9 Best Free Beard Photo Apps For Android & iOS

9 Best Free Beard Photo Apps For Android & iOS

Not long ago, facial hair on men’s faces began to gain popularity. Many studies have concluded that bearded men look more attractive. In addition, the beard helps hide some blemishes on the face – for example, the second chin. Growing facial hair, a man gets a completely new look – and sometimes this is even unpredictable.

You shouldn’t make the brain visualize too much. You don’t have to constantly imagine and think about what will change your appearance with facial hair. It should be noted that a beard, mustache, or sideburns will easily make people totally different from you.

Before you decide to change your appearance, you should at least understand how you will look. We decided to help you see how your beard or mustache will change your face. We have selected 9 applications that can add some interesting details to your display.

1. Beard Man


Maybe you are sometimes interested in questions like what will happen with a beard? With the Beard Man app you can see the results later.

There are entire salons, which display a large number of different beards and mustaches on your screen. In addition to beards, this application can edit your current hair style and change it as you like.

If you are planning a trip to Barbershop, you should try a new look. There are separate tools for changing hair color – there are about 30 of the most fashionable colors available today. You can think that you entered a hairdresser’s shop, where you can change the process yourself.


2. Beard Booth Photo Editor


You don’t have to wait for your real beard to grow. The Beard Booth Photo Editor will help you develop it now and show you what it looks like. For every type of face there is a special beard style that suits you.

You control the length of your hair, the color of your beard, and its position. To consult with friends, you can take photos in the Beard Booth Photo Editor and send them immediately.

Select your ready photo from the gallery or use the built-in camera function. All you have to do next is change the size of your beard and choose it more carefully based on your face.


3. Mooch – Beard & Mustache Photo Editor for Men Face3

Mooch is not the most realistic application for facial hair. But you will be able to see exactly what your face looks like with a beard or feather. Mooch will let you add a beard to your face to impress your friends or family.

Unfortunately, this application does not automatically detect the position of your face – I have to adjust all the details myself. The size, color, style, and even length are also adjusted by the user.

At the same time, Mooch has a very simple interface, which includes a variety of different beard and mustache samples. Scale, rotate, change different settings, and then you get the approximate results you want to see in real life.


4. Grooming: styling & shaving4

Philips is the world’s largest producer of all types of equipment, including cutting tools. The company has released its own application that gives you all the information you need about masculine care – clean and smooth shaving, beard style, and more.

The Grooming application has a personalization feature – that is, all information presented on the screen of your smartphone is designed just for you. In addition to personalized advice and tips on shaving and cutting hair, you can also try a new look.

In a separate category there is a photorealistic preview of cutting and various types of beards. There are more than 20 in total, and you can try it and appreciate the results.


5. Beard Booth Studio


Do you want a small beard studio on your smartphone? Then Beard Booth Studio will tell you what to do with facial hair. If you are too young to have a thick beard or don’t know what to do with your style, it is best to start by considering various options.

With Beard Booth Studio, you can try a variety of mustaches and beards – from classic to modern and male models. For a realistic look, you can rotate the beard, change its tilt angle, and more.

To immediately send photos to your friends (maybe you want to make a joke), this application has an easy sharing feature through Facebook, Instagram, and other social networks. Try wigs first before you grow a thick beard.


6. Mustache Camera – Grow a Beard


Mustache Camera is another prank application that puts a mustache or beard on your face. How to change your appearance is suitable for jokes and jokes, because you can immediately see that the photo is fake.

Here you will entertain yourself with a mustache or beard and get the perfect look of a funny man. All you have to do is upload or take photos and start processing.

Optionally, you can even add text or make a little correction. However, it should be noted that the beard presented in Mustache Camera is far from reality and ideal.


7. Beardify – Beard Photo Booth


A beard is not just a type of hair. It can determine a person’s entire style, making him more manly and respectable. This can be considered your second hairstyle!

Beardify will allow you to be with or without your beard. You don’t need to spend several hours in a hairdresser’s chair to find out how you will look with this change.

There are hundreds of examples of realistic beards at Beardify, and you can even choose from a variety of styles.

To track your appearance in any situation, try blinking, sneezing, or laughing at the camera on Beardify – that way you will know what you look like to others.


8. Beard Photo Editor – Beard Cam Live


Everyone wants to try different types and styles of beards. But that’s not always possible – a person’s facial hair grows too slowly, and others don’t grow at all.

With Beard Photo Editor you can choose the perfect one for yourself and even send it to your barber. In Beard Photo Editor, the beard is matched to the position of your head so you can see it from all angles.

Its position is detected automatically, so you don’t need to edit anything yourself. Combine adding beard with photo processing and all will get ready-made publications for your social media.


9. Beard & Abs Photo Editor for Bodybuilding – Macho9

Beard is always associated with courage and strength. If you don’t have both, that’s no reason to despair – you can try them all in the separate application Beard & Abs Photo Editor for Bodybuilding.

Everything counts here: different body styles, different cuts and beards, and even hair color. Your hair and beard are adjusted by you – you just choose the look you want, change its color and density, and get the perfect results for you.

Obviously, as suggested by the application name, it is possible to add abs and change body relief.


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