6 Of The Best Girl Game Apps For Android & iOS

6 Of The Best Girl Game Apps For Android & iOS

If you are a girl and looking for the best games to play online or offline on your Android or iOS device then you are at the right place. Here in this article we list the 6 best girl game apps which can be easily used on Android or iOS devices. You will be able to easily spend your time with this amazing game with your friends or alone. By using this game you can easily learn new things such as cooking, painting, modeling, sense dreshup and others.

There is a large collection of girl games available on the playstore and iTunes. It is not easy to know their kindness to ordinary users. With this in mind, we worked on it and filtered out the 10 best girl game apps for Android and iOS users. This app allows you to easily learn new things on your smartphone without the help of any tutor. Some of the apps from this list may have purchase options for advanced features, but you can also use the free version. You must enjoy these games with friends, family and others with online and offline mode options.

1. Cheerleader Champion


Cheerleader Champion is a gymnastics, dance & coco games app for girls. This is the perfect girl games app developed by Hugs N Hearts for Android and iOS users. Using this application you will have fun at the most amazing parties. You can take a bath and spa to relax your mind and body, wearing royal hairstyles, makeup and dresses. It’s an easy control app so you can dress up your princess and give her a stunning head-to-toe look. There is a huge collection of fabulous dresses, fancy dresses, cute tops and skirts, beautiful diamond tiaras and accessories, fancy bags and shoes.


2. Supermarket Grocery Store Girl


Grocery Store Girl Supermarket is a great girl games app developed by Beansprites LLC for Android and iOS users. This is an offline gaming app so you can use it as a game without WiFi and play without an internet connection. This is a sweet shop shopping fun game with purchase options and it’s free. Now you have the option of owning a supermarket with multiple products. You have to help your customers find the food, clothing, or anything else they want. One of the best features of this app is that it provides the option to weigh, scan and pack groceries in eco-friendly bags.


3. Fitness Girl


Fitness Girl is a studio trainer app developed by Coco Play for Android and iOS users. This is a perfect girl games app which can also be used as a dancing app and a gym app to learn dance and fitness steps. You can also use it as a wellness coach app and open your own studio. Along with this, it also lets you make delicious and healthy meals as well as mouthwatering shakes in hip shake bars. You can also wear cute sporty outfits and post sports selfie photos to your fit feed.


4. Paris Girls


Paris Girls is another popular girl games app for Android and iOS users with lots of new and unique features to use. This is the perfect dress up and fashion app for girls. You can use it as a two player game application and play it with your friends. Using this application you will be able to start shopping in Paris to find the most fashionable clothes. Before playing this game you have to choose the eye color of the girls. There are many other features like hairstyles, eyeliner, lip gloss and many other things that women can use.


5. Unicorn Dress Up


Unicorn Dress Up is a great girl games app developed for both Android and iOS female users. It is available with free options and an app to buy with different features to use. If you are a pet lover and want to have a pet, use this app to get a virtual pet app. Using this application you can also name your pet character. You can also talk to Tommy and he will repeat everything you say. Along with this, it also allows you to play different music or play mini games with him, and he will stay in a good mood.


6. My Baby


My Baby is another popular girl games app which allows baby girl babsy on your Android and iOS devices. It provides the option to meet the talking baby babsy in her bedroom. Talk to him and he will repeat everything you say and respond to your touch. You can also take photos of all your babies using the 3D camera app and share them with everyone. Along with this it can also be used as a future baby generator application to get your future baby predictions.


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