7 Of The Best Random Training Generator Apps For Android & iOS

7 Of The Best Random Training Generator Apps For Android & iOS

The development of modern smartphones qualitatively influenced improvements in everyday life. Active sports are no exception. Various applications act not only as a reminder of time but can also replace personal trainers.

This is especially true for users who decide to practice at home. The application clearly prescribes the intricacies of each exercise. They contain optimal implementation rules, as well as individual recommendations.

This list of random training generator apps will help you choose the best personal training application. With this application, your practice will be varied and interesting.

1. Exerprise – Workout Generator


In the Exerprise – Workout Generator application, you will find eight free programs for people with various levels of training.

Types of training available:

  • classes for home and gym
  • cardio training
  • plan for growth and muscle strength
  • practice with expander and fitness ball
  • circular training
  • a program for those who first come to the gym.

All of this is free. You only need to register to see the program in your account.

Before you start training, this application will help you make the right schedule and take the burden. You mark your level of fitness. Also, state how many days in a week you plan to do other parameters. The completed training package is uploaded to your calendar.

In the program itself, you are offered two options for training. You can choose: only do one thing, do both, or change them from training to training.

By clicking on any exercise, you will see a tablet with functioning muscles, rules of execution, and photos. If this is not enough, you can copy the title and watch videos on YouTube.

The Exerprise – Workout Generator application also has your training diary. Use the opportunity to save posts about your class and add photos.

And for those who like to grow in the company of people, there are opportunities to create their own groups. This can be useful for motivation. Invite your friends to exercise together.


2. Random Workout Generator


In the Random Workout Generator application, you will find many programs for any purpose and level of training. They are categorized as follows:

  • for weight loss
  • muscle formation
  • increase strength and so on

Application description Random Exercise Generator shows purpose, equipment, order and level. If the program is right for you, you can save it on your profile.

In any exercise, there is a link to the description page and video that shows the exercise. If there is no link, just copy the name on YouTube and watch the video with this technique.

In addition, there is a healthy diet plan to supplement exercise with proper nutrition.

Here you will find more than 600 exercise plans. On the left, there are filters based on gender, level, goals, number of classes per week.

In the Random Workout Generator application, you will see the target muscle and the quality of the workout. See a list of exercises with videos, number of sets and reps, and rest periods between sets.

Below is a ready-made food package with a variety of healthy food choices and snacks. This is not just a tip, but a detailed plan with ten choices for a particular dish.

Also in the Random Workout Generator application, you can use a calendar to plan activities. You can keep a diary to maintain a regular diet.


3. SmartWOD Workout Generator


Workout Generator SmartWOD Workout Generator will help you create training programs for every day.

In filters, you can specify categories, inventory, and difficulty levels. As a result, you will get a list of exercises that match the description.

If you don’t care what to do, there is a random exercise generator. Just click, and the training completed for today is in front of you.

The SmartWOD Workout Generator application has a large list of exercises with videos. You can search by name, apply filters based on muscle and equipment, add favorites.

If you don’t find the workout you want, you can add your own workout.

In this application, it is very convenient to write your program. Declare the day, add training, edit the number of approaches and repetitions, set a time to rest.

Already practiced, you can change the weight and number of repetitions. Complete the approach and turn on the other timer with a countdown.

The completed exercise is displayed on the calendar. So you can watch your progress.

You can also save a diary in the SmartWOD Workout Generator application. Here you can enter body parameters and nutrition schedule. You can add photos to the diary so that progress is clearer. If you work with a trainer, then you can send this diary by email.


4. Workout Creator


The Workout Creator application is a training generator and personal diary with great functionality.

This allows you to keep a training diary, track your progress, take time off. Also, this application contains a large number of training programs.

Each exercise is accompanied by an explanation with an execution animation.

The main screen of the Workout Creator application contains 4 icons:

  • training program
  • practice
  • diary
  • exercise statistics

Below is a small setting and synchronizing icon with your account.

The training program is scheduled for days of the week. To start the exercise, you just need to click on it. Here you can find a large number of different programs for all training levels and objectives.

The training interface looks perfect. Animation exercises, fields for entering weights and number of repetitions. There is also a timer, which counts the time between sets and marks the end of the break.

If you don’t remember the training technique, you can watch it. Execution animations in the training catalog are also available. The catalog itself is divided into several muscle groups and is equipped with a search. Because the number of exercises in it exceeds a few hundred.

The Exercise Creator application contains the most important functions. Unit of measurement, time off for a timer, as well as turning on and off the sound and vibration.


5. Sworkit Fitness & Workout


The Sworkit Fitness & Workout application helps you stay in shape when you don’t have the time or place to do this.

If you want to organize your body, you will definitely like this application. For classes do not need additional equipment. So, you can practice with him wherever and whenever you want.

The Sworkit Fitness & Workout application contains more than 100 different sets of exercises. One training session takes 7 to 20 minutes.

But in fact, you yourself can adjust the duration of the exercise. If you want you can do more sets. This application allows you to save your favorite complexes and repeat them.

This application includes strength training and cardio, specifically running. But because it doesn’t exist in all complexes, you can skip it if there are no suitable conditions for jogging.

To start training, click Start under the selected set of exercises. Then start the stopwatch and continue. If you need to interrupt while doing the exercises, the stopwatch can be paused.

Share your sports achievements. The Sworkit Fitness & Workout application lets you do this on social networks and instant messaging.

Each exercise in the application has video instructions that show how to do one or the other exercise. To see it, click on the exercise name.

The Sworkit Fitness & Workout application has a user profile where you can see your training history.


6. FitnessBuilder


Recently, Crossfit training, combining strength and aerobic training, has been popular. If you don’t want to waste time looking for such training, the Fitness Builder application will be a good solution.

In this application, you will find a large catalog of various exercises. You can also create your own complex, which will be displayed in the “My Exercises” section.

If you can’t decide which program to choose, you can use the “Random Exercise” option. The FitnessBuilder application will choose for you random exercises from the catalog.

Favorite exercises can be added to “Favorites” so that later you don’t have to look for them in the list.

By default, three types of timers are provided. Stopwatch, countdown, and Tabata for interval training. You can edit existing timers, as well as create new ones.

At the end of the exercise, you can save the results together with photos, which can also be done through the FitnessBuilder application.

Here you will find a large catalog of exercises, each of which can be edited. You can also add your workouts and timers. This will allow you to customize the FitnessBuilder application for yourself.

In addition, each exercise is accompanied by a description and technical video. You can also use an easy search by name, muscle group or direction.


7. Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts


Training with the Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts app is not only useful, but also fun. It has a good design and useful functionality. This is one of the best training generators.

Among the many mobile applications, Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts stands out for its versatility and variability.

This application randomly generates new complexes from a large number of available exercises. Thus, you need to choose the type of training, then state the duration of the lesson and you can start doing it.

Each training session conducted using this application is unique in its own way. This will help you not to get bored with the monotony and monotony of your training.

Each exercise will be a new discovery for you and interesting entertainment.

Total Fitness Application – Gym & Exercise features:

  • Light and modern design.
  • Exercise is shown by real athletes.
  • Ability to download videos detailing all exercises.
  • The duration of the exercise and the pauses between them can be changed. This allows you to adjust the load flexibly.
  • You can create, save and even share your personal training set with others.
  • Improved statistics that help you set goals, track achievements, set reminders for training.

If you are looking for a pocket trainer that is suitable for exercise at home, then be sure to try the Total Fitness – Gym & Workouts application.


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