8 Best Journal Apps On Android

8 Best Journal Apps On Android

All humans are connected through memory with everyone. We have some precious memories that stick with some of the most important people in our lives, on the other hand, bad memories with some and all of these memories are what make us human. It’s impossible to remember every little detail of anything you see in everyday life. If you are an explorer, you have to remember everything you see in everyday life because it may never come back and it is not just for travelers only, anyone can record their daily routine and changes in it. To do this, we keep a journal that is the basis of our daily activities, and we continue to fill it every day like saving our lives for a lifetime. You can enter every little detail about your day in your journal as well as title it a good day and write a short note in it. This AL makes it easier to remember our life path and read it at a later time giving us peace of mind and a smile on the face sometimes. There are many applications available today on the internet that will allow you to keep a journal on your digital device. A list of applications is given below.

1. Diaro – Diary, Journal, Notes, Mood Tracker


Diaro is a multi-platform diary app that lets you record your daily daily events, appointments, experiences, thoughts, secrets, ideas and anything else you want to jot down. This application is made safe because no one wants his secret to be revealed to anyone. You can protect your entire journal with a pin or password or just secure certain files with a password. This app has many features a journal journal app should have, and you will be impressed with how well it performs. It gives you the feature to access your cloud storage (Dropbox) directly from the app, and you can upload your journal directly to the cloud with just a few simple taps.

2. Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker


Daylio – Diary, Journal, Mood Tracker is an app for those who love looks as well as looks. This app is beautifully designed, and you can count on it to keep all your secrets safe. When adding an entry, you can choose a mood and fill in the details, it will keep all your days in its heart and because you can secure it with a password, and your data will never be disclosed to anyone. Choose different colors, themes, designs and decorations for your diary and make it closer to your heart. This application also allows you to store data in the cloud to be accessed anytime from anywhere.

3. Diary Book – Journal With Lock, Photos, Cloud Sync


Diary – Journal With Lock, Photos, Cloud Sync is an all in one journal app loaded with all the essential features a diary keeping app should have. This app lets you keep a journal with password protection and with the feature of attaching photos to your memoirs which many other apps don’t allow. You can change the text formatting from normal to bold, italic, strikethrough, highlight and more to make some strings more valuable than others and at the top of the display on the list. All the features the app provides are free, and the app can be downloaded easily from the Google Play Store. You can visit the given link to navigate to the download page of this application directly.

4. Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note


Daybook – Diary, Journal, Note is another unique app in journal recording diary list. The app’s user interface is simple, and doesn’t have too many features to keep an interesting journal but wait, it doesn’t end there. This app has a speech to text conversion AI system that can really help you keep long journals in no time. You only need to add voice notes to the journal, and it will translate them into text automatically saving you a lot of time and effort, then you can password protect the files and you’re done.

5. Offline Diary


Simple and easy, offline diary app is for those with no internet connection time. User can operate in this application without internet connection and record your valuable journal in it. This offline feature in itself is a big advantage over other apps, and one can keep all their data private without any interaction from any third party. This app provides a simple and easy user interface and password protection features as well which makes it worthy for a journal app to be added to our list. The link to download it is given in the link section, just tap on it and you are there.

6. Journey: Diary, Journal


We are not finished yet, another excellent application to record your journals in timeless digital form, and you can read them even when you are old. This application is specially created to keep a journal forever. It uses your Google drive storage to keep all your recorded journals and never erases them unless you delete them yourself. Not only that, this application is also equipped with many other features which can really help you in recording your journal quickly and in a way that you can understand every time you read it. The organization of this app’s memoirs is excellent and as usual, password protection is also enabled in this app.

7. Diary With Lock


Diary With Lock is a simple diary app that provides password protection. This app is uniquely themed for use by girls and has many interesting colors for your diary themes such as pink, blue, red and black etc. Giving you a cloudy user interface and password protection, this app also allows you to edit text font, size and format such as bold, italic or strikethrough. Dream Journals Travel journals, Sleep Journals, and many other types of journals can be created in this app with just a few simple touches, and you don’t have to worry about protection because you can always protect them with a password.

8. Luci – Dream Journal/Lucid Dream Guide & Recorder


Luci – Dream Journal / Lucid Dream Guide & Recorder is a commercial application and puts quality for the price. This app is loaded with features, and there’s very little chance that it won’t have the features a journal maker app should. You can create various types of journals, set reminders, record events, and much more that can be done in this application. This all in one application is already available on the Google Play Store for purchase, and a link to its page is given. You can get a detailed description of its features on the application page.



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