7 Best Free Contact Manager Apps For Android & iOS

7 Best Free Contact Manager Apps For Android & iOS

As the number of saved contacts increases on your mobile it becomes quite difficult to manage them. Our device’s regular contact manager is less capable of managing the clutter of our contact list. So here we are bringing you the Best Android / iPhone 2020 Contacts manager app which will help you organize your contacts, remove duplicate contacts and will keep your phonebook clean.

1. Contacts, Caller ID, and Phone dialer: Drupe


Drupe Contact Manager is the best contact manager app for Android / iPhone 2020 and it comes with Dialer, caller ID, SMS, spam book, backup all in the same place. This app supports multiple languages and also has a built-in call recorder. This app allows you to block spammers and also has a caller id feature to track anyone. It will allow you to add animated GIFs to your outgoing calls and will also organize your phonebook. Try this amazing contact manager now!

2. Contact + by Contacts Plus team


This app is Best Contact Manager app for Android 2020 and contact + app comes with Dialer, caller ID, SMS, spam book, backup along with phonebook. It is the world’s leading contact manager application and has been used by more than 10 million users. This contact manager app allows you to keep in touch with your friends and also allows you to block spammers. Along with blocking spammers, this app also allows you to protect your contact list. This application will give you true protection to your contact list with integrated backup service for your contacts, call logs and SMS. SO if you lose your phone or change your phone this app will keep your contacts safe. This application is personal and can be personalized and comes with more than 80 themes and also unlimited wallpapers. This app also features speed dials and quick dialer search and more.

3. Sync.Me- Know Who’s Calling


This is another best contact manager app for iPhone 2020. It will keep your contacts updated by pulling information from various social networking sites. This app will also serve as best caller ID by identifying unknown callers and keeping you safe from spammers.

4. FullContact | Address book


It is also a good contact manager app and will help you in removing duplicate contacts and keeping your phonebook clean. This app can also scan business cards and save contacts and it will also manage your contacts. It will keep your contacts updated by pulling information from various social networking sites.

5. Contacts by Google LLC


The contacts app is also a great contact manager app and also has a Dailer feature, Caller ID, SMS, spam book along with the most important backup features. This app allows you to back up your contacts and also lets you access them anywhere. This app will back up all your contacts in your Google account safely to the cloud and will allow you to access your account anywhere. This app will also keep your contacts organized and up to date. This app allows you to easily add or edit your contact information like email, phone number and photo and it will also suggest you to add new contacts or to clean up duplicates and much more.

6. True Phone Dialer and contacts


This app is Best T9 dialer and is a very powerful contact manager which comes with dual sim support. This app comes in smart latest call group and also supports multiple languages. This app features clean and comfortable navigation and has a modern, personalized design. This allows users to view and edit their contact lists and allows them to easily create new contacts. This will keep their contacts regular and also help them easily contact their friends on social sites. It can easily import and export its user’s contacts from one place to another and also create contact groups.

7. Contacts, dialer, phone and call block by Simpler


This contact manager will block spam calls and will do dialer task, and will merge duplicates. This app will also help you to keep your contacts clean and will also create backups. This app is also a fast T9 dialer and will quickly search for contacts by name and number. The app is customizable and includes more than 40 beautiful themes.

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