7 The Best Apps To Improve Video Quality On Android & iOS

7 The Best Apps To Improve Video Quality On Android & iOS

Photo editing is very mundane and routine for those who have to publish any content on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. However, video editing might confuse even the advanced users of some applications such as Photoshop. Let’s see what you might miss when avoiding apps for video enhancements.

Applications made to improve the quality of your videos can do many things including edit photos which may be very useful because the material used may be different and the application does not need to be changed. As for the average quality of the video booster, it is excellent and it is impossible to choose the best of the best because there are all, imaginable and unimaginable features: zoom, trim, split, cut, copy, rotate, volume control, speed , add sounds, music, sounds, stickers, effects, frames and that’s just the beginning! Plus, they’re not difficult to work with and can make your life a lot easier. If your only interest is entering adding text to videos, you can check out our article on the 7 best apps for writing captions on videos.

This article is intended to discuss the 7 Best Applications to Improve Video Quality on Android & iOS, its main features, and their advantages.

1. FlimoraGo – Video Editor & Maker


The most popular and powerful application for editing and enhancing videos is FlimoraGo. This app provides all the functions for creating adorable videos: cut, crop, color edit, adjust sound, design tools like stickers and text from various fonts, etc. You can get started in a few easy steps: drag clips, paste them, and back them up with music. When enhancing videos, you can remove unnecessary background noise and external sound and add some music that is taken from the app, your device or recorded.

There are many layouts, overlays, and filters that allow you to express creativity and create unique works of art. The job may be based on several videos and there are several actions for PIP creation. Apart from that, you can find more useful features on the Effect Store.

It is also possible to save it in HD format for further release on the social web, such as Instagram, or other purposes. If you want to make videos for TikTok, you can find the necessary apps in our article about the 7 best TikTok video editing apps 2020.


2. InShot – Video Editor


InShot will help you to enhance any video and create it from scratch. This app has all the basic functions related to cutting, cutting and speed control. In addition, there are many possible ways to decorate a video with frames, text, or animated labels or custom emojis. Style and shade the colors to make it more impressive and interesting.

It’s easier to adjust the sound, effects, and background music because there are tracks with different colors that represent additional features and duration along with the video itself. To make sure that you’ve set everything the way you want, you can preview the video.

Apart from video editing, this application also works with photos: a variety of filters, stickers and other tools are presented. In particular, you can adjust the size according to the social web where you will publish the audio visual content: Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, etc.


3. VivaVideo


VivaVideo generally has all the same regular functions of the previously reviewed video maker and editor app: working with style, color, layout, blur, definition, adding objects like photos, stickers and snippets of text. Music and sound enhancements are also possible at an advanced level because the application works with any audio file uploaded from your device. Apart from video enhancement, this application deals with slideshows and collage creation; To find out more about apps for collages, see our article on the 11 best apps for combining photos.

The work is quite clear because you have an adjustable track that marks the beginning and end of the tool that was added to the video. There are some basic effects that you can choose from, as well as to create your own design features.

After all, set the video resolution you need and share with friends.


4. Videoshop – Video Editor


Another application for enhancing videos is Videoshop which has received a very good line of positive comments from its users. Its functions are also provided for professional video editing and relate to length, quality, design, sound and composition as well as previous analogues. So, this is more than enough for your audio-visual arts.

What deserves special attention are the lip synchronizer; Instagram and TikTok lovers will definitely appreciate this feature. The app also supports multiple layers at once, so that some videos and photos can be played against another for a stunning effect.


5. VideoShow Video Editor & Maker


Videos can also be edited in the VideoShow application which includes all the amazing, popular and amazing themes, effects, tools for your video clips. It’s very approachable and has around 100 songs and musical compositions to add. Some decorations and additional text can also be applied to videos. As for your voice, you can turn it into a robot or minion to make it funnier and cuter.

In general, it has all the variety of functions like the previous application. Although, there are a few things that have to be paid to use in your videos: watermark removal, subtitle scrolling, etc.


6. PowerDirector


A very powerful and good application for handling PowerDirector videos seems quite simple to use and will satisfy you with its wide array of functions. It works the same way as the previous application: upload a video of them, choose a speed, a color, enter some text, visuals, music, and make a perfect transition between clips, and all this is done on a track with moving items. Functions as usual are great for professional editing and have tons of filters, so don’t worry about which style to choose.

Although, there are some purchases for certain features that might play a cool decorative role in your video.


7. Splice – Video Editor & Maker


Looking for a video editor with a variety of powerful tools, you can take a look at Splice which has many useful things to enhance various aspects of the video which can be applied to any video according to your needs.

To explain more about features related to music customization, the application synchronizes videos with a rhythm to make it more professional and interesting. One of those functions is the same as that provided by other applications.


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