Best 11 symptom checker apps for Android & iOS

Best 11 symptom checker apps for Android & iOS

The standalone diagnostic application helps build disease or initial health assessment. They cannot replace medical examinations, but they can be very good helpers.

In this list, you will find the best symptom checker application that will be useful in various life situations.

1. Symptomate


Symptomate is a mobile application designed to help you diagnose your own symptoms.

This is a library of symptoms, illness, medicine, and doctors. This information can be accessed and easily found. This allows you to learn more about your current physical condition.

One of the most valuable features of this application is the ability to search for hospitals and other facilities. Otherwise, Symptomate is a very functional application.

This allows you to not only diagnose but also to bypass paranoid thoughts.

It’s kind of first aid. With his help, it is possible to try to determine the cause of physical pain. Recognize possible diagnoses.

Here you can understand how critical the situation might be. Decide whether you should seek specialist assistance or wait for a visit. If, for example, it is a normal muscle sprain or slight bruising.

Application Symptoms work on the same principles as doctors. This raises relevant questions to determine the possible cause. In total, the application knows about the symptoms of 52 diseases.

You can also export diagnostic results to a PDF file and then show them to your doctor when you meet.

2. WebMD: Check Symptoms, Find Doctors, & Rx Savings

WebMD: Check Symptoms, Find a Doctor, & Save Rx is an application for anyone who wants to check for symptoms.

Here you can learn how to prevent disease and how to identify symptoms. You will also learn how to recognize chronic diseases. Find out what are the cheapest medicine analogues.

WebMD Application: Check Symptoms, Find a Doctor, & Save Rx contains the following sections:

Disease and care
Drug analogues
Medical News

This disease directory will help you deal with the symptoms. For example, you or someone you care about has a specific syndrome.

What do you do in this situation? Here you type the disease you want to look for. You will be asked to read about treatment methods and you will get a standard of care and a list of medicines.

Disease and care. The “Doctors recommendation” section does not contain all diseases. But only the most common are filled.

The developer updates this list every week. You will receive treatment recommendations and news from the world of medicine.

This application helps ordinary people to prepare for a doctor’s visit in advance. All recommendations in this application have links to official sources.

3. Your.MD: Symptom Checker, Health Tracker, HIV Quiz


Your.MD: Symptom Checker, Health Tracker, HIV Quiz is a useful application that provides complete and reliable information about diseases.

This application can reduce your anxiety in an emergency situation.

On the Symptoms screen, you will see a picture of the human body. By clicking on a particular body part, you will be able to see the typical symptoms associated with this area.

When you are sick in a part of your body, you can learn more about these symptoms. Get a description of them, and learn about the possible causes of these symptoms.

In this application, you can get information about diseases in certain body parts, as well as their treatment. Here you can find a link to the site with more information about this problem.

The Terms, Medicines, and Procedure icon contains information about each of these categories.

By clicking “My Account”, you can save your personal health information. The Hotline icon allows you to save emergency numbers for your city or region.

You can use the application to find the nearest medical facility to treat certain diseases. Contact your doctor to arrange an appointment. You can save your health information, medication reminders.

Store information about various drugs, diseases, and procedures in Your.MD application: Symptom Checker, Health Tracker, HIV Quiz.

4. Ada – your health companion


There – your health companion is a directory of clinical symptoms and various disease syndromes.

Symptoms and syndromes are chosen manually over long periods of time. This program only covers material that is still relevant today.

This application allows you to find a disease based on a description of your symptoms and diagnosis. The work of this application is based on the use of an extensive database with information about 1500 diseases.

The database has a large amount of information related to certain disease signs. You can use the application to find brief information about this disease.

Make a list of potential diseases with diagnostic data.

Application Ada – your health friend does not need an internet connection, supports different screen sizes and is easy to use.

Support for devices with various screen sizes and screen orientations is applied.

Application Ada – Your health companion does not contain advertisements and other banners. There are no internal purchases here.

For daily reminders to work, you need to add the program to the auto-filling list. This happens automatically when installing applications.

5. K Health | Symptoms, Doctors


K Health | Symptoms, Doctors are applications that can identify diseases with their main determinants. This also allows users to check their health.

It monitors your health and immediately notifies you if you have signs of a major disease. With the help of your cellphone, you can check your health status and diagnose the disease.

Anemia test can be done with the help of a selfie. This is a distinctive feature of this application. To do this, it uses an innate algorithm that reads diseases of the face.

You can even specify multiple accounts on different social networks. This will improve diagnosis accuracy.

For analysis, the K Health | application Symptoms, The doctor only chooses photos where the owner’s face is present. It ignores the retouched photographs and people where a group of people are present.

The network in real time thinks of photographs and draws a picture of his state of health with appearance.

6. mySymptoms Food Diary & Symptom Tracker


The MySym Symptom Food Diary & Symptom Tracker application has a large database that you can access, with all content.

This application contains complete information about general medicines.

This application provides a thorough examination of symptoms. This takes the form of an artificial intelligence bot. It monitors and asks questions about your symptoms.

The MySym Symptom Food Diary & Symptom Tracker application then collects reports about possible conditions with statistical information. This will help you determine whether one of these conditions is likely to occur.

