7 Free Apps For Watching Videos With Friends Online (Android & iOS)

7 Free Apps For Watching Videos With Friends Online (Android & iOS)

Online friendship is a fairly common fact. People communicate and make friends even when they live on different sides of the continent or in different countries.

In fact, you can even build relationships from afar, and modern technology will only help you do that. Friends and lovers can use different services for communication and other ways of communication. There is a special application that lets you watch videos with friends online in real time.

When you recommend a movie to your friends, you want them to watch it with certainty. If you are interested in the film itself, we think it would be a good idea to watch it together.

Distance won’t be an obstacle for you – after all, you can find solutions on the Internet for every opportunity. Same is the case with films and videos. Despite being thousands of kilometers from each other, you can laugh at comedy together or enjoy action films.

Organize movie nights together using the Internet, and we have found 13 applications that will simplify the process.

1. Rave – Videos with Friends


Every watch will be much more fun if you watch videos with friends. Rave is specifically designed for people who like to comment and react to what is happening in the show, as well as share jokes while watching.

Rave allows you to synchronize everything you watch with friends – at home and even in a completely different city. The latest shows and series, films and even music – all available on Rave.

This application is great for sharing with others through third party services. If you use a browser, the broadcast may experience some interference when the site is overloaded.

For big movie nights, you can upload your own videos to Dropbox or other cloud storage. If you launch a video to the broadcast, all call participants will start watching it simultaneously. Chat or talk with friends on Rave while you watch it and get real emotions even when online.


2. Kast – Watch Together


Active Internet users often watch other people’s broadcasts. At Kast, you can enjoy live broadcasts of games, socializing, and more, but also organize your own party with friends.

You might not always have the chance to visit each other or visit the country where your internet friends live. Kast will help you meet each other in an almost real atmosphere and have fun together.

At Kast, you can also have fun watching broadcasts of other popular people. Unfortunately, this application isn’t very popular, so you won’t always be able to find interesting content for yourself.

However, if you want to chat with friends and watch something together, you can start the broadcast yourself. Share recordings from your camera, sound from your microphone, and what’s happening on your screen.

Friends will see exactly what you are doing and watching. If you start the show, you can discuss everything that happens on your screen online.


3. Airtime: Group Facetime + YouTube


People who like to communicate while watching videos suffer because they cannot meet friends. We used to discuss things on the screen only when the company was in the same room and saw the same screen.

Airtime brings people together when watching shows and films, and simulates your personal meeting. Your evening will be much more fun and entertaining if you can spend it with friends.

With Airtime, you create a private space where you can meet with friends. This application allows you to run YouTube videos, shows and videos on all your devices simultaneously. All content plays the same rhythm as everyone else in the meeting.

By the way, you can have up to 10 people in one room at a time. With the help of video chat, you will see the real reaction of your friends on the screen. You can add stickers, masks, or animation elements to your videos for a more pleasant effect.


4. Hearo.Live: Talk and Watch Videos Together


Hearo.Live is an application designed to communicate literally side by side with your friends and fans. The communication process takes place while watching shared videos – and voice chat allows you to do it in real time.

One tap on the screen gives you access to large video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Mixer, and others. If you don’t have the chance to speak at the most interesting time, you can react with a smile – and they will appear on the screen of all participants.

Rooms created for viewing can be private and public. You invite friends to your private room, and anyone can join a public space. The video is displayed full screen, so you don’t need to be disturbed by other applications or messages.

Volume and other performance from Listen. Live video in a private room can be controlled by all participants in the meeting. Set your own cinema or space directly in the application on your smartphone.


5. Bunch: Group Video Chat & Party Games


Most often, gamers use video or screen demonstrations. During the game, people are interested in watching what other players do or what they do while playing.

Bunch was originally intended for the gaming community, but later it developed and now you can really organize a party. You can play with friends, watch videos, and chat or voice chat.

Even physical separation will not stop you from having fun as a group. You will see exactly what your friends are doing or seeing. The game is connected to the application, but will not require other users to install it.

At your online party, you will be able to share movies, play Bunch of Billiards, draw on one virtual board, and more.

New entertainment is constantly being added to Bunch, so your meetings won’t stop being interesting. Feel like being at a house party or staying together!


6. ZOOM Cloud Meetings


ZOOM is one of the most popular video communication platforms today. The reason for this popularity is that you will be able to meet a large number of people online with exceptional video quality.

You can communicate face to face as well as through screen sharing and watching videos together. While watching, you can talk to each other and discuss what is happening on your screen.

In addition to friendly meetings, ZOOM allows you to arrange business negotiations and even entire online conferences. Even though people are accustomed to holding online meetings via computers, even if you use a smartphone, video quality will not be affected at ZOOM.

You can easily add the person you’re talking to right during the conversation and send text or video information to the whole group. Each participant will be able to watch any video for free, and start, pause or change the playback process themselves.


7. Squad: video chat + screen sharing


How often do you want to show your friends something on your smartphone screen? This can be a short video, a picture, or even a moment from a film. If your distance from each other, you can … share your screen!

If you have the Troops application installed on your smartphone, you will not have this problem again. Share anything with your friends so you can enjoy watching together and laughing.

Squad is where you make space (maximum capacity of 9 people) and invite your friends. After everyone enters, you can start broadcasting the screen and start watching movies or TV shows as a group.

By the way, the broadcast can be started by one of the participants – even if he is not the organizer of the room. It is also possible to display several screens simultaneously.

Squad allows you to watch videos, photos, Instagram and other social networks. When you video chat, you will feel like everyone is in the same room in real life.


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