6 The Best Distance Measuring Apps For Android & iOS

6 The Best Distance Measuring Apps For Android & iOS

Today we all have smartphones with lots of features. This smartphone is able to replace many useful things in life. You can use your smartphone for different purposes like using it to get GPS location, 3D camera, flashlight or others. It only takes a few moments and finger movements to complete any task. This way if you want to measure the distance between two locations you must have a measuring tape. There are many distance measuring apps which help you to easily measure the distance between two points.

In this article we will tell you how to use your smartphone as a distance measuring app. There is a large collection of distance measuring apps for Android and iOS users. This app helps you to easily measure the distance between two points on the map. All apps work in different ways so you should read the app details from this list. Using this measuring app, you can easily measure distance, height and much more for free. Now you don’t need to carry an external measuring tape. This distance measuring app uses AR, GPS, motion sensor and measuring laser to get distance between two places. Check out the best 15 distance measuring apps for Android and iOS users.

1. Mapulator


Mapulator is one of the best distance measuring apps developed by LogiSian for Android and iOS users. This is a popular map area & distance calculator app which provides options to calculate land area or city etc. This is a very useful application for civil engineering work with high performance and accurate measurement options. You can use pin, circle or picture options to measure distance on your device. It provides 100% accurate measurements with stroke and fill color options. Along with this you can also search for a location using an address or zip code or city and start drawing straight away.


2. Measure Map


Measure Map is another popular distance measuring app for Android and iOS users. It is available with purchase and free options with different features to use. You can easily select your needs and use this application to measure distances. It comes with a unique feature that lets you measure various distances, borders and areas with laser sharp precision. You can also use it as a calculator app to calculate the surface area, buildings, plots, floors, area or dimensions of the forest.


3. EasyMeasure


EasyMeasure is another remote measuring app for Android and iOS users. It’s an environment to create virtual representations of the real world. You simply point the 3D camera app at the object you want to measure and start measuring in real-time augmented reality. It helps you to measure camera length, width, height and distance to object. One of the best features of this app is that it provides the option to take a photo of your measurements and share them with friends. Along with this, you can also save measurements in the album for interactive review.


4. Measure Tools


Measure Tools is an AR ruler app developed by Craftars for Android and iOS users. It’s free and easy to use space measurement app to measure things quickly. This is the perfect measurement app for architects, engineers, carpenters, construction workers. You can use it as a great distance measuring app for measuring projects around the home and office. It comes with augmented reality capabilities so you can measure any dimension you can think of. Using this application you can also measure the distance between two unique points detected in outer space.


5. Moasure


Moasure is a smart distance measuring application developed by 3D Technologies for Android and iOS users. This is a free, convenient and easy-to-use application that allows you to move your phone to measure. This is a 300m / 1000 foot tape measure, ruler, protractor and goniometer. You just need to move your phone from one point to another. It displays the distance or height difference between two points, or the angle between them. It comes with five different measurement modes for measuring objects, space, height difference, and angle.


6. GPS Fields Area Measure


GPS field area measurement is great app for measuring distance, perimeter or area. This is a location based application for Android and iOS users so you need to enable your GPS location. You can also use a fake GPS app on your smartphone to change your current location. This is a free application that allows you to evaluate fields as needed. You can easily measure the distance, perimeter or area and share it instantly with your colleagues. It can be used online or offline so use the app whenever you need, mark your points of interest.


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