It’s also useful for taking pills. When taking medicine, you might forget to take the pill on time or you might not want to take it at all. You can use this application to prevent this situation and also to control yourself.

It uses a multistage system to check whether you have taken medicine. First, the application sends a reminder that it’s time to take medicine.

Then you need to point the camera at your face to identify yourself and swallow the tablet with water. The software records video clips with sound during the process.

If the mySym Symptom Food Diary & Symptom Tracker application suspects fraud, it sends a video message to the doctor.

The same method can be used, for example, if a pill has to be taken by a sick teenager at home. The report will then be sent to parents.

7. Common Symptom Guide

The Common Symptom Guide application can generate a list of recommended diagnoses based on the symptoms that you have observed.

This application will help you save time and money. Before you see your doctor, check the symptoms. Get information about your condition or disease.

To check for symptoms of the disease, you need to do a little testing, which will take up to four minutes. Hold the phone in several positions on your hands and knees.

Touch with your nose, draw a suggested word, repeat, or say an arbitrary sentence.

If the program finds signs of the disease, you should immediately contact your doctor.

The Common Symptom Guide application includes an electronic system for diagnosing diseases with an accuracy of 67%. This is comparable to the effectiveness of the primary diagnosis made by a doctor in the hospital.

This application also allows you to get advice from experienced doctors anytime and anywhere. A large number of specialists are ready to answer your questions. You can communicate via telephone, chat or video link.

No need to waste time on the way to the clinic and waiting in line. If necessary, you can find out expert opinions about the diagnosis and treatment you have received.

Wherever you are, you will be able to obtain medical advice based on available funds and medicines.

8. Updoc: Health diary

The Updoc: Health diary application diagnoses diseases through photos.

It recognizes disease by its appearance.

This application is based on a neural network algorithm. This determines the disease with external manifestations in the body. Then describe the possible symptoms and their causes.

This application also provides recommendations for the right specialists to visit.

Updoc application: Health diary identifies diseases with their appearance in more than 20 fields of medicine.

Select the area in your body where you have a suspected disease. Identify specific areas of the selected body part.

Take the outer signs of the disease as close as possible.

The application will make a diagnosis estimate with percentage probability. It will also give you recommendations for consulting with specialists.

In addition, this application helps to quickly get advice from qualified doctors through the Internet. Updoc application: Health diary including online consultation with your doctor. There are no waiting lists or appointments. The doctor will respond within minutes.

Ask questions about the health of adults, children or pets. For example, the doctor will tell you what to do if you get burned or poisoned.

Elaborate blood tests and other tests. You don’t need to search their names on the Internet and diagnose yourself.

Get more information about health and disease prevention from the Articles section.

9. Diagnosis Medical App

Medical Diagnosis App is a program with the ability to search for diseases, see detailed descriptions and symptoms for them.

This application provides a fast and convenient search. This will be very useful for everyone. Good for those who take care of their health, and are novice doctors.

The default guide presents various diseases.

This application will help you get medical knowledge at an early stage.

On the main screen of the Medical Diagnosis Application, you will see the person’s animated model. Click on the part of the body where you feel pain.

Then you need to determine the nature of the pain. Also, a personal questionnaire will be created for you.

You will need it to fill it completely based on your well-being. Based on this information, the application will give you an initial diagnosis.

Also in this application, you can get a personal consultation with a doctor. Ask all your questions and get instant answers.

This free application works without any limitations and does not require a purchase by default. Apart from that, there are no annoying advertisements here.

10. Caidr | Symptom Checker & Healthcare Guide at Hand

Use Caidr | Symptom Checker & Healthcare Guide in the Hand application to check your health and track your symptoms.

It uses artificial intelligence developed by experienced doctors. You can check your health anytime and anywhere.

There is also a bot in this application that will answer all your questions. Check the symptoms or ask questions about certain diseases.

Explore the application library to learn more about various diseases and how to treat them. With the help of a built-in tool, you will be able to track your symptoms, illness, mood and more.

All requests are stored in the application history. You can always browse this section to learn the dynamics of your health. You will also receive your own profile. All confirmed records of your symptoms and illness will be kept there.

This application will help you maintain your health in good condition. Prevent the disease by checking for possible symptoms.

Caidr application | The Symptom & Health Checker Guide on Hand can also tell you which doctor you should meet in your situation. It will also give you advice on how to reduce symptoms and prevent them from worsening.

You must enter all indications carefully and accurately. Only then will the application be able to determine exactly what your symptoms are describing.

This free application will help you take care of your health without any restrictions. No need to shop default and don’t have annoying ads.

11. Medscape

The Medscape application will help you check for symptoms and their consequences.

You will also receive the latest information about new treatment methods here.

Learn tips in the application to help you choose the best doctor and determine your health status.

Check for signs of disease. Find out about possible health problems beforehand. This will help you prevent some of your health problems from worsening.

The Medscape application will give you options for possible good health care and maintenance.

There is also a doctor’s guide in this application. This will help you find the right person for you nearby. This application uses your geolocation data to do this.

You must allow the application to access this data in your mobile device’s settings. You will also be able to manually look for the right specialist. See ratings and feedback from other patients.

The Medscape application will also give you the best offer that you can get from your medicines.

You can also track pills and other drugs through this application. This will send a special reminder when you need to take medicine.

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