies with the help of your partner.

You can communicate with the players you want and there is a default chat for that. Plus, you can enter various associations and visit the Creative hub to see new islands coming out almost every day. You can get coins for successful battles and gather tradable resources later. There are lots of weapons in the game but you will only unlock pleasant ones as you move forward in the game.

In short, if you enjoy building battle tactics and want to find new friends, try the game Fortnite.

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