8 Best Tethering Apps On Android

8 Best Tethering Apps On Android

Tethering is known as sharing a mobile device with a computer. The connection can be by WiFi, Bluetooth, or physically using a USB cable. It creates a private WiFi from your device using carrier data provided by the cellular service and can connect multiple devices such as laptops and tablets. Mobile connectivity has become so advanced that users can now connect multiple devices with a single source. The tethering app is useful when you don’t want to buy a carrier package. Smartphones share data with a chip installed by the manufacturer. The connection between two cell phones is established by installing a HotSpot on one cellphone, which turns the cellphone into a router using operator data, with a computer or laptop. This application can be connected via Bluetooth or USB cable. Network security involves a password protection feature provided by the app, so you have a secure connection. This app helps users consume less operator data.

1. PdaNet+


PdaNet + is an Android tethering application that allows users to connect their cellphone with multiple devices. This application does not require users to root their cellphones. Connection via USB works on all Android phones and allows connection to all operating systems. WiFi sharing feature can turn your Windows into a Hotspot so you can connect multiple devices. Bluetooth mode features live WiFi Hotspot instead of tying into complex setups. Direct WiFi hotspot allows users to connect computers and other devices. However, it will require you to install a client application or set up a proxy, depending on the device with which you connect the application. It can be activated by clicking “WiFi Direct Hotspot”, and for more details, clicking the help button.

2. EasyTether Lite


EasyTether Lite is an Android based tethering app. It allows multiple connections to different types of devices and allows your laptop to broadcast the internet rather than receive it, connect via a USB port and no need to root the phone and create an ad-hoc network. It is open-source and free to use. It allows connection with the XBOX 360, WII and PS3. The user interface of the application is easy to understand. You connect the phone with a laptop and tap the checkbox to enable tethering. One downside of the free (lite) version of EasyTether is that when enabled, it doesn’t allow access to HTTPS websites.

3. ClockWorkMod


ClockWorkMod is an Android based tethering application. It helps users to take advantage of secure and private portable connections instead of using public networks. To use this application, all other devices with different operating systems have to install the required drivers. No rooting is required for the app and it is used on almost all operating systems. After launching the app, tap on the big red button, and it lights up, which says your app is running, then open the desktop client and click on it, a text screen will run the program, and if everything goes accordingly it will say you are connected. Data is sent, received and viewed on your mobile screen.

4. FoxFi


FoxFi is a free android application that allows tethering to various types of devices. It enables hotspot on your android phone. No root is required in this application to connect your tablet and laptop. This includes usage under the user’s existing phone data. The app doesn’t allow connection via WiFi, but USB and Bluetooth modes are available. To run the application, users need to install external software on the computer. It creates an effective link when it comes to data usage. This application offers two packages; free programs have limited connection speeds and prevent users from using the full bandwidth for downloads. Users can buy FoxFi keys for $ 7.99, and the connection is unlimited.

5. Tethering Toggler


Tethering Toggler is an Android tethering app that lets users turn their smartphone into a portable internet provider device. With one touch, it becomes a hotspot for your other devices and via WiFi, USB and Bluetooth. It has an easy user interface, and the on-screen menu options are displayed in such a way that new users can understand what the app has to offer. Tethering Toggler provides compatibility, one touch connection, supports all versions above Android 2.2. This app is a shortcut for tethering, but it won’t work if your device doesn’t support Mobile AP (WiFi Hotspot), USB, or Bluetooth tethering.

6. SecureTether


SecureTether is an Android tethering app that allows users to connect to multiple devices using cellular data. The user can share the connection like a mobile hotspot, which allows him to connect to various devices. The user does not need any software on the device and does not need to root the phone. It offers powerful security features like a built-in secure firewall, avoids the risks of using WiFi hotspots, and monitors all incoming and outgoing connections for spyware. The app UI is easy to use and has detailed setup instructions with illustrated representations. It can manage your connection right from the browser on a computer or tablet. SecureTether also includes a DNS cache to increase website loading speed and reduce data usage.

7. Tethering Faker


Tethering Faker is an Android app for tethering. It allows you to connect your phone to multiple devices via a secure private connection. Required to root your phone for the link. This application allows users to hide their data usage as WiFi, so that mobile service providers do not charge extra. The user interface is simplified and allows the user to navigate the menu easily. Tethering Faker allows you on-screen instructions to change some values in connection settings. When you use the internet on a laptop or desktop, the operator will only charge for cellular data.

8. Tethering Shortcut


Tethering Shortcut is an Android application to connect your mobile device to several devices in the form of a portable hotspot using operator data. This app can only connect via USB and WiFi hotspot. This is the simplest application that has a one-touch interface, and the GUI is simple. Users don’t need to root the phone to make this app work. Security features are satisfactory, and all connections are monitored. It provides details when the connection is made, followed by instructions on how to close and connect the connected device. Your phone must have a Mobile AP to take advantage of the Tether Shortcut service.



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