9 Best Wrestling News Apps Android & iOS

9 Best Wrestling News Apps Android & iOS

Wrestling can be both competitive and entertaining. Which type do you prefer? Both types of sport are quite interesting and sometimes intense, so it’s no wonder that there are so many fans of this sport around the world.

However, news on this issue may be difficult to follow. Luckily, there are several apps that can help you keep track of all wrestling-related events. Below, we mention the best sources!


1 is one of the most popular sources of information to get the latest news from the world of wrestling. It’s been around since 1998 and still continues to produce high quality content.

The app represents a mobile friendly version of the website. It has special news categories, such as WWE, Impact Wrestling, NJPW, articles, breaking news, etc. Articles that you read on the application can be opened in the browser or shared via social media, messenger, or other applications that you have. have.

You can save the material you are most interested in to favorites for later viewing. The ‘favorite’ button is located at the end of the reading. You can also turn on notifications to get the latest facts as they come out.

In short, it’s a very good and simple app for keeping track of what’s going on in wrestling arenas around the world. The only drawback is the advertisement which it turns out can’t be removed. However, because of that, the app is free. Get it now and enjoy!

2. WWE


WWE is a world famous company, short for World Wrestling Entertainment. So, it’s clear that the apps introduced below are more of an entertainment app that lets you keep up with all the glamorous news, superstar careers, reality shows and other such content.

There are also live shows! If you want to get full access to these features, you’ll need to go premium. Company isn’t just about wrestling anymore. Currently it also produces clothing, movies, music, computer games. Why? Well, because you can afford it!

If you love wrestling, you’ve probably watched one of their programs, so you already know what it’s all about. So now you know that they also have an application. Recommended for all fans of watching wrestling for entertainment!

3. Sportfusion – WWE News Edition


If you don’t want to have a large number of WWE apps on your phone, you can try an alternative which is the unofficial WWE News app made by Sportfusion.

This app includes all WWE news and lets you choose which ones interest you the most. According to your preferences, you can follow this or that sportsman, various types of events, and other special materials.

There is also the possibility to become a member of the app community. You should definitely give it a try as it gives you the opportunity to discuss your favorite topics with like-minded people and share opinions on various topics that might be difficult to talk about in real life (OK, let’s be honest – WWE conversations aren’t the hardest in life) .

You can also enable notifications not to miss anything or create an app widget on the home screen for the same purpose – choose the option you like best! Overall, reading articles with this application is quite enjoyable. There is even a magnifying glass tool.

Ads exist but can be removed with a symbolic one-time payment. If you want to read something really bad but don’t have time at the moment, then you can save what you want to read later

What I like the most about this app is that all the news is divided into categories – newest, topical and discussed. This lets you choose what you like best to read. This app is definitely worth downloading!

4. Suplex


Now let’s be local! Watching other wrestlers may inspire you, but what is even more inspiring are your own successes and failures. This app may not fit into the ‘wrestling news’ category, but it’s definitely useful for all the new wrestlers out there whose careers are just getting started.

So, if you are a wrestler or wrestling coach or have a son or daughter attending wrestling school then this information is for you.

Suplex is a wrestling journal that lets you keep track of all the events you will be participating in, all events that happened in the past, your score in the events, and the history of how it happened with each of your opponents. .

For convenience, all events are divided into seasons, and, by the way, you can see your performance in each season and draw conclusions about how successful you are.

This app is an excellent replacement for the grueling pen and paper or computer spreadsheet method some trainers try to use.

If you want to access an easier way to organize all the information about your wrestling experience then you should give this app a try! Download now to learn about other features that you might find useful.

5. All Wrestling – News


All Wrestling News (Android) or Pro Wrestling News App (iOS) is a different name from the All Wrestling app designed by CM3 Solutions. The application is not complicated at all. In fact, to some, this may seem too simple. Not even the settings menu!

However, the biggest advantage of this app is that it gives you different types of news on wrestling topics, including WWE results and rumors, TNA Impact Wrestling, Lucha, New Japan, SPIRIT.

You can also view blogs and open links to and its podcasts. Reading articles using this app can be a lot more fun if the developers pay closer attention to how it looks to the eye.

It is okay and simple, but considering the fact that nowadays one can find many different applications and sources connected to anything, such applications simply lose in competitiveness. You can try it! It may seem old-fashioned, but it still works.

6. Wrestling News World


Wrestling News World is an app that, first of all, covers all kinds of wrestling news – not only WWE, but also New Japan, TNA, Ring of Honor. Second, this app is created and supported by WWE insiders and therefore you can get access to the latest information from the world of wrestling.

On top of that, they stream live results that can sometimes get to you faster than what WWE shows. Live discussion is also available, so don’t forget to activate this app as soon as the battle starts.

What’s also amazing about this app are the weekly quizzes. This form of light entertainment is quite enjoyable. Overall, this app is good. However, there are a few drawbacks.

Ads that can sometimes be annoying and lags caused by the application even if you have a good internet connection are the main ones. So if getting insider information inspires you, tap one of the buttons below to download the app!



ESPN or the sports and entertainment programming network is an American sports channel that you may be aware of. Well, if not, now you are – there is such a channel. ESPN can guide you through news related to many types of sports – from the NBA to chess.

Wrestling or, in particular, WWE is one of them. Here, you won’t see updates on the topic as often as is usually the case with other apps, but the event overview comes in great quality. So, if you value quality more than quantity you should at least consider downloading this app.

ESPN also provides you with streaming and live scores. You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, or just read. If you don’t just like wrestling, you can follow lots of different sports and get notifications about each one.

This app looks really nice and easy to use. So, if you just love wrestling then go for the more specialized apps, but if you can read a bit more sports news or two, this one is sure to satisfy your needs!

8. eWrestling News (Android)


eWrestling News for Android is another app that aims to cover all the news from the world of wrestling. If you are lucky enough to be an Android user, you will find these cool features in the app after you download it:

  • different types of news – headlines, breaking news, scores;
  • social posts made by WWE;
  • Divas pictures and news about them;
  • videos and podcasts.

This app is somehow reminiscent of Feedly. It is also green in color and the news is clearly presented. Perhaps when it comes to wrestling, eWrestling News is even more comfortable than Feedly.

First of all, it has more special features; second, you don’t have to manually select the source and, third, there is a nice handy menu that includes four categories: news, interrupts (news), videos, and results. So, depending on your current interests, you can choose any category you need to learn the necessary information.

This app is truly excellent – it’s worth not only downloading and trying but saving it too. Even the advertisements aren’t that annoying. Unfortunately there is no iOS version of this app.

9. WrestleFeed


This app will keep you entertained all day long – if you are a true wrestling fan. Granted, wrestling is a kind of “artificial” sport for entertainment, but, nevertheless, millions of people love to watch it, and those in it always have a favorite.

Logically, if this sport is so captivating and arrogant, the application should be like that too. WrestleFeed follows this idea, and you’re sure to love the interface design. When you launch the app for the first time, you need to create a personal account or sign in with Facebook.

All news is updated 24/7 and there are updates regularly so you always have something to discuss with your friends. In addition, at WrestleFeed you will find lots of wrestling videos, GIFs, polls on various topics of this sport, quizzes and many other elements of entertainment!

In closing, in this article we have discussed the 10 best apps for getting and following wrestling news! Stay tuned for new material on our website and, as always, be smart about choosing apps!

